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The Cirrus Standardized Instructor Program was designed to provide a certified flight instructor the necessary tools and skills to teach in this technically advanced aircraft. The Cirrus Perspective strongly resembles the Garmin G1000, though it is clearly different and specifically tailored to the aircraft.

All of the major components, the PFD, MFD, and autopilot control panel, are new and unique to Cirrus.

The Cirrus Perspective Panel

Transition Training

To meet insurance requirements, Cirrus pilots must complete annual currency training. AFIT Accelerated Flight & Instrument Training instructors will ensure you receive a challenging and learning-packed refresher on VFR/IFR procedures, Emergencies, and Avionics in your aircraft.

Layer 5

Annual Cirrus Currency

To meet insurance requirements, Cirrus pilots must complete annual currency training. AFIT Accelerated Flight & Instrument Training instructors will ensure you receive a challenging and learning-packed refresher on VFR/IFR procedures, Emergencies, and Avionics in your aircraft.

Flight Review

Every 24 calendar months, pilots need to complete a Flight Review. Train with an AFIT Accelerated Flight & Instrument Training Senior Instructor who knows the plane inside and out Accelerated Flight & Instrument Training and who can refresh your memory on systems, manoeuvres, and emergency procedures which are crucial to being a proficient pilot.

Aircraft Delivery

Let AFIT Accelerated Flight & Instrument Training deliver your new Cirrus to your location; it will save you time lost from unforeseeable delays at the factory or poor weather conditions. After delivery, receive your transition training at your home airport with the experienced AFIT Accelerated Flight & Instrument Training Senior instructor who delivered the aircraft to you.

  • Power of Attorney acceptance
  • Train at your location on your schedule
  • Avoid costly delays
  • Acceptance of Aircraft

Have an Experienced AFIT Accelerated Flight & Instrument Training Senior Instructor accompany you during your acceptance to help look for any squawks. Our familiarity with the aircraft will allow us to quickly determine all the nuances a new owner might miss. We can fly you home and continue the learning along the way.

AFIT Accelerated Flight & Instrument Training’s distinctive culture is characterized by our commitment to clients, a dedication to excellent training and a respect for each other and our individuality. We strive to create a training environment where we balance the seriousness of our mission with informality and fun – where clients find meaning in their training. it’s the closest you can get to bottling adrenaline.

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Kenny Dutcher
Monahans, TX

10 Day IFR Training in my Cirrus SR-22 

Getting my IFR rating was I believe the most difficult learning experience of my life. I couldn’t have done it without Bills help. He is a super guy and I appreciate all his help in reaching my goal.

Thanks AFIT. 

Kenny Dutcher, President
Dutcher-Phipps Crane & Rigging
Monahans, TX 79756

Andrew Walton
Rocklin, California

I want to thank you for all AFIT did to help me get my private pilot license, purchase a plane and get a high performance endorsement. I was amazed when you helped me look at ads for planes and advised me as I made an offer on the most promising one.
I was also impressed with the flight instruction I received from AFIT. John did an excellent job building my skill and confidence while I learned to fly in very busy airspace. It has been gratifying to build piloting skills so quickly. John saw my training through to the point where I passed my check ride and got transition into the Cirrus SR-22 I purchased.

It was a pleasure to work with AFIT and I look forward to getting my instrument rating with AFIT in the future.

Marvin L. Solomiany, Esq
Atlanta, Georgia

14 Day Private Pilot Training In My Cirrus SR-22

Imagine wanting to obtain your private license in a high performance plane, like a Cirrus SR22. Imagine everyone telling you that you are crazy to do it in such a plane in such a short period of time. Well, I can tell you that it can be done, because I did it. And but for AFIT my desire to quickly obtain my private pilot license in an SR22 would not have become a reality. John was beyond an exceptional instructor. He was both tough on me, but also extremely understanding and patient during my training process. While many people may have doubts about accelerated training, I cannot see another way to do learn how to fly. It was so important for me to go through the daily repetition of flying, that after the first 4 days it was as easy as just getting into my car.  Tony was extremely helpful as well in accommodating my busy schedule as a trial attorney that often sees many unexpected changes because of trials and deadlines. In addition, Tony was honest in sharing with me some of the challenges I would face in training in such a high performance plane. My experience with AFIT was a 10/10 and I highly recommend this to everyone who desires to learn how to fly.


Marvin L. Solomiany, Esq.
Kessler & Solomiany, LLC
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Mike Watts
Phoenix, AZ


I enjoyed training with Bill E.  The training was intense, but it is just what I needed due to my schedule, and I got through the check ride making me a safer and more knowledgeable instrument rated pilot. 

I would recommend Bill and AFIT to anyone wanting an instrument license. Bill was enjoyable to be around with his positive attitude about everything. 

I wish you continued success with your company and your training program.


Mike Watts
Executive Chairman/Founder
Sunstate Equipment Co., LLC
Phoenix, AZ 85034

Alberto Bremer
Garza Garcia

Cirrus SR-22 Perspective 10 Day IFR Training

It was a great pleasure for me to work with Bill. We experienced great training flights in not so ideal conditions and he really put his heart in the job. I will tell all of our customers and pilot friends about the experience.

Don Glisson, Jr, CEO
Jacksonville, FL

I want to thank John for working with me on my accelerated instrument training. When I signed on for the AFIT 10 day intensive training course I was apprehensive regarding the ability to train in such a short time frame for the most difficult rating to obtain. But once John showed up and started working with me I started to believe it was possible. I am an older pilot, so my ability to learn is probably not as sharp as it once was, but the practical experience that John gave me was invaluable, and his mastery of the Cirrus Perspective avionics on my SR 22 helped me to actually learn how to put all that system power to use.

As background I obtained my private in January of 2012 and soon after bought a SR22 with Perspective. Even though I was doing a lot of cross country flying I knew I needed to get my instrument rating in the near future. I learned a decent amount of the Perspective system during my VFR flying, but when John began my instruction I realized the system could do amazing things that just reading the manual wouldn’t do justice to. Just unlocking the potential of the advanced avionics on the Cirrus was worth the price of the training, but that was just touching the surface. John made sure I was more the competent hand flying the airplane when we were done. He also had me master the arrival procedures required for instrument flying, as well as getting me up to speed with the interaction with ATC while flying IFR. I don’t have and apprehension filing and flying IFR now (within reason), and that is because of the excellent training I received during my accelerated course.

Because of an unexpected illness on my part, the Holiday’s, rough weather and scheduling issues with the DPE, 30 days elapsed between John leaving Florida and me taking my checkride. My training was so thorough that I passed my ride with flying colors, and I even received an email from the DPE telling me what an impressive job I did on my check ride. Without the training provided by AFIT things would not have gone as smoothly, and I credit John with getting me fully prepared not only for my check ride but also for making me a safe and competent IFR pilot. And I can also tell you that the 10 day intensive training is the only way to go, as I know that going for an hour or two once a week would have been inefficient, and it could have taken a year or more to get my training completed. I am not going to lie, there were some tough days and this training is difficult and demanding, but you will be a much better pilot when you are done.

I highly recommend AFIT and John.

Thank you!

Mr. Will Hamill
Salt Lake City, Utah

We all know that getting an instrument rating is not an easy task. I am happy to say that AFIT has allowed me to accomplish this task because of the quality instruction that I received. I have had a few instructors over my short aviation career, but have never been so fortunate to have John in the right seat.

John’s aviation knowledge is extensive, but it is his ability to adjust his teaching methods to best suit the individual that is amazing. We flew my SR-22 “Perspective” over 40 hours and were fortunate to have a few days of IMC. John’s great depth of Garmin avionics afforded me a deeper understanding of my planes potential which ultimately prepared me for my practical test. After 10 days I had my Instrument rating and a new friend. I highly recommend AFIT and John.

Damon Carnes
Madison, Alabama

I am very happy I selected AFIT for my instrument training. First, I believe that immersion training is a superior method of training. The student does not suffer from the decay of time between lessons. Second, as a very busy professional, it would have taken many months to achieve my instrument rating while trying to fit my schedule into that of a traditional instructor. I believe AFIT is a great value for the money. While it seems expensive, the actual cost of traditional training with the inherent inefficiencies will be very nearly the same. The difference being the amount of time that has passed for the student while not being able to fully utilize the benefits of general aviation and the aircraft. Most of all I want to commend my instructor John.John is incredibly knowledgeable and a talented instructor. The training was intense and he knew when to change it up to keep me fresh and how to change his delivery if I was struggling. If I were to complete the training again I would select AFIT and I would specifically request John for my instructor.

It was quite fulfilling when I filed my first IFR flight plan to Atlanta with low ceilings and IMC enroute. This would have previously required a 4 hour drive but instead was a 45 minute flight. Thanks to AFIT my SR-22 really is a “time machine!”

Daniel J. Culkin
Edmond, Oklahoma

My training experience with John was incredible. I learned so much through this experience that goes beyond preparation for the oral and the flight test. His professionalism and tenacity to the goal of assuring competence of this student are stellar. Your introductory comments of his skills and master teaching skills was accurate and somewhat understated.

Ken Maydew
Niwot, Colorado

AFIT and John delivered, as promised. I never thought I could complete the IFR training with a successful check ride in such a short time!

Ben Day
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Hal was obviously an extremely well experienced instructor. He focused on teaching me what I asked to learn about and also added some new useful and valuable information on how to become a better instrument rated pilot. I would engage AFIT’s help again.

Scott A. Dillion
President SDI Travel and Incentives

I cannot thank you, AFIT and John enough for all of your time, expertise and professional guidance these last nine days. Your program, the follow-up, and the actual training were all well designed and individually tailored to get me to my ultimate goal of earning my instrument rating and license in less than ten days.

As you promised, John was the perfect instructor to help me to achieve my goals. I had a lot of territory that needed to be covered, both for the oral as well as for the flying and John patiently brought me up to speed in both areas. John did a phenomenal job of getting me to my goal and objective of achieving my instrument rating in the time frame we had allotted. Tony, this was a monumental undertaking for me and I was very happy with the process, the professionalism and the outcome. My thanks again to you and to John for taking me to a whole new level of flying!

I would highly recommend AFIT and John to anyone who wants to devote ten concentrated days to this endeavor.

Scott Blackstock
Thomaston, GA

This was one of the biggest adventures of my life, flying my new plane cross country while learning IFR. John is truly one of the most experienced and knowledgeable pilots I’ve ever met.

Alberto L. Morales
Nuevo Leon Mexico

Working with AFIT was a great experience. It fulfilled the promise to get my private pilot certificate in 10 days. Working with Bill was the best part of the training. His knowledge, experience and patience made me gain the confidence I needed to learn how to fly and pass the test. He has the ability to give you advice and support just when you need it.

I will definitely recommend AFIT to my friends and colleagues. Bill is the best flight instructor I ever had. I look forward to working with AFIT in the next few months for my Instrument rating.

Stefan Ricardo Maldonado
San Pedro Nuevo Leon

This intensive course was the only way I could get my IFR rating. Between work, family and personal issues, it was never going to happen. The 10 days in a row is the only way I could do it. Also I am glad that I flew to Georgetown, instead of the instructor traveling to Mexico. This way I was able devote all my time entirely to the training without distractions.

Flying around Georgetown TX, had many advantages. There are many airports with different approaches. Many of these airports have awesome restaurants. The people working at the FBO Aero Centex took care of everything. They made my stay as pleasant as it could be. The most difficult part of the experience has to do with communications… especially for a foreign guy; it was the most difficult part of the training. But the controllers in TX sounded very nice, not rude, and many times forgiving. I would recommend strongly that foreign pilots train in TX, especially around KGTU.

The best part or the trip was training with Bill. He is an “excellent pilot and instructor”. We flew every kind of approach, with and without avionics to expect failures. He shared his “Tribal Knowledge” with me in the air and on the ground, making many difficult details simple. Bill brought his pink cards to lunch every single day, so he prepares you for the oral exam even at lunch. And when the training was just too much, Bill will distract you with very interesting chats. He is an engineer that has traveled many parts in the world. So he knows things from here and there. He has lived experiences in life that have made him so calm. In consequence that made him excellent for being a teacher. I was so worried about the written, then the oral, finally the flying exam. But he was just so calm, and makes you feel comfortable.

What worked out really well, in the end, Bill took me to the place were the exam took place and made me do a pretest of what to expect on the final exam. That practice gave me the confidence I needed. So when the day came, I had the “5 Ps” that Bill likes to point out. Another huge detail that helped me on the check ride was the examiner, Pete. Another great guy that made me feel calm right away.

So as you see, the sum of events and details made a “Great Experience” for me.

Robert Luskin
Atlanta, Georgia

My training with Bill was exactly what I’d hoped for and exactly what you promised: We did hard concentrated work over 5 1/2 days and, it’s fair to say, that I learned more in those five day than I had in the preceding six months. Bill was focused, demanding, generous, and, above all, helpful. He helped get me to the point that I was ready to pass what turned out to be a very demanding check ride. But more important, he helped me to become a safer, surer, more knowledgeable pilot. I’m delighted that I had the chance to work with him.

John Hugg
Little Rock, Arkansas

Thank you very much. I am happy to have completed this process. It has been a long road but one I am glad to have traveled. It was a pleasure working with AFIT. The entire experience was positive. I enjoyed working through the details with you prior to “signing up”. Everything went off just as I was expecting. The training with John was terrific! He is truly a gifted instructor and extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of general aviation. I have worked with at least ten instructors since I first got involved with general aviation in 1990. John is by far the best. I would recommend AFIT and John to anyone.

Thanks so much for everything.

Randy Scism
Wentzville, Missouri

Bill was a great instructor for my needs. I own a company and trying to get time away is difficult. Using the AFIT course I could go to work every morning at 6:30 a.m. and work until 11:00 a.m. We would work on ground school and flight training every day. We would end our day at 10:00 pm. Bill never complained about the long hours. I have only had my private license for 3 or 4 months. Bill helped me on both the written and practical test. I own a Cirrus SR-22. My insurance for a student/new pilot was $10,000.00 per year. After I accomplished 150 hours of flight time and passed my instrument rating my insurance dropped to half. Not only did I save $5,000.00 per year, but I am a much safer pilot thanks to Bill’s instruction and AFIT. Many Thanks.

Mike Simms
Los Angeles, California

I wanted to follow up with you about my training. From beginning to end, your company was straight forward and easy to work with. It took the intimidating IFR training process, which some pilots told me was more difficult than getting their private, and made it seamless and enjoyable. Bill was top notch. His ample experience not only helped me understand the material, but also gave me a broader picture on how to use my certificate once I received it. If he could have only been a nicer guy, I might recommend him to other pilots. All kidding aside, Bill deserves a raise and a promotion to your top instructor, if he isn’t already. I would certainly recommend AFIT and Bill to any instrument rating seeking pilot.

Jeremy Michael
New York

Bill was “Fantastic”. He is extremely knowledgeable and an “Excellent Instructor”. I was significantly over prepared for the check ride. It was also great spending time with him.

Safe travels and hopefully our paths cross again soon.

Randy Pastor
Granite Bay, California

10-Day IFR Training Cirrus SR-22


I wanted to send my thanks for the AFIT training I received from Shawn. When I decided to pursue my Instrument Rating, the thought of flight lessons every weekend for months made me feel…UGH!!. It was awesome getting IFR training in my Cirrus SR22 and not some simulator. Shawn was constantly searching for actual IMC conditions so we could train in conditions that gave me the confidence to handle actual IMC conditions on my future flights. Shawn allowed me my dream list for my long cross country, our first leg was Lincoln to Monterey, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara then into John Wayne Orange County for a ILS 20R night landing….Awesome!!

The next morning the fun continued on to San Diego, Palm Springs then a long return to Lincoln. The experience was amazing, all the airports my wife and I love to visit & I was able to shoot approaches and gain real time experience. I’m not saying this was easy, it was work….as a student I put in the required work, I followed all of your course recommendations and needed every one of them-ha ha….Passing my IFR check ride was an AWESOME feeling, feel free to share my contact info with any future students, I’d be happy to talk with anyone about flight training and my experiences with Shawn & AFIT.

Thanks again Tony, and Shawn, 2 thumbs up buddy

Isaias Zapata
Teotihuacan, Mexico

10-Day Instrument Training Cirrus SR-22


I had a lot of fun training with John, he is a great instructor and very nice to work with.

Would definitely train again with AFIT.

Michael Medors
Johnstown, Ohio

10-Day IFR Training Cirrus SR-22 / Perspective


I passed the flight portion of my IFR check ride on Tuesday. This accomplishment would not have been possible without the instruction provided by John my senior instructor. John is a consummate professional. This became apparent when we first met. His signature tie and hat exemplify the precision and attention to detail that an IFR pilot must possess before safely taking to the air.

John’s quick wit made the IFR training fun. But he also was able to quickly get me focused on the multiple tasks at hand. For example, he had me shooting VOR and ILS approaches on day 2. That built a sense of confidence in myself that would translate into more effective training activities throughout the 10 days John trained me.

Another skill set of Johns’ is his ability to calmly and patiently review and explain a procedure or task that was challenging. For instance, we did holding turns until I felt comfortable and could demonstrate I had it down cold. In addition, the opportunity to listen to John’s unique radio skills talking to ATC was a great learning experience in itself.

Anyone contemplating accelerated training for the IFR certificate would be well served to consider John as an instructor. There is no question that my IFR performance benefited from John’s unique instructional capabilities.

Lucas Waring
St. Augustine, Florida

10-Day IFR Training  Cirrus SR-22 Perspective


I just wanted to spend a moment telling you how happy I am that I chose AFIT for my IFR training.  The program was intense but well worth the time.  I can’t imagine how long (or how much more money) it would have taken me to get my IFR rating if I had done it the same way I did my privateThere really is no substitute for hands on experience in the airplane you’re going to be flying in.  I also wanted to let you know that John was a pleasure to fly with.  He has the patience of Job and a great teaching style that made me feel confident throughout the process.  I would highly recommend anyone wanting to get there IFR rating to come talk to you, especially if they have a busy schedule.

Many Thanks,
Lucas Waring
Johnson & Johnson, Inc.


Jason Martin
Clyde, New York

10-Day IFR Training Course / Cirrus SR-22 / Avidyne Integra

Hi Tony,

I was very happy with the whole training process. I thought the training was scheduled out nicely because it is a decent amount to learn in a short time.

Also an A+ job from Mark! 

Jason Martin

Allen Wills
Fayetteville, Arkansas

10-Day IFR Training in my Cirrus SR-22

Hello Tony,

Shawn is an excellent instructor and quickly sharpened up my flying to finish the IFR check ride. I would highly recommend him. After only a few days in real IFR conditions, he made me confident in flying the same conditions solo. I took my check ride and it went great.

Thanks, Allen

Allen Wills
Fayetteville, Arkansas

Dave Murdoch
Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

6 Day Commercial training Cirrus SR-22 Turbo


I wanted to share with you that I feel Shawn is a 5 star trainer.  He has a very calming personality but yet is very experienced.  As we started training in my Cirrus SR22T about day 3, I was starting to feel like I may not be able to do the practical maneuvers to the prescribe standards, but Shawn assured me that I was progressing each day and getting very close to completing the maneuvers to the standards as the days we were training it was gusting winds.  After 2 more days it all clicked with Shawn’s help and my stress came down.  I will say it was much more challenging trying to do commercial maneuvers in a turbo Cirrus.  Training completed and Shawn signed me off to take the check ride

So check ride day, the DPE was also have a very calm personality that helped but I was still stressed.  As I progressed through the checkride and pretty much aced the oral exam, we went flying.  The DPE explained ahead of time the order that he wanted to do maneuvers and several different types of landings.  As we were flying and only completing a couple of maneuvers the DPE told me to return to the airport.  I was stressed at this point because we didn’t complete everything he said we were going to do. What did I do wrong?  Upon retuning to the pattern he told me to do a soft field landing, ok, did that, taxied back for take off, that’s 1 of the 4 landings I was told he wanted, as climbing out to remain in pattern the DPE told me to advise the tower this would be a full stop with taxi to hanger.  I said ok, but now stressed more as to what didn’t I do right?  But I continued, and the DPE asked for a short field landing, which I did right on the numbers as the DPE requested.  After shutting down, the DPE asked if I had any questions, and I asked, what did I fail?  The DPE said why would I ask that, and I said that we did not do all the maneuvers he told me we would do nor all the landings.  The DPE advised that he saw that from the start I had the plane and the avionics mastered, that the maneuvers I did were smooth and it appeared that I had them mastered without effort.   He added at no time did he feel I did not have complete control of all aspects of the plane or the flight and felt he did not need to see any further maneuvers.  The DPE then issued my temporary Commercial Certificate.   I think the comments from the DPE are a direct reflection on the professional training I received from Shawn. If anyone is looking for a professional instructor, look no further than Shawn!!!

I would offer that you may share my contact information if anyone would like to contact me as a reference.

Thank you,

Dave Murdoch
Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

Daryl Klassen
Aberdeen, Idaho

IFR Training in My Cirrus SR-22 GTS


My flight training experience was excellent. I really appreciated the calm demeanor of Todd and how flexible he was willing to be to make my schedule work. He made sure my experience was fun yet productive, so I could go into my final flight exam with confidence.

Thanks again for a fantastic experience.

Daryl Klassen

Aberdeen, Idaho

Kristen McIntyre
San Jose, California

10-Day Instrument Training KLHM / Cirrus SR-22

Hi Tony,

The training I received with AFIT was excellent! Even though it was intense, and the training happened over only 10 days I feel qualified and confident in the cockpit. My instructor, Mike did a great job of not only preparing me for the check ride but preparing me for real world IFR flying. The check ride seemed easier than the training, which is where you want to be.

Accelerated training is the way to do it as far as I’m concerned.

Kristen McIntyre

San Jose, California

Frank Luan
Oakland, California

10-Day IFR Training Course / Cirrus SR-22

Hi Tony,

Mike is a wonderful flight instructor. In my 10 days with Mike for my instrument training, I have learned so much more about aviation than the instrument curriculum prescribes. Mike has tremendous experience in aviation and has taught me so much more about flying, instrument flying, and aircraft systems. I have become much more knowledgeable about my own airplane’s engine and systems. Mike also tells a lot of jokes, and makes every lesson a delight to me, while making sure I am learning at a fast enough pace. We worked around weather by flying more in the mornings, and we found and fixed several issues on my airplane that manifested themselves in hot weather operations. All in all, I think this is a great program and I would definitely consider it for my future ratings.

Till next time,

Frank Luan

Oakland, California

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