14 Day Private Pilot Course 14 days, We Come To You, Your Location or Ours
Course Description

With our 14 day, total immersion, Private Pilot Training, you can be on your way to flying your own airplane in practically no time. You will be training with one of the finest senior instructors in the US today, and work with that instructor, one on one, a minimum of 8 hours per day and training in very nice aircraft with a G430 / G530 or other GPS. This course is a total immersion program. We cover all training material in two weeks. You won’t have time to answer your cell phone, or solve any business problems. Accelerated flight training is the most demanding training you will ever undergo. The Airlines and Military train this way for a reason… works!! Retention of accelerated training is far superior compared to training that is spread out over several months, and saves you money. You will train in a relaxed environment, and we will do everything possible to make your stay a positive and memorable experience. . No prior flight experience required.

This course includes the flight and ground instruction to meet the needs of an average student with good English language skills and ability. However, we can’t guarantee your certificate in two weeks. Your personal skills and the weather are somewhat beyond our control. If you require more time to finish we will work with you until you achieve your goal and become a Certified Private Pilot at the normal daily training rate. . 98% of all our Private Pilot students complete their training in 14 days or less.

Upon completion of the program, you will be a Safe, Proficient and Confident Private Pilot, trained by one of the finest Senior Flight Instructors in the country.

A Private Pilot’s License allows a pilot to fly a single-engine airplane under visual flight rules (VFR), referring to visibility of at least three miles, as well as at night. A private pilot may carry passengers but may not be paid for doing so, although the pilot can share operating expenses with the passengers.

Medical Certificate

This physical must be conducted by an FAA-designated Airman Medical Examiner found here.

During the exam you will be asked to fill out an FAA application and medical history form. The doctor will check your vision, hearing, balance, and nose and throat. The doctor will determine you do not have any mental or neurological problems such as alcoholism, epilepsy, psychosis, or a serious medical condition like chronic heart disease or diabetes mellitus.

A third-class medical certificate is valid for the remainder of the month of issue; plus

24 calendar months for operations requiring a third class medical certificate, if the airman is age 40 or over on or before the date of the examination, or

60 calendar months for operations requiring a third class medical certificate if the airman has not reached age 40 on or before the date of examination.

If you have a medical condition (even a serious one); it is still possible for you to get a license. However you need an AME to discuss your options (example, you may have to always fly with another licensed pilot present).

Knowledge Test

The airman knowledge test examines you on the concepts and information you learned in your ground school training. It is a computerized exam that is administer before you start flight training.

You will have two and a half hours to complete the 60 multiple-choice questions selected from the 700 plus airplane-related questions. Topics that you can be tested on, in the knowledge test, range from the current FARs to air traffic control information to cross-country flight planning.

*If the student has not studied and is not prepared to pass the written exam upon arrival, it will add additional days to your training. A one-on-one; test preparedness course is available for $1,500.00. This is a full, 3-day, all-day, intensive training program, with your personal flight instructor, to ensure you pass the FAA written exam and must be scheduled in advance to ensure availability.

Program Cost & Scheduling

$13,600.00. A $1,000.00 deposit confirms your position on the training schedule. The balance is due ten days prior to the start of your program. Payments are not refundable but can be used for rescheduling within 6 months. We accept cash, checks, wire transfer, MasterCard and Visa. Price does not include the FAA Examiner fee. We recommend students purchase rental insurance, which is available at reasonable rates.

Instructors and Locations

Flight training at our Van Nuys, California facility is taught by our Chief Flight instructor who has been an aviation professional for over 37 years , Mature and Friendly, Commercial, Instrument, Multi Engine, including CFI and CFII for fixed wing single and multi-engine aircraft and rotorcraft helicopter with over 14,000 total flight hours and over 9,500 hours dual given. 4,000 hours of Instrument actual and simulated.

Flight training at our Boulder Colorado facility is taught by our Chief Flight Instructor, an aviation professional for over 37 years. ATP, CFI, CFII and MEI with over 11.000 total flight hours and over 7500 hours of dual given.

Flight training at our St. George, Utah Facility is taught by our Chief Flight Instructor, an aviation professional for over 30 years. CFI, CFII, MEI and ASE.

Flight Training at our Cedar City, Utah Location is taught by our Chief Flight Instructor an aviation professional for over 37 years, Mature and friendly, CFI, CFII, Commercial SEL and MEL and Glider with over 7,500 Total Logged hours, and over 4,500 hours of dual given.

Flight training provided at our Sacramento, California facility is taught by our Chief Flight Instructor who is a certified GOLD SEAL flight instructor, CFI, CFII, MEI, IGI and AGI.

Flight training at our Georgetown, Texas facility is taught by our Chief Flight Instructor, an aviation professional for over 32 years, ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI, Commercial with over 13,000 Total Logged hours, and over 7,800 hours of dual given.

Flight Training at our Rexburg, Idaho facility is taught by our Chief Flight Instructor, an aviation professional for over 28 years, ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI with over 7,500 plus total Logged hours and over 3,900 hours dual given.

Flight Training at our Salt Lake City, Utah Location is taught by our Chief Flight Instructor an aviation professional for over 46 years with over 13,000 total flight hours, over 4,000 hours dual given, and over 12,000 hours as evaluator in type rated aircraft as well as most single and twin engine aircraft. Instructor in BE-90 for FAA FSDO.

Flight Training at our Santa Paula, California Location is taught by our Chief Flight Instructor. A Gold Seal Certified Flight Instructor, CFII, Commercial Airplane SEL with Instrument Rating, and tailwheel instructor also teaching Upset Recovery Training. A member of the National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI), the Cessna Pilots Association, and the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA). Teaching Primary, Instrument, and Commercial students.

Flight Training at our Chattanooga, Tennessee Location is taught by our Chief Flight Instructor. An aviation professional for over 30 years, Mature and friendly, Over 30 years of diverse experience in aviation. CFI/CFII/MEI. Commercial Pilot: Airplane Single and Multiengine Land; Instrument-Airplane. Certified Multiengine and Instrument Instructor. A professional FAA Senior Instructor with over 9,175 total hours, and 6,860 hours dual given as flight instructor.

Flight Training at our Long Beach, California Location is taught by our Chief Flight Instructor. An aviation professional for over 18 years, Mature and friendly, FAA Airline Transport Pilot with EMB-145 type rating. Commercial Pilot, Certified Flight Instructor, Commercial Airplane SEL & MEL with Instrument Rating, Commercial Rotorcraft-Helicopter with Instrument Rating. Over 4,500 plus total Logged hours and over 3,300 hours dual given.

Aircraft Options

Clients can rent and train in many different varieties of aircraft from steam gauge to Glass Panel at many of our locations, call for information.

Locations and Aircraft

Sacramento, California: Cessna 172’s

• Includes Flight Time (42 hours) Flight Instructor and Written Test


Santa Paula, California: Cessna 150, or C172

• Includes Flight Time (42 hours) Flight Instructor, and written Test.


Van Nuys, California: Cessna 172, or Cessna 152

• Includes Flight Time (42 hours) Flight Instructor, and written Test.


Long Beach, California: Cessna 172

• Includes Flight Time (42 hours) Flight Instructor and Written Test


Boulder, Colorado: Cessna 172R, C172SP, or C172RG

• Includes Flight Time (42 hours) Flight Instructor, Written Test


St. George, Utah: Piper Archer & Cessna 172XP

• Includes Flight Time (42 hours) Flight Instructor and Written Test


Cedar City, Utah: Cessna 172S

• Includes Flight Time (42 hours) Flight Instructor and Written Test


Rexburg, Idaho: Cessna 172

• Includes Flight Time (42 hours) Flight Instructor and Written Test


Georgetown, Texas: Cessna 172

• Includes Flight Tim (42 hours) Flight Instructor and Written Test


Chattanooga, Tennessee: Cessna 172

• Includes Flight Time (42 hours) Flight Instructor and Written Test


Salt Lake City, Utah: Piper Archer

• Includes Flight Time (42 hours) Flight Instructor and Written Test

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  • You must pass the basic medical exam that all applicants are required to undergo, certifying you meet the medical standards for safely operating an aircraft.

  • FAA Knowledge Written test Certificate properly stamped with a grade of 80% or higher if possible. (70% is a minimum passing grade).

  • A Private Pilot’s License requires a minimum of 40 hours of flight time, as well as extra time for study on the ground in preparation for the FAA written test.

  • Applicants for the private license must be able to read, speak, and easily understand English.

    The FAA says you must be at least 16 years old to fly solo with a student pilot certificate, and 17 years old to get a pilot’s license. There is no upper age limit, provided that you are healthy enough to pass the basic medical exam.

    TSA Approval if required.

    Please ensure all required documents reflect your full legal name “exactly the same” on each.

Milton Castro
Seattle, Washington

14 Day Private Pilot Training

Hi Tony,

First of all, I want to say thanks to your whole AFIT organization and support staff for making this dream of mine come true. Especially, I want to show my immense appreciation my instructor Sam for his patience and for believing in me even when I doubted myself. His experience, safety-oriented attitude, and engagement made for me to become a safe and proficient pilot. He will not settle for anything else but perfection.

The training was intense and challenging but the result was as promised; I became a Private Pilot on my 14th day. For anyone out there that is considering this training; it works! Nevertheless, show ready to live and breathe piloting as it’s going to require all you have and some more. However, it was fun and the best part is that you are in the controls right from day one and won’t let go all the way until the end.

Outstanding training concept and I will definitely come back when it is time for my IFR.


Milton Castro
Seattle, Washington

Stacey Sparks
Decatur, Georgia

My Private Pilot Training


Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for helping me fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming a pilot. Who knew that at age 53 I could go from a casual aviation observer to a certificate pilot in a few calendar days! Your knowledge and experience are exceptional and your kind patience and persistence helped bring me to the finish line at times when I began to doubt myself.

I will be forever grateful to you for helping me reach this goal. I enjoyed working with both you and Tony and will definitely recommend you guys.


Stacey Sparks
Decatur, Georgia

Ken Boothby
The Woodlands, Texas

14-Day Private Pilot Training

I began my flight training in the “traditional” way two years before I contacted AFIT. At that time, I spent several months with local flight schools, with multiple instructors and equipment that was outdated to say the least. Disappointed with the quality of instruction, cost, and slow pace of the programs, I elected to cease taking instruction until I found a better program that fit my busy schedule, and allowed the concentrated study that I was looking for. I found AFIT after scouring the internet, and got in touch with Tony. I was immediately impressed by the professionalism, and the organization of the course. The course offered exactly what I was looking for; organization, time efficiency, and a remote location with a one-on-one instructor experience at a small airport with a good airplane.

After signing up, Tony sent me a very organized and structured syllabus, and both he and my assigned instructor, Todd Gilbert, guided me through the necessary pre-planning steps to prepare for my arrival in Idaho for flight instruction. I was scheduled with an online ground school, and taken through all of the necessary steps of filing for my student pilot certificate with the FAA. They took care of every step, and contacted me when anything was needed so that when I showed up, we could hit the ground running. After I had completed all of the necessary steps, and passed my written exam, all that was left was two weeks in Rexburg, Idaho to complete the flight instruction and check-ride.

After arriving in Rexburg, I found I really enjoyed the small town feel of the community, and the small airport we were based out of. It didn’t take long before I felt like I had made some good friends at the small FBO, and in the surrounding hangars where everyone seemed to know everybody. Todd and I hit it off immediately, and he consciously adjusted his style as we went to fit my personality, and the challenges of whatever maneuvers we were working on every day. They had me soloing on day 5, and we continued to build hours all the way until the last day. The aircraft was a great change from what I had been used to before, and gave us only one small hiccup with a magneto, which was quickly corrected by our friends at the FBO.
At the end of the program, I walked away a licensed pilot, and extremely happy with my experience. This was exactly what I was looking for, and allowed me to pack a lot of experience and learnings into a shorter amount of time, rather than dragging out the same instruction over the course of months, or even years. If you are looking for a program like this, that allows you to take time out of your busy schedule, and really challenge yourself to get it all done, I recommend AFIT!

Ken Boothby
The Woodlands, Texas

Michael Baxter
Des Moines, Iowa

14 Day Private Pilot Training

My flight instructor Michael K. was very knowledgeable in all areas of aviation. He has extensive experience flying numerous types of aircrafts, which contributed largely to the level of training I received. Michael’s teaching style reflects what I like to call a more “real life training” style. What I mean by that is in addition to the requirements, he not only will teach you how to fly and fly well but will train you on certain situations in which you may encounter in the region you will be primarily flying in. He does this using real life examples on the ground and in the air. In my first several months of flying I cannot tell you how many times his teaching points I have thought back on.

I thoroughly enjoyed our time together off the runway as much as I did on the runway. Michael is a great guy, someone who definitely makes you feel comfortable and want to be around. Best of all I can honestly say he would do anything to help his students be successful. I would highly, highly recommend Michael for anyone looking for a great education, a great friend, and a great flight instructor!

Michael Baxter
Des Moines, Iowa

Arthur Masleanca
Forest Hills, New York

Private Pilot Training Course

Hi Tony,

Thank you for all you have done for me, I couldn’t be happier with the results. Sam is an excellent instructor, his patience with me and ability to find a training approach which suited my style of learning was exactly what I needed. Prior to your program, I averaged one or two hours a month over the course of a year and without much progress. Three different instructors during that time meant I was doing a lot of re-work and I felt my training had stalled. Ultimately that is what led me to seek out your program. With Sam we averaged four hours a day and the rest of the time was on the ground preparing me for the Checkride. Sam brought me to my first solo in only three days! Something I would not have believed possible had you asked me the week prior. We had a lot of fun especially on cross country flights to Nappa, Modesto, Chico and Redding just to name a few.

There were no surprises on the check ride and that is because Sam was sure to prepare me for every eventuality. The whole experience was awesome, and I really enjoy our time together. I’m looking forward to getting the most out of my new private pilot license this summer! and would like to continue on with your instrument rating program next year.


Arthur Masleanca
Forest Hills, New York

Larry Foster 
Walker, Louisiana

Private Pilot Training Course


AFIT was great.  Training was very intense, long hours, lots of studying.  Micheal made it fun.  He used just the right amount of comedy to make it fun, but also the correct amount of sternness to make it real.   Micheal is a great motivator and instructor. 

I would recommend this training to anyone who is serious about becoming a pilot.


Larry Foster
Walker. Louisiana

Keith Congleton
Danville, Kentucky

14-Day Private Pilot Training


Thanks again for your steadfast support in getting me through the program and getting certificated. Your continued confidence in me and commitment to getting me through was key.

I appreciate it.

Keith Congleton
Danville, Kentucky

Dustin Mykyte
Houston, Texas

My 14-Day Private Pilot Training


Great concept. I personally learn better when immersed in the subject. I really enjoyed my time with Andy. I think he’s a great CFI. Whenever I was struggling with something, he’d show me the technique, and that seemed to help a lot. Andy was awesome.We were both flexible with our starting/ending times and I really appreciated that. He answered every single question I had and never indicated that “our time was up”. I can’t say enough good about Andy.

All in all, I had a “Great Experience”. It ended up with me getting my Private Pilot’s License in 14-days, and that was the goal. I’m currently looking at a plane to build some hours in and I look forward to coming back for my IFR once I have some more time in the air.

Thank you both for working with me!


Dustin Mykyte
Houston, Texas

Robby Apfel
San Francisco, California

Private Pilot Training Course

Hi Tony,

I really enjoyed my AFIT experience and apologize for not sending you this note earlier.

First off, thanks to you and Andy for helping me accomplish my goal of becoming a Private Pilot. The whole process was great, from getting signed up, to last minute review for the check ride. I really appreciate your professionalism and patience, working with me to fit the training into my schedule. Furthermore, I could not have asked for a better instructor than Andy. He is very knowledgeable and confident in his skills/abilities. His calm demeanor and patience allowed me to learn in a stress free environment. I would recommend him as an instructor to anyone looking to become a pilot.

I also really enjoyed the accelerated training program schedule. It was very beneficial to be fully immersed in the flight training. It allowed me to minimize distractions, get a better grasp of the knowledge (i.e ‘why’ instead of just ‘what’) and get a better feel for flying since I was doing it constantly.

I look forward to continuing my flight training with you all in the future.

Hope everything is going well,

Robby Apfel
San Francisco, California

Davis Keene
Southlake, Texas

14-Day PPL Training Course


It really was a pleasure to work with you and John. John is an incredibly skilled instructor and it is obvious that he cares about his students learning how to fly the right way. The fact that I flew solo after 3 days really is a huge testament to the type of instructor that John is and his ability to teach people these skills very quickly. It was a joy to be his student for two weeks. Not only is he a very talented instructor, he is a very fun guy to be around. I will absolutely use John and AFIT for my next rating.

Thanks for giving me such an incredible experience. 

See you soon,

Davis Keene
Southlake, Texas

Craig Nottingham
Truckee, California / London England

14-Day Private Pilot Training

Hello Tony & Sam,

Thank-you for the note of congratulations. Working with you and Sam was a pleasure. The last 14 days was the final step of 3 months’ prep to PPL and the first steps in my journey as a pilot.

Sam, you made me do it! We both learned, had fun and made it a success. You are a great instructor because you tailor the coaching & message to how each individual student learns. As you know, I would have loved to have flown many more hours with you or solo during my 14 days – I guess I love to fly!

Tony – I know you were there in the background throughout, so I appreciate your support to Sam and I.

Best regards,

Craig Nottingham

Karie Parker Davidson Esq.
New York / Camarillo, California

Private Pilot Finish-Up Course 


Thank you for getting me over the finish line in my training.  Rachel was an “Excellent Instructor” – we got along beautifully. Dan my examiner was amiable and very good examiner. It’s not often one can say they enjoyed the test taking experience but this is one such time. Next up will be my instrument rating…perhaps after a few months of flying. 


Karie Parker Davidson Esq.
New York, New York / Camarillo, California

Ben Arnold
Bronx, New York

Private Pilot Training, Cessna 172 with G1000


My experience with John was great. He is immensely knowledgeable in all areas of flight and is an excellent instructor. Although the intense training can be stressful at times, John was able to make it fun through his constant British humor. He was genuinely invested in my success on the check ride and shared in my joy when I passed.

I hope to work with John and AFIT in the future.  Thank you!

Ben Arnold
Bronx, New York

Nick Thompson
Hobbs, New Mexico

9 Day PPL Finish-Up Course

Thanks for everything!! Hope to see you again.

Tony & John, 

I wanted to thank you for everything.  Getting started with AFIT was easy, straight forward, and every detail was explained up front (no hidden strings).  That’s something I appreciate. I started training almost a year ago with a couple different instructors.  Between my busy schedule, the weather, and my instructors schedule I could not find the time to train.  At that time I was averaging 3 hours a month.  That’s when I found AFIT and John came to town.  I cleared 8 days for nothing but training and scheduled the check ride for the 9th day.  By the final day, John had me more than prepared for the Final and I passed with flying colors.  If your struggling to find the time and dragging it out like I was, give these guys a call.  

Thanks again for everything, 

Nick Thompson
Hobbs, New Mexico

Harlie Stone
Maui Hawaii

14-Day Private Pilot Training Course


Today I accomplished a life-long goal that will help me through the rest of my life. I landed in Van Nuys two weeks ago at 5:00 AM not knowing what to expect. I was unfamiliar with the area’s environment, especially the heat, coming from the island of Maui. I met with my instructor, Gil, three hours after I landed. Luckily for me, he was the coolest “old guy” I have ever met! I felt like I was with one of my friends the whole time, but above all, Gil was an amazing pilot. With Gil’s piloting skills and my passionate desire to learn about flying and everything that comes along with it, I was ready to start flying! What most people don’t know is this process comes with a lot of hard work and studying, but if one stays dedicated and listens to their instructor, they can pass that darn check ride.

I am now a private pilot and I could not be happier with the experience I had with AFIT! Thank you to Gil and Tony for all you’ve done for me!


Harlie Stone
Maui Hawaii

Christina Mckoane
La Jolla, California

MY PPL Finish-Up Course

Hi Tony,

John was such a great instructor. He knew what I needed to work on and quickly helped me improve those areas. I am so glad I went with the finish up PPL course. I was hesitant I wouldn’t be able to get checkride ready in time, but John helped me get to exactly where I needed to be come checkride day. Thank you so much AFIT and John for all of your help!  

Christina Mckoane
La Jolla, California

Marcus C. Na
Rapid City, South Dakota

PPL Finish-Up Course – 2 Days Ahead of Schedule

I would like to say that john is an amazing instructor. He has patience and insurmountable amount of experience. The one day out of my seven days of flying with John, that really stood out for me was when John and I did all my cross country and nearly all my solo requirements in one day. John really challenged me to go beyond my requirements and has made me a much more competent and safe pilot. Had I the time and money I would have stayed to finish out my instrument and commercial as fast as time would permit. John, Tony, and the good people at Sphere One made my experience very memorable.

Thanks a lot everyone.

DR.Gema Goeyardi, MM, CAT®, CFTe, CWM, CSA, CTA
Indonesia, Singapore & Los Angeles

14 Day Private Pilot Training. AFIT Makes MY Dream Come True

Dear Tony,

I want to say a million thank you to AFIT especially you as the CEO. 

Finest Hospitality In the World. I have been looking for more than 50 flying schools since 2004 around the USA and many of accelerated program offers  similar course with very cheap price. But, finally I trusted my future to AFIT since Tony served me with heart not only business. He replied my email and phone at the same day while the others replied after 3-4 days. He explained all aspects, tricks, and gimmicks of other flying school who offer a less expensive course compared to AFIT. The best part is, Tony explained everything about student VISA and guide me step by step for the TSA process. This is a priceless services for foreigner who will risk everything to fly more than 9,000 miles for a flying school. AFIT is definitely RELIABLE and TRUSTWORTHY!

Priceless 3P. With AFIT I had 3 P – Privilege Training, Private Airplane, Personal Instructor! I can fly with my flying club uniform, guided by super senior Certified Flight Instrument Instructor, trained in super Cessna 172N with amazing maintenance. I really enjoyed the fully dedicated one on one learning more than 8 hours a day and I can ask the instructor to polish my weakness to be the best pilot ever! I have my FREEDOM in flight training.  

World Class Instructor. I would have never passed my 14 day private pilot check ride without Mr. John my CFII. He treated me like his Son, 100% of care and focus. He did not teach me land the aircraft, but land it smooth and safely! John gave me the skills to deal with bad weather, heavy traffic in Van Nuys, and how to be a high quality Pilot. He taught me good pilot attitude in the air with ATC and other pilots. He also trained me to have good cockpit management and it was confirmed by the FAA Examiner who said “You have perfect cockpit management”. The best part is I could successfully handle 17 knots crosswind landing while turbulent at Van Nuys during my first flight as Private Pilot while other aircraft go around!  I know John wants me to be the best Pilot, EVER! You will be always my father in aviation Capt. John

Great Cost Transparency. AFIT flight training costs slightly above the other flying school in USA but, it is transparent and no other dark fees. AFIT gave me the extra miles and it is worth it to pay a little more than other schools with great output like this. It is just like photography, A great quality product demands a higher price, and AFIT has delivered their promise!

I will definitely stay with AFIT until my CFII rating. I fly for fun, and I will love to work together with AFIT as partner in my country!

Keep up your great work

Greg Marchese
Denver, Colorado

9 Day PPL Finish-Up Course in C172 with G1000 

I could not be more pleased with the team at AFIT, especially Tony and Gil and their dedication to helping me finish my private pilot training.  I had contacted Tony a year prior but due to schedules decided to start training at my home airport in Denver.  I made good progress but was unable to finish so I reached out again and asked Tony if AFIT would help me complete my training.  I met Gil in Van Nuys and dove straight into review and training completion and was finished in 9 days.  The instruction, encouragement and environment were all stellar and now I’m a proud holder of a private pilot certificate.

Training in Southern California had added benefits as well.  The complicated airspace and literally dozens of airports allowed me to work on my ATC communications skills and overall situational awareness along with the fundamental skills needed to complete my training.  I feel like those 9 days not only helped me achieve my PPL goal but they truly made me a much better and more aware pilot.  Gil’s knowledge of the area, his tips and tricks and overall friendly demeanor made the training truly enjoyable.  He and I really enjoyed our time together and I’m very glad I found the AFIT team.

All the best

William D. Long MD
Alexandria, Louisiana

7 Day PPL Finish-Up Course


John was excellent.  Tuned me up fast and had me ready in no time for the check ride.  Very pleasant to be around and very knowledgeable. Check ride was really no big deal and went really well. Plane was nice and the location was beautiful and learned a lot about flying in the mountains.  I will certainly use AFIT and John for my instrument ticket soon. 

I think you have a great operation that I would highly recommend to anyone.  Exclusive access to a plane is a big attraction — and I think most (AFIT students in particular) are willing, to pay for that.  That is really the second thing of 2 required to make it work — access to an excellent CFI and access to the plane.

Tony, thank you for your help with my private pilot training and setting me up to ace the Check ride.  John really was fantastic and I look forward to working with both of you in the future with my continued flying and learning.

Thank you

Craig Suthers
Seattle, Washington / Townsville, Australia


My  experience with AFIT was amazing. From my first email enquiring about doing training, I got a call from Tony within the hour. Within a day we had a time organized and I was booked in for training within the month.

My training in Hurricane, Utah was a great training venue. I hadn’t flown for 8 months and had booked 7 days to get me to completion. What I learned on day 1 was I still had a lot to learn. After day 2 I was seriously thinking about quitting and going home. We had just done a lot of time doing cross wind landings. It felt like we did it for 10 hours and at the end I have never been so mentally and physically exhausted. On day 3, I got up and had a hard think about what I wanted to achieve and realized that the day before showed me the level of physical and mental preparation that I might need one day if I got into a difficult position. That really helped me focus on the rest of the week. Eric was really patient. I had some struggles with steep turns and we must have done 100 steep turn on the day before my check ride. Like so many other testimonials the check ride seemed pretty simple in comparison to Eric’s training level. What an amazing feeling it is to have put in so much hard work physically and mentally and having achieved my goal. 

I highly recommend both AFIT and Eric. I have been given great feedback since I received my PPL about my focus on safe flying, my approach to emergency procedures and my radio work in the pattern, which I give credit to my AFIT training. 

Thank you!

Stephen Lobo
Wilton, Connecticut

My 14 Day Private Pilot Training Course


Thank you for your mail. And for want of more powerful words, “THANK YOU” for helping make a childhood dream come true. 

As I’ll be the first to admit I was anything but an ideal candidate. In addition to having mild dyslexia, I had an issue with depth perception. Both of these make regular tasks involved with flying difficult. And Eric found these on Day 1. The easiest thing for Eric to do, would be to tell me that I wasn’t destined to be a pilot and to move on. But he did not. Instead after figuring out the issues, he worked with me long and hard, sometimes as long as 15 hour days, till we were able to overcome the challenges and I became adequate. And then good. Not just good enough to pass the FAA test. But good enough to be a safe pilot.

Working with Eric was an absolute privilege. His level of motivation was unbelievable and inspirational. I’ve been through several teachers, people from whom I have learnt. And Eric finds a place at the very top. Among those whose teaching has and will continue to have an impact on my Life. And that goes beyond flying.

It was a pleasure to have worked with AFIT, you and with Eric. You’ve delivered on all of your promises, in-spite of my shortcomings.

Please feel free to use me as a reference to any potential client. That’s the very least I can do, after what you’ve have done for me. :-)

Once again, Thank You. And all the very Best. 

Warm regards,

Stephen Lobo
Wilton, Connecticut

Don St. Clair
Orangevale, California

Hi Tony, 

Three months ago I decided to become a private pilot. Last week, I completed the mission.

There’s little doubt I would have done so without support from you and your team at AFIT. In particular having Eric as my instructor, in the high density altitudes of Southern Utah, made my 14-day training both enjoyable and invaluable.

I’m looking forward to experiencing the freedom afforded by my new certificate, and the challenge of earning my instrument rating.

Thank you for an awesome experience!

Don St. Clair
Orangevale, California

Tod Opdyke
San Francisco, Ca.

 14 Day PPL Training in My Commander 114. Thank you

Greetings Tony,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and my flight instructor that provided me with the professional flight training to take me from a beginning student pilot to a certified private pilot.

As you know Tony, I flew commercially to Texas and purchased a high performance complex aircraft. My AFIT instructor met me there and we started my flight training in that aircraft.  Within a week I soloed. 

When I initially inquired about your company and this total immersion flight training, you explained the process and it sounded convincing and just what I was looking for. However, I was still a bit skeptical. I was unconvinced how I could learn to fly and be a competent private pilot in 14 days. Well, that is because your program doesn’t shortcut any training, it is a total immersion of everything required and beyond. The training is so professional and so thorough, I could not help but to succeed. 

Tony, you were truly committed to see me through this and you did.

For all of those skeptics out there of which I was one, if any of you are considering accelerated flight training, do not hesitate to go with AFIT!

I will not forget how much you assisted me with getting this flight training completed successfully.

Best Regards,

Tod Opdyke
San Francisco, Ca.

Andrew Green
Saint Helena, Caifornia

My 14 Day Private Pilot Training


When I look back at the whole experience from the perspective of a new day I have only positive thoughts. Two weeks ago today I had never even sat in the left seat of an aircraft let alone flown one. I have learned a tremendous amount about piloting and aviation in this really very short time, both knowledge and skills. That I was even ready to attempt a check ride at the FAA minimum hours is really a testament to your skill and tenacity as a flight instructor and I thank you greatly for that. You employed just the right amount of demonstration and encouragement along with a demand for solid fundamentals of flight from me. Lesser instructors would not have arrived at day 14 with me feeling as prepared as I did.

Thank you for the time and effort you put in to making me a pilot. I really appreciate it.


Andrew Green
Saint Helena, Caifornia

Jeff Coghlin
Keene, California

My 14 Day Private Plot Training 

Hi Tony,

As you know, In December of 2015 I worked with John at KVNY on my Private Pilot certificate.  John was a great instructor, he was very focused and made sure that I would be a safe pilot anytime I was acting as PIC and not just for the check ride.  Despite dealing with weather John was able to figure out how to make sure that I got all of the training I needed to qualify to take the practical test on time.  John is full of  knowledge and was very eager to pass it on to his students.  The entire experience was great, I learned so much and had a great time.  To top it off a week after I passed my check ride I was getting checked  out at my local flying club to fly their airplanes, after landing the instructor said that he was very pleased with the flight and that I must have had a great instructorť because I really knew my stuff.   That one comment is very telling of how good of an instructor John is.

Thanks for everything.

Jeff Coghlin
Keene, California

James Favela
Watsonville, California

My 14 Day Private Pilot Training


I wanted to take a brief moment and write about my recent flight training with AFIT. The training location in Van Nuys and the Instructor Gil were the absolute best combination. I wanted the busy airspace experience and a qualified Instructor to teach me. Gil was very easy to get along with and had great teaching abilities. Gil is defiantly an asset to AFIT and I would recommend him and AFIT to anyone who asked me about flight training. All the CFI instructors in the little town where I live thought it was absolutely crazy that I was attempting the accelerated flight training.

With me back home and holding a TICKET in my possession they are all astonished that I was able to achieve my private pilot license in such a short amount of time. That’s not all either I actually am very comfortable flying and looking forward to my private pilot excursions that will follow. Once again a million thanks to AFIT and Mr. Gil for making the dream a reality.


James Favela
Watsonville, California

James K.
Reno, Nevada

My 13 Day Private Pilot Training  (One full day ahead of schedule)

AFIT’s program was the only way that I could schedule the time to earn my certificate. I followed Tony’s instructions to the letter, carefully preparing for the written exam and getting my pre-flight schooling completed. I’m glad I did because at the last moment I decided to earn my certificate in a complex, high-performance 7-seat turbo aircraft that I purchased. Every flight instructor I spoke to thought I was nuts; but when Gil arrived we went straight to work. Gil has the unique ability to read his students and understand when they need encouragement, empathy or a good old-fashioned kick in the rear. He never complained even though it took me over 150 landings to ease us onto the runway. He is a kind person and a fantastic instructor, helping me ace my verbal test and check ride with just 11 days in the air. I now fly cross-country 6-10 hours a week and feel completely confident.  

I would recommend the AFIT program to anyone who is willing to dedicate themselves.”

Warm Regards,

James K.
Reno, Nevada

Austin R. Panasuk
Sidney, Montana

14 Day Private Pilot Training


I had an excellent time with Todd Gilbert. I never would have thought that I would be able to achieve my pilot’s license in two weeks. Todd and I flew, studied for my written and he was able to help me achieve one of my life long dreams. Todd has great knowledge about aviation and is very easy to get along with. He was a very informative teacher and made everything very simple to understand. I couldn’t have done it without your course.

I’ll see you guys for my instrument rating. Thank you for help and support.

Austin R. Panasuk
Sidney, Montana

Tom Lerum
Los Angeles, California

14 Day Private Pilot Course  / C172 with G1000

Hi Tony, John,

I just wanted to say thank you for the professional and educational experience that you provided through AFIT’s Private Pilot program!  I am still shocked that I was able to accomplish my PPL in 14 days!!!  I could not have done it without Tony’s expert coordination and John’s incredible instruction.  I really appreciated John’s teaching style and am grateful for how patient and insightful he is.  He was always able to communicate things to me in a way that I understood, and gave me helpful tips for how to apply what I was learning in a practical way.  While there was a lot to learn, I never felt behind and I always felt like I was getting the best instruction.  I had started trying to get my PPL a year ago with another flight school, but scheduling a plane and instructor after work was challenging, and the training felt so slow.  I only accomplished four hours of flying before I had to quit due to a hectic work schedule.  When I heard about AFIT, I knew this was the program for me.  It was definitely worth it to take two weeks off work and knock all of the training out in an accelerated manner. 

This was the perfect solution for me, and I am excited to come back and get my instrument rating!  I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is serious about becoming a pilot and wants to do so in a timely manner.  

Thanks again, and Blue Skies!

Tom Lerum
Los Angeles, California

Dr. David W. Farnsworth
Lubbock, Texas


I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how impressed I was with your course.  John is an excellent instructor and I am very happy with the experience I received and my training. I will most likely be in touch for an instrument rating in the future. 


Dr. David W. Farnsworth
Lubbock, Texas 79423

Marvin L. Solomiany, Esq
Atlanta, Georgia

14 Day Private Pilot Training In My Cirrus SR-22

Imagine wanting to obtain your private license in a high performance plane, like a Cirrus SR22. Imagine everyone telling you that you are crazy to do it in such a plane in such a short period of time. Well, I can tell you that it can be done, because I did it. And but for AFIT my desire to quickly obtain my private pilot license in an SR22 would not have become a reality. John was beyond an exceptional instructor. He was both tough on me, but also extremely understanding and patient during my training process. While many people may have doubts about accelerated training, I cannot see another way to do learn how to fly. It was so important for me to go through the daily repetition of flying, that after the first 4 days it was as easy as just getting into my car.  Tony was extremely helpful as well in accommodating my busy schedule as a trial attorney that often sees many unexpected changes because of trials and deadlines. In addition, Tony was honest in sharing with me some of the challenges I would face in training in such a high performance plane. My experience with AFIT was a 10/10 and I highly recommend this to everyone who desires to learn how to fly.


Marvin L. Solomiany, Esq.
Kessler & Solomiany, LLC
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Abdoul Jaye
Las Vegas, Nevada

Thanks for your help and getting me scheduled with John, he is the best instructor I have ever had and he knows his craft. If he got me ready for my ticket he can get anybody ready, I wish I would have met him a long time ago.
Anybody trying to get their ratings, AFIT’s the way to go….

Alberto L. Morales
Nuevo Leon Mexico

Working with AFIT was a great experience. It fulfilled the promise to get my private pilot certificate in 10 days. Working with Bill was the best part of the training. His knowledge, experience and patience made me gain the confidence I needed to learn how to fly and pass the test. He has the ability to give you advice and support just when you need it.

I will definitely recommend AFIT to my friends and colleagues. Bill is the best flight instructor I ever had. I look forward to working with AFIT in the next few months for my Instrument rating.

Eddy Rico
Mercer Island, Washington

I would like to thank you for this great experience.

Being a very low time private pilot the instrument rating seemed to be very far away for me but your fast, intense and “real life” method was the perfect choice as my business and family keep me very busy. You don’t have the time to forget what you just learned the previous day, you just keep improving it.
Please say a very special thank you to John for me: despite having to deal with a very strong French accent and do many cross country trips in order for me to meet the requirements he has always been very patient and professional. He really took the time to explain the concepts and to improve my skills while both in the air and during ground school. But before all, I believe that what really puts him on top is his ability to always find the right words to preserve the balance between confidence and humility.

I now feel much more competent and safer and I will not hesitate to recommend your program to any pilot.

Mark S. Silvers

First off, huge thanks to my instructor, John T. for making the learning process as experiential as possible. John’s approach to ground training always felt more like a conversation with a trusted friend than a formal class, and his extraordinary depth of knowledge in all facets of aviation meant that there was seldom a question to which he didn’t have the answer. He kept me laser-focused on the knowledge I would need for my FAA oral test and check ride, but he still found time to impart untestable yet critical lessons that he has learned in his 40+ years of flying.

Like many novice pilots, I struggled with landings. John proved to be extraordinarily patient with my learning process. He applied several different teach techniques until he found the one that resonated with me and it all clicked. He held my hand during new maneuvers and situations just enough to ensure that I was safe, but he let go often enough to ensure that I learned something from my mistakes. I am confident that I am a better pilot for it, and I truly appreciate the high standards that he set for me, which made my check ride just another day in the plane.

Ian Heng

I am very pleased to celebrate this major milestone with you, under the precise coaching of champion Cholena! “She is an excellent instructor”, delivering just the right pace and intensity of theory and practical concepts daily (with homework), right up to minutes prior to my first solo flight !

I cleared all the tests to received my PPL, after intense teaching and corrections from Cholena. For me, this will be the start of continuous learning and skills improvement for private piloting.

You have an excellent and concise 14-day PPL training package, which I was somewhat skeptical initially, but I am now living proof of your success formula with my own PPL ! In addition, the excellent weather in California and availability of multiple airport types within a short range, is great for intensive dual and solo training.

It’s my honor to have trained with AFIT and Cholena, both with sincerity and aligned interest, working towards my successful PPL within 14 training days.

With first-hand experience, I will recommend prospective PPL students to you anytime. I am pleased to share my experience and feedback on this course.

Thank you once again !

Rick Koo
Broomfield, Colorado

Working with John has been a pleasure and a great return on my investment. I found John to be consistently thoughtful about how I could most efficiently make progress towards the goal, an excellent coach in the cockpit, and a font of real world piloting experience. All in all, this has exceeded the expectations I had when I signed with AFIT.

I’d absolutely recommend AFIT and John as an instructor and would be happy to provide a positive reference any time if it would be of help.

Andrew J. Kornberg

I just wanted to say thank you to you and Cholena for getting me to my dream of being a Private Pilot! As you know, I enrolled in the A.F.I.T. Private Pilot Course in Sacramento/Placerville California in August. As I had some hours behind me In Australia, I was able to complete the course in 10 days with an extra day of Complex plane work. WOW! It only happened because of the seamless, energetic instruction by Cholena. She is just amazing and I will expand on her knowledge and teaching gifts a little later on.

As an Australian, I had to go through a whole process through the TSA to even be allowed to train. Tony, your guidance made this all easy. Your step by step instruction in the process made it easy to navigate something that on face value seemed impossible!

Tony, after discussions about my experience, you worked out a schedule with Cholena that just worked. I guess you know what is needed as you guys are the most experienced outfit around.

Cholena was just amazing. She was always there pushing, teaching, and making me understand so much about the art of flying. She did this with a smile, always energetic and always so helpful. No question was too difficult. She is a gifted aviator and teacher and I must say that I learnt more in that 10 days than I did in the start stop flying I did over a year in Australia. She fixed my bad habits and taught me to believe in my instincts and knowledge. To this end, I know I am a better, safer and more knowledgeable pilot now. I also know that this is a step to lifelong learning! All this in 10 days from the best instructor I have ever been in touch with. The checkride went without a hitch and I am now a Private Pilot! Yep, it was heavy – a total immersion in flying but success only comes after hard work!

Thanks to A.F.I.T I am now living my dream! The sky has no limits.

Mackenzie Davis
Marlboro, Massachusetts

Just wanted to thank you and John in helping me get my license. I’ve had a number of instructors and John truly was the best teacher I’ve ever had. He was able to teach me to be the safest pilot in any airplane I will go on to fly, not just what I was focused on in the 172. Between his friendly, welcoming nature and his ability to teach in any variety of ways is what made this course fun, incredibly informational, and gave me everything I needed to become a safe pilot. I will highly recommend AFIT and John to anyone interested in getting their ticket.

Thank you for everything and look forward to working with you again!

Robert Davis
Marlboro, Massachusetts

John was a real Professional. Mackenzie had the best experience possible getting her license and it was truly because of the program that AFIT provides.

Rest assured, your organization will be my recommendation from this point forward.

My deepest Thanks!

Jason Covy
Stanford, California

AFIT took me from zero experience to a fully certified private pilot in just two weeks. Your total immersion program was the perfect environment to gain all the necessary skills to become a safe, competent, and confident pilot. Flying every day in the AFIT intensive flight program not only allowed me to retain and recall my previous flight lessons with ease, it also provided the opportunity to more easily build upon that skill-set which quickened the pace at which I was developing my piloting abilities. I can’t imagine a better route towards acquiring my certification.

I had researched several accelerated flight schools before settling upon AFIT, and while most can offer the same time frame for completing your training, where AFIT stood out was the caliber of instructors they carry on their roster. And a good instructor will make all the difference. Ed, my instructor was more than just a great teacher, he was an invested teacher. He cared not just about the educational material that I was learning, but that I was having a fun and memorable experience along the way. In doing so, he turned what could of been two long weeks of intense nonstop arduous training into an enjoyable experience that just seemed to fly by (no pun intended).

In the end, I am greatly satisfied with my time at AFIT, and would highly recommend AFIT to anyone considering gaining their private pilot license.

John and Gail Goodson
Frisco, Texas

I wanted to thank you again for the opportunity for Gail and I to participate in the training program you and John put together for us. As you know our flight training has been on and off again for several years and the intensive program you guys have is exactly what we needed to get back on course. John is an incredible instructor with a natural ability to adapt to the individuals needs. Lets face it training a husband an wife at the same time in anything just has to be difficult.

The experience was great and we fully expect to be back with you again in the future. I would recommend your course to anyone, it really was a great experience.

John D. Harrell Esquire
Charleston, SC

I just wanted to take a quick moment of your time to thank you for the excellent PPL experience you made possible for me. In looking for an accelerated course for my PPL, I searched the Internet fairly extensively looking for the “right fit” for me personally and geographically. Being from the east coast, I was at first mainly focused on courses offered near to this side of the country. I noticed that your company offered accelerated PPL in a wide variety of locales. I inquired with you about your availability nearby and explained to you my goals relative to my PPL. You took that information and explained to me, in a way I understood, that you knew the perfect instructor for me. You then scheduled me with Cholena near Sacramento, CA. While that was further than I originally anticipated travelling for my PPL, after my conversations and emails with you, I trusted you knew exactly what I was looking for and with whom I should learn. You could not possibly have been more correct!

Cholena is not only an advanced instructor, she is an advanced person. More than merely learning everything I needed to know to pass my written, oral and practical check ride within 14 days from Cholena, I also learned a lot about myself through her excellent manner and insightful comments about my tendencies as a pilot and how to use them to my advantage. Cholena is clearly someone who would excel at absolutely anything she ever decided to do. You are extremely fortunate to have her as an instructor at A.F.I.T.! Anything she ever taught, I would sign up to learn. To that end, you will be hearing from me very soon to continue my training with Cholena to achieve my instrument rating, and then after that my commercial rating. Your tireless help explaining A.F.I.T. to me coupled with Cholena’s mastery of the subject and masterful instruction gently ushered me to a place of great confidence as I start this road as a newly certificated private pilot!

Thank you!! And THANK YOU, CHOLENA!!! I will be speaking with you both very soon!

Steve Rosenblum
Paris, France

Thank you for helping me realize a dream by providing a great instructor in St George, Utah. I got my PPL after only 12 days of hard work. Days starting at 8 am every morning and ending between 8 pm to midnight some days.

Eric is a “Very” talented instructor with a huge knowledge regarding mechanics, urgency procedures, pilotage,…and he holds a glider license which is always great to know when you have to deal with windy situations.

The St. George Utah area is great for flying with a very large quantity of municipal airports. Weather is diversified with dry areas, snow areas, sometimes windy periods and sunny periods. The landscape is a beauty.

You have to psychologically come prepared because it is very dense training.

The FBO where the plane is located (a Cessna 172 with a 180 Hp) was great in Cedar City. The people were very welcoming and the price was very reasonable.

Eric taught me “everything” related to basic instruments.

I also had a very interesting experience. The airplane I utilized reached its 100 hours mechanic visit. I did it with Eric (instructor and mechanics) and the mechanic of Cedar City. It took 5 hours to check all equipments and structure of the plane. I think it is a MUST to do for a new pilot since you become aware of what is happening under the cowling, behind the rudder pedals, the flaps, ailerons,…. I think that I will also take some more hours in Paris to do a 2 days training on mechanics. (I am mechanic at all and I would say that I couldn’t even put a nail on the wall or hang a frame….but when your life and your family life is in your hands, you make some efforts ;-))

I can be contacted by anyone considering your program. Thanks again…

Dr. Alan H. Brodine
Rochester, New York

Thank you for scheduling me with Cholena Parkhurst; she is clearly a committed flight instructor! Cholena is not only very patient, but also she has the nicest way of pointing out the student’s errors while instructing and encouraging them in proper procedures. I am surprised when I reflect on the large amount of information that Cholena taught me in just two weeks.

Also, I was continually impressed with Cholena’s excellent teaching environment. With modern aircraft (two Diamond DA-20’s) at her disposal and an ideal variety of airport types/locations, airspace classes, and geography/topography within which the student can easily gain the necessary instruction and experience. These along with the consistently good weather in the Sacramento Valley were important factors for achieving success within the two week time frame.

Thank you for providing this opportunity for accelerated flight instruction within an excellent learning environment and with a very caring flight instructor who was instrumental in achieving my dream of being able to fly.

Robert Bailey McEwan
Bavaria, Germany

Thank you very much. It was a very intensive 12 days and Bill had to run a very tight program to get in the 2 written tests and the medical examination. I had learned the course material to a reasonable standard before coming over, but Bill impressed the need on me for an excellent score in the written exams as being a pre-requisite for a short and precise oral exam, so we gave that extra attention in the first week. We flew a lot every day (3-5 hrs) and I studied in the evenings and from 05.30 every morning. And then there is Bill’s little pack of pink cards that give you a right real quiz every time you sit down to lunch. The result was 92% for the PPL written and 93% for the IR.

In my case I needed intensive practice with the G1000 system, particularly with the “buttonology,” and Bill kept drumming that into me. I paid a lot of attention to the G1000 manual and the aircraft POH in the second week. Bill showed a great deal of flexibility in adapting the training depending on the weather and available test booking scenarios; we settled early in the second week for Friday for both tests. Luckily the weather played along. After the “buttonology” comes the “fire drill” which sorts you out for flying two approaches rapidly after one another for a single facility. Bill knew what his Designated Examiner was looking for and gave me useful tips and encouraging words, food and perfectly timed AVGAS right through the test day which ended at 21.00 in Georgetown after we got back from testing in Brownwood.

I think it very well worth mentioning that Bill has all the “soft factors” buttoned down as well. The aircraft was in a perfect condition, we always had a clean windscreen, the right docs on board, all the training aids you can think of. He showed me a lot of useful programs on the Net, which make flight planning and weather updates quick and useful to find and interpret. His little pack of DVDs contain useful tutorials for everything from US radio technique to IF clearances and real-time emergency scenarios. He took me to every conceivable restaurant specializing in different variations of Texas cuisine and no sooner had you tasted the first mouthful out came the next briefing, the inevitable pink cards or the practical test standards /oral guides. Not even ordering his recommended specialty (“you can’t leave Texas without having had chicken fried steak”), got me exempted from the pink cards. Some days I was pretty wound up; he sensed that and found the balance to push you on, but keep you sane at the same time.

I worked very hard and Bill was quite honestly the “Perfect Coach”. I’d recommend him to anyone and threatened to send my wife over (only problem is she’d come back 20 lbs overweight).

A big thanks to AFIT and Bill from an “elated” INSTRUMENT RATED Pilot.

Ron Sanders
Leawood, KS

I finished up my training with John yesterday. I was very pleased with the training that AFIT provided. In fact, I believe I learned more in those 9 days than I had in the previous 9 months.

Jay (Yair) Harel
Sunnyvale, CA

I recently completed my private pilot course in Placerville with Cholena as my instructor. Being able to receive my PPL in 11 days is due in large part to Cholena’s dedication and her being such and Excellent CFII. Building a rapport with your instructor is essential; Cholena’s constant smile made every task looks easier than it really was. She brings “tough love” to an art form – she is the friendliest person but when the situation calls for it she immediately becomes the strict instructor you need at your right side. She lets you learn from your mistakes, like the best teachers do. Her approach can be somewhat frustrating at times but is “extremely” effective. If you don’t spend too much time feeling sorry for yourself it will get you to your goals faster and with much less pain.

Cholena’s aviation knowledge is virtually limitless; you’d be hard pressed to find a question she can’t answer. Even though I don’t plan on becoming a commercial pilot, Cholena’s experience flying charters made for very interesting side discussions about high performance airplanes, IFR, and the business of flying.

Placerville is the ideal place for learning to fly – nice weather, above the fog line, with an endless supply of airplane time. Being 2.5 hours away from my home in the Bay Area allowed me to disconnect from everyday interruptions and focus on flying and ground work, while being relatively close to my family. This made for a relatively short course which in turn allowed me to reduce the overall cost (as well as frustration resulting from never-ending training).

I would definitely recommend AFIT and Cholena to my friends, and in fact have already done so.

Emanuel Alonso
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I wanted to say thank you for an “Excellent” Private Pilot Training course with Eric, a “Fantastic” instructor. The training was an intensive 14 days and I enjoyed every minute of it. In just two weeks you really can became a safe pilot. It’s awesome. St. George Utah is a great training location and environment, with a variety of airports around mountains, desert, canyons.. A nice and well organized quiet town. And the most important, a Great Senior instructor working with you the whole day, every day.
I wanted to say thank you for an “Excellent” Private Pilot Training course with Eric, a “Fantastic” instructor. The training was an intensive 14 days and I enjoyed every minute of it. In just two weeks you really can became a safe pilot. It’s awesome. St. George Utah is a great training location and environment, with a variety of airports around mountains, desert, canyons.. A nice and well organized quiet town. And the most important, a Great Senior instructor working with you the whole day, every day.

Kai Engstad
Salem, Oregon

When I signed up to go St George and fly with Eric my goal was to attempt to obtain my private certificate, however because of my limited time, 9 days, I thought there was a good chance that I might have to return at another time to complete it. I’m pleased to say however that in 10 days (9 flying) that I went home having passed my check ride. While some credit goes to me (I did the flying), most goes to Eric. On arrival in St George, the plane he normally uses for training was down with a prop issue, he quickly hustled up a replacement, arranged insurance coverage so I could solo in it quickly, organized a prop swap after a gyro failure, all of which kept me on schedule. He also kept in close touch with the local examiner to make sure he was available as needed and some of the hours I had in helicopters would count. In fact, I ended up flying over 40 hrs by the end of everything.

Eric was fully committed to seeing me succeed and went the extra mile. Most importantly, in spite of a packed schedule I had a lot of fun. Your prompt replies to email, phone calls, faxes and questions was also appreciated. Thanks..

Andrew Andreyev
Andreyev Doman Lawyers, Sydney, Australia

I would like to thank you and Cholena for making my PPL a reality.

There are many things that can get in the way of actually finishing your PPL, and in my view the ‘accelerated course’ is the only way that makes good sense.

But I also think that an accelerated course only works if you are with a team that has the experience and understanding to do it professionally. Put simple, you guys are the real thing. Since my first email contact with you, right through to my Check Ride, you and Cholena had all the answers, and were able to guide me along what is usually a very daunting path.

I read the glowing testimonials for Cholena before commencing the course, and now at the other end of the process, I can say that they still do not do her justice. She is nothing short of brilliant. Her calm and persistent manner has left me with a level of confidence that I simply never had from my previous flight training experience. Previously I always felt that I was ‘missing something’. Whereas, after spending 2 weeks with Cholena – I feel that I have received a very thorough and considered training. The highlight for me was landing at Sacramento International Airport at 10.30pm in our Diamond DA20, on final next to a 747 on a parallel runway. Try doing that with your average instructor..!

As Cholena said, getting your PPL is really a license to continue to learn how to fly. I agree with this, but I also believe that the grounding I received means that I will be continuing my learning on a very sound and safe footing.

I also appreciate your own persistence, encouragement and professionalism. I don’t think I ever waited more than a couple of hours to receive a return email from you with answers to my questions.

Thanks again. I would not hesitate to recommend your organization to anyone serious about getting their license.

Brandon Hale
Corpus Christi, Texas

Learning to fly with A.F.I.T. was one of the best decisions I’ve made regarding value, & good quality flight instruction. John is a “Grade A” instructor. I got my ticket in 42 hours, & I credit John for getting me through in just over the minimum- He has an eye for detail, & doesn’t miss a thing in the aircraft. I also found that he consistently challenged me to do good, & pushed me to get better in the plane.

In retrospect, I’m glad I chose A.F.I.T. as I know I would’ve likely dealt with “revolving door” issues from a training facility that had “time-building” CFIs that have no incentive to help you get your ticket in a timely manner.

Hands down, the best money I’ve ever spent!

John Welter
Sikeston, MO

I wanted to send a letter of thanks for the opportunity that you and John have provided to me to fulfill a life-long dream. I have to say that the 14 days was action-packed and very exciting. There wasn’t much time for distractions and I think that is one of the main reasons this program is so successful. I tried a couple years ago to get my certificate and the normal day-to-day distractions of running a business and having a family kept me from realizing the dream.

Your program worked! John was an excellent teacher and coach throughout the whole 14 days. I really enjoyed his teaching methods as well as his company and personality.

Thank you so much. My life will never be the same.

Kevin J. Brickner
Yorba Linda, California

The training I received with Lou was better than I had hoped for. The entire process was very structured and well planned out. I enjoyed the experience I had with Lou, “great instructor”. He and I enjoyed a further bond with our military background. I plan on returning when my schedule permits me for an Instrument rating and multi rating.

When I came to AFIT I had felt my previous arrangement was taking too long and costing me more money. I wanted a program with a curriculum and structured base, that’s exactly what I got. Lou was able to find out where I had left off knowledge and flight wise after the first day. I really liked how easy it was to communicate with him and decided how to approach the next few days in order to knock out as much as we could and as safely as we could.

I highly recommend AFIT and Lou. I hope to be back in Texas to take care of further ratings and such.

Hans Averdung
Munich, Germany

As you know, I flew my private-pilot training with Lou and I can definitely say that he is a great instructor and really gets involved in every aspect of training, from theory and exam preparation to practical tips and tricks to make the flying experience both more enjoyable and more useful for the student. I also want to stress one thing – he ALWAYS goes the extra mile and takes the next step, even in things not directly involved with the airplane or the training. Training with Lou gave me what I needed not only to pass the tests but to be a good pilot, with the assurance that he was always by my side to help me achieve my dream safely and with excellence.

I recommend Lou as an instructor for anyone who wants to really have a thorough preparation for the next step in flying, whether initial private, as was my case, or advanced training. His encyclopedic knowledge of aviation and his easy manner of teaching make flying with him an experience to be enjoyed while it lasts and missed when it finishes.

Tim Newton
Swavesey, England

I suspect many people, when they first see the claim of an instrument rating in ten days, are a bit sceptical. But it really can be done! Mind you, the key is in the quality of the teaching and Cholena certainly is a star. What makes her really special are two qualities: adaptability and persistence. Cholena will adapt her teaching of ideas and techniques until she finds the approach that suits you. And then she’ll work with you until you master it. A combination of dedication and skill like that is very rare.

I very much enjoyed working with you and Cholena. I certainly know where to go when I’m ready to take the next step. All the best for the future.

Chad A. Johnson
Commerce, CA

What an incredible experience! Almost hard to believe that I showed up in St. George, Utah with only a few hours of flight time under my belt, and 14 days later I am a Certificated Private Pilot! Eric is absolutely great at what he does. He knew exactly how to push, stretch, set expectations, and keep the whole learning process fun and on track. He is an expert! Truly a professional. Very committed to seeing me succeed! I highly recommend AFIT and Eric if you are serious about becoming a private pilot in the most efficient way possible!

Robert S. McFarland III
Hendersonville, Tennessee

I wanted to express to you what a great experience AFIT was. From the first phone call I made to the final day when I received my private pilot certificate, I received prompt responses to my calls, questions and emails. I never felt ambiguous or unsure about where we stood in the process.

I could not have had a better instructor than Eric. Not only is he incredibly knowledgeable, he truly cared about me becoming a SAFE pilot. He was there from sun up to sun down (and somedays longer)making sure we stayed on track and did not waste ANY time. This was very important as I had expressed to you on the phone that I was ready to work hard to achieve the certificate. It meant everything to me that I was provided with an great instructor who was more than ready to do the same.

I received A+ quality training in a time period and price we had discussed prior to my payment. What a great service AFIT provides in an industry that seems to do everything but that. I would recommend AFIT to anyone who is serious about receiving great instruction in a timely manner.

Robert A. Reay
Fairfield, California

Cholena was great. I really appreciated her patience and knowledge. She was quite a refreshing take on flight instructors because I have had a few rather rude ones. I had to get my pilots license this month for my Air Force Pilot’s application.

I can’t thank Cholena and AFIT enough for helping me complete my process. Great Job….

John Adams

Thank you for helping me complete my Private Pilot License. As you know I had been working on this for years and my previous instructors just kept telling me how hard the practical was going to be and for the oral I had to know “everything”. So, thanks for helping me focus on the key important items and getting me through my oral & practical in such short time. You made it happen despite two scheduling changes and Northern California midwinter weather.

I appreciate your teaching skills, enthusiasm and sense of humor. Thank you for all your hard work!

Robert C. Statius-Muller
Stamford, Connecticut

Just a short note to thank you for the fantastic, and fantastically effective, 14 day PPL program run by Eric out of St. George (UT).

For starters, I cannot imagine many more qualified instructors than Eric. With a CFII and also an A&P there was little he couldn’t make comprehensible in a few short sentences.

His airmanship is similarly outstanding. He could drop the Cherokee on a table cloth sized spot on the runway under any weather condition and demonstrate the PTS maneuvers with a precision that made me despair for a while that I would ever be able to meet the standards he set for me.

Perhaps even more importantly, Eric also was incredibly dedicated to the objective of making me succeed. It didn’t matter how many hours he had to spend with me to get a maneuver right and how long a day it became for him; the only thing that mattered was that I was going to get it right and would master the material. I was deeply impressed by his commitment to my success (especially since I clearly wasn’t the most talented student he ever had to bring along).

Perhaps as a result of Eric’s dedication – and my matching efforts – the actual checkride was rather anticlimactic and almost “easier” than I expected, the sign of good preparation.

Finally I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge Rhonda’s (Eric’s better half) contributions. From taking care of the paper work, to picking us up and dropping us off she was a ray of sunshine and encouragement in an intense 2 week program. Thanks Rhonda!

Needless to say, I unhesitatingly recommend A.F.I.T. and Eric to anyone looking to do an accelerated program.

Graham Goodrich
Des Moines, Washington

John was the perfect professional during the entire process, a natural flight instructor. Even though we lost some time due to abnormal weather, we still finished on time. I was very impressed with his methods and would definitely use AFIT again.

Overall, I had a “great experience” and it was a vast improvement over the flight school I was using before.

Tim Pescatello
Newport Beach, California

I am writing to thank you for arranging my flight training with John in Boulder, Colorado. John helped me finish up my fixed wing add-on rating in just five (5) short days. In addition, John gave me an introduction to mountain flying as well as high performance and complex airplane experience while flying an awesome V-tail Bonanza.

Your company is top notch and the level of customer service you provide is second to none. Prior to my training you were responsive to my numerous inquires and answered all of my questions. I researched several other accelerated programs before signing up with AFIT, however, none of them displayed the level of courtesy and professionalism I found with your company. These traits carried over to my flight training with John.

I cannot say enough good things about John. He continued the excellent customer service by making himself available to answer my questions prior to my arrival. After meeting John and spending a few minutes with him, I knew I was in good hands. John’s level of knowledge about “all things” aviation is amazing and he possesses superior flight skills. Most important, however, John is an outstanding teacher and taught me fundamental safety skills that eluded me in my prior training. In the end, John taught me how to be a better, safer and more confident pilot.

I plan to return to AFIT for my instrument rating as soon as I can.

Zach Weber
Baggs, Wyoming

I would like to thank John my instructor, not only for helping me get my Private pilot’s license in 40 hours but for becoming a great friend. He is a “Great Instructor” and a great person to be around which made my training not feel like a school but just another day with a friend who has great knowledge in aviation.
I don’t know of anywhere else that someone can learn in that short of time and feel as confident and as proficient as I do with the instruction. After completing my check ride, I flew my own plane home on a 3 hour flight with confidence and ease. I am grateful that I was able to have such a knowledgeable instructor that I rate as second to none.

Thank you AFIT and John for everything that you have done for me, I will recommend my experience to anyone interested in aviation.

I look forward to continuing my training into IFR with AFIT and John in the future.

Jonathan Gallmeier
Austin, Texas

I have had a fantastic week in Addison TX with Lou and I’d like thank you and AFIT for everything. Lou is a fantastic instructor! I had 80 hours of instruction prior, but still had cross-country solo work to do as well as a number of other requirements to wrap up. Lou was able to diagnose my failure points immediately and got my skills up to PTS standards in a matter of days. Experience makes a difference!
I’d highly recommend AFIT and Lou to anyone interested in flight training. There is none of the “time building” and “dollar wasting” activities you may find at other flight schools. You may pay a little more through AFIT from the hourly cost perspective. However, you won’t spend as much time learning so your total cost is less.

Feel free to share my contact information, I will give a hearty two thumbs up for AFIT and Lou.

Cody Hawkins
Ponca City, Oklahoma

Thanks for your recommendation of John as my flight instructor. John had a wealth of knowledge to offer with his extensive aviation experience. The main reason I chose “AFIT” for my flight education was the fast paced course you offer. There are many people who try to obtain their pilot’s license the traditional way but never progress to their check ride. In less than 2 months, I went from no knowledge of planes to a comfortable and confident VFR pilot.

My training with John was 2 weeks as promised. The majority of the time John was training me; we had high to extreme winds. Learning to fly in these conditions was not easy but we flew each day, ultimately making me the kind of pilot I want to be. One who is capable of flying in windy conditions and making adjustments as needed from the experience gained during those 2 weeks with him. John continually reminded me, the importance of holding the centerline of the runway and not giving it up. This came in very valuable on one of my first flights after completing my training, when I landed on a runway with solid black ice, unexpectedly. Upon hitting the brakes, the plane started sliding to the side of the runway. Without John’s previous pressure to hold the centerline, I wouldn’t have recognized the situation as landing on ice. I would have thought that I just gave up the centerline, until it was too late, but I knew I was holding center and instantly realized it was icy, thus allowing me to make a safe and quick recovery.
On my first cross country flight with John, he mentioned how much easier flying was than driving. At that time it seemed a little overwhelming but I quickly realized on my first, long, cross country trip, after getting my license, that he was indeed correct. It was much easier than driving and I felt calm and relaxed talking to ATC.

John was well organized and didn’t waste any time. He was even teaching while we were eating lunch. His instruction was thorough and included some additional pointers that I feel will be valuable for my future flight career. I will definitely refer your services in the future and thanks again for recommending John.

Stephen Fink
Sacramento, California

Thank you Tony and Cholena for making a dream of mine a reality. Anyone who is skeptical about an accelerated program really shouldn’t be, and I’m proof. After struggling with instructors schedules, meeting with multiple different instructors, forgetting what I learned and spending much of lessons relearning everything, I found AFIT. Before AFIT, I felt like I was tiring out an instructor if I wanted more than the normal 2 hours typical lesson. The instruction was everything you told me it would be Tony when you signed me up. The plan was completely laid out from start to finish, I felt like every day had a purpose. The program is great it not only prepared me for the checkride, but made me a confident, proficient and safe pilot.

Thanks again!

Jamie Coulson
Nairobi, Kenya

I really enjoyed my training with John and AFIT and can only add praise to what is a very slick operation. “John is a fantastic instructor”. I certainly have no regrets in making the trip over here to get my training done.

I can confirm that in the next year my sister and law and nephew will be joining you for training.

Chip Baker
Arcata, California

I had struggled to get my pilots license for three years . Weather, timing, money and business all contributed to such a long road. I’ve been to four different FBO’s, and had numerous low time flight instructors. At 80 hours I had learned the basics, however my skills were poor and I still needed night landings and solo time to finish my requirements.
After calling several accelerated flight programs throughout the country I finally talked to AFIT. Tony assured me that I was no different than many of their other clients and he was glad to help me.

Tony scheduled me with John at their Boulder, Colorado location. “John was the instructor I needed.” He has thousands of hours of dual given and 40+ years of experience in aviation.

We started working immediately. John evaluated my flying skills and aviation knowledge . After identifying my numerous flaws and bad habits, John was actually able to teach me how to safely fly a single engine aircraft . The whole process only took 10 days of actual training.

Now that I have my pilots license I will definitely use AFIT for my instrument rating. Many Thanks AFIT.

Randall K. Johnson
Longmont, Colorado

Training with AFIT was a “Great Experience.” John was always Professional, Enthusiastic and really went out of his way to make sure I understood the material.

I’m looking forward to aviation being a part of my life and will definitely be back with AFIT when I’m ready to pursue my instrument rating. Thank You!

Emma Beebe
Reno, Nevada

My flight training with Todd was wonderful! He really helped me understand a lot of concepts I’d been struggling with and I now feel that I’ll be a safe and competent Private Pilot.

Despite weather delays that impacted both the training and the check ride, it all got done.

I look forward to working with AFIT again soon!

Francesco Alvarado Sampieri
Maracaibo, Zulia, Venezuela

I’m back in Venezuela, and I just want to thank you and John for all your attention and help provided to me during those days of hard intensive training. I had the opportunity to fly in a complete new enviroment, in a place that I`ve never visited before (Colorado). During those days I visited more than 7 different airports, even different states. John is a really good instructor with knowledge in every single area of the aviation world, from gliders to Boeing 777`s, from the Surface as a certified mechanic to as high as taking samples of air at 26.000 ft for government institutions.

I’m really thankful for all the knowledge that I acquired and for your services and excellent attention everyday, and of course with AFIT to be there 24/7 and answer my emails in SECONDS! With any doubt I will come back for my instruments training soon. 101% recommended for everyone, even International students like me.

If you ever need help or have any spanish speaking student who want references of the school or specifically with John, you can give them my email and with pleasure I`ll share my experience.

Again, thank you very much.

Dr. Armand L. Balboni
Waterford, Virginia

I wanted to thank Todd and AFIT for a great flying experience and for helping me to complete my training. Being able to get everything done in a concentrated five days during leave was exactly what I needed. Todd’s experience as an instructor and the sunny Idaho/Utah weather (with a couple of stiff cross-wind days) made for enjoyable training experience. The oral and practical were as expected given your strict adherence to PTS numbers.

Well done! I’m enjoying the new certification. Next, IFR!

Dr. Lance M. Hill
Lewisville, Texas

Today I finished my PPL. I passed my check-ride with flying colors. Also my baby girl was born late last night at 9lbs 1oz. She is so beautiful and amazing. This has been an amazing year. I want to whole heatedly thank AFIT and John for all the skills taught me during my time in Colorado. John helped me obtain a life-long goal, and I am very appreciative for the time and talent.

Martina Reik
Novi, Michigan

Thank you for all your help on my way to finish the instrument rating.

I was always very impressed with the fast, thorough and patient responses to my e-mails, even when I sent them late in the afternoon or even during the evening hours. The positive impression I gained from our discussions was very comforting, I therefore decided to finish my instrument rating with you.

I flew from Michigan to California to meet with John at the Van Nuys Airport. On the same day we began with the training and an initial flight to get me accustomed to the plane and the airspace as well as to give John an idea of which topics had to be covered and what needs to be practiced in order to get me ready for the instrument check ride. John is a great and experienced teacher who did an excellent job with pushing me to my limits but also with polishing my skills and in deepening my understanding of the instrument flying system. I learned a lot from John, inside and outside the plane, about flying and aviation in general.

The check ride took place on January 1st. Thanks to the intense training with John, his constant pushing and pointing to things that I missed during the training, I passed with flying colors. Is there a better way to start the New Year?

The G1000 equipped Cessna 172 we used for the training was fun to fly and in great condition. It was a great and thoroughly enjoyable experience working with John. I don’t want to imagine, how much more time I would have had to spend in Michigan (conditions are currently 5°F degree F, snow and ice) to finish the instrument training.

Thank you, I will certainly recommend AFIT and John to other pilots.

Andrew Dirkes
Hanford, California

Just want to say thanks to you both (Tony and John) for the finishing course for my PPL. From calling on a Friday to starting flights on Monday it was great to walk away 7 days later with my Private Pilot’s License. John did a great job of blocking off time for an airplane ensuring I could make the timeline while working with me to make sure I was confident for the check ride. I had 36 hours over the previous 5 1/2 months and now have my license and 60 hours.

Kate Pottebaum
Winterset, Iowa

A teacher is only as good as their ability to impart knowledge, and Eric is exemplary. He has a way of reducing complex aviation concepts into digestible pieces. He is able to explain, re-explain, and then interpret his explanation until his student comprehends. Eric is long on patience and is meticulous in his instructing. Accelerated courses must have been designed around Eric, as his ability to teach flight in 13 days is down to a science. He also walks the exact same walk that he expects of his students. If I went home exhausted from a long day of flight, I knew that Eric was still working. He cares about his students success because he cares about putting safe, competent, and critically thinking pilots out into the sky. I appreciate that I have been connected with him and am grateful for the above-and-beyond instruction I received from him. I am a better pilot than many other instructors could have produced. Any advertisement is only as good as it’s product; AFIT is extremely lucky to have found a fit with Eric and I am glad that it connects him with exactly what he was designed to do- teach people how to fly. Thank you for the experience!

Tony, thanks again for the connection! You’ve got a great product with AFIT!

Michael Nayak
San Francisco, California

I just wanted to write to you to sum up the 14-day PPL course I took in Boulder. John was a great instructor and a total professional. He knows his stuff! He spent a lot of time teaching me how to “be one with the airplane, kimosabi”, and it was certainly helpful – I passed my check ride on the first try!

As you know, I flew out from California to do this course, so finishing on time was very important to me. We hit a patch of bad weather, and I was worried that I’d be headed home without my license. But John kept us on track! As soon as we had a good day, he pushed me to knock requirements out, one after the other, and I ended up completing right on time. Keeping my goals in his mind and helping me get to them was very much appreciated!

Another great thing about learning from John was that he put things into larger perspective. For example, we practiced an instrument-only approach, just so I could see how it worked. This was great to see, and I’ll be back when I’ve racked up enough time for an IFR rating :)

Thanks to you as well, for dealing with the scheduling twists and helping me to get this done! My experience with AFIT was professional from start to finish, I’m thrilled to be a new private pilot, and I’m looking forward to flying in California in the days to come!

Sean Gorman
Superior, Colorado

Tony, I had a great time doing my flight training. It worked out really well. I felt like John really likes what he does and he knew what areas to focus on to get through the testing.

The examiner said I knew everything exactly like he hoped and better. He also said it was about essentially a perfect score, which is always good to hear.

Andrew Walton
Rocklin, California

I want to thank you for all AFIT did to help me get my private pilot license, purchase a plane and get a high performance endorsement. I was amazed when you helped me look at ads for planes and advised me as I made an offer on the most promising one.
I was also impressed with the flight instruction I received from AFIT. John did an excellent job building my skill and confidence while I learned to fly in very busy airspace. It has been gratifying to build piloting skills so quickly. John saw my training through to the point where I passed my check ride and got transition into the Cirrus SR-22 I purchased.

It was a pleasure to work with AFIT and I look forward to getting my instrument rating with AFIT in the future.

Yu Jin Tay
The Makena, Singapore

I’m writing to convey how happy and appreciative I am to have finally obtained my long desired and coveted private pilot’s license!

Having trained previously (unsuccessfully I might add) with another school based out of Caldwell Airport in New Jersey, I know first hand the difference a proper program and instructor makes. And an experienced, skilled and dedicated instructor like Cholena was exactly what I needed. She spotted and worked with me on ironing out bad habits I had as a student pilot, and made sure that my progress was always on track. In the end I was not only able to pass the checkride; more importantly I felt I was able to pass it confidently as a safe and competent private pilot.

Thank you both Cholena and AFIT, and I’m looking forward to returning and getting my instrument certification!

Trevor Dalbey
Fountain Valley, California

14 Day Private Pilot Training

Thank you Tony! It was a great experience.

Where to begin? Working with Gil was a whirlwind of an experience! I talked with him a few times on the phone before I met him to start the 14 day Private Pilot Course and once it began, there was never a chance to look back! We started flying on day one and kept it up. Every day was learning something new to prepare me for the FAA check ride. After learning the different flight maneuvers, takeoffs, and landings it was a matter of honing these new skills for the check ride. By the time the check ride came around, Gil had me well prepared for both the oral portion and practical portion of the exam. I passed both on my first attempt and am proud to say I am a certified private pilot. 

This would not have been possible without the help of Tony and Gil at AFIT. Communicating with Tony was a breeze, as he was very prompt with his emails and phone calls. Gil is a fantastic instructor. He knows the minute details of flying and what the FAA is looking for from student pilots and how to bring that about from whomever he is instructing.

I look forward to becoming a better pilot and visiting AFIT again to earn my instrument rating one day soon.

Thanks, Gil and Tony!

Trevor Dalbey

Dravya Dholakia
New York & India

My 14 Day Private Pilot Training Course.

I’m Super happy with the training course, John is an excellent instructor. I am definitely looking forward to instrument rating and commercial certification with John in near future. Also you have been a wonderful coordinator, thank you so much for your help.  

I’m also going to recommend AFIT to many cousins and friends of mine, Hitarth is already on the list.

David Mauro
Mountain View, California

Private Pilot Finish-Up Course

My experience with AFIT has been great, I originally signed up for a 7 days PPL finish up and ended up passing my checkride using only 6 days. Tony you have been very responsive to any email and inquiries answering in a matter of “minutes” regardless of the hour. I really appreciated that timely and clear communication. Andy is a phenomenal instructor. One can really feel his 22,000 + hours during flight training. He is always intimately knowledgeable of what the airplane is doing and why it is doing it. His teaching is very effective and on top of that, it has been a real pleasure to work with!  

Jeremy Riblett
Klamath Falls, Oregon

14-Day Private Pilot Training

The AFIT program was a perfect solution for me. Previously it took me 3 months to get 8.8 hours of flight time. During which every flight I had to relearn half of the previous information. I finally made flying a priority and was able to utilize AFIT and Andy’s help to achieve a life long dream of becoming a pilot.    

Andy and his family were nothing but kind and welcoming. Andy is a very knowledgeable and experience pilot, I have nothing but great things to say about my 2 weeks in Lincoln CA. While I was there, I was able to go from 8.8 hours that I previously had to 53.0 hours and a pilots license.

Andy’s teaching style allowed me to make my own mistakes and learn from them while remaining safe. He was very hands off the entire time, and with his instruction I was quickly able to gain confidence and solo within the first week I was there. The learning environment was very comfortable and I never felt talked down to, in fact questions and learning, why, instead of memorizing facts were encouraged.

I feel as though through my questioning and his very in depth answers, I got more of an education than what was required of just a private pilot. We covered how every system in the aircraft worked and why, the advantages of certain types of systems over newer or older systems and how to even perform some small maintenance tasks. (extremely interesting to me due to my military background in avionics maintenance).

I plan to use my flying experience to work towards becoming a military fighter pilot.

Thanks for putting on a fantastic program.

Paolo Zapparoli
Milan Italy

14 Day Private Pilot Training – Thank you

I want to express my most sincere thank you for a phenomenal flying experience.  It is incredible to think that only 2 weeks ago I knew very little about flying, other than what I had studied for the FAA written exam, and in such a short period John taught me to fly!  I will never forget my solo experience: John’s words were playing in my mind every step of the way while I was performing my take offs and landings.

A truly magnificent and memorable experience.

Ignatius Luke Chan

My 14-Day Private Pilot Training

The experience I had with AFIT was nothing but fantastic. AFIT provided me with the knowledge and training that I needed to fulfill my childhood dream of being a pilot. 

Tony continuously kept in contact and was readily available to answer any questions that I had. Tony coordinated all the administrative work which allowed me to concentrate on training. 

John, my instructor, was not only a teacher but a friend as well. John’s method of teaching allowed for both understanding of flying as well as humor. John would always ensure that you have a fun and memorable flight before ending the flight for that day. By using this method, it allowed me to retain all the new information that was learned on that flight. 

Thank you to the both of you, Tony and John!

For making my dream come true!

Trent Nelson
New York

14-Day Private Pilot Training, Complex, High Performance and Tailwheel Endorsement

What an incredible two weeks!  I came across AFIT after becoming frustrated with the slow pace of my training here in New York – things like constant cancellations due to weather and only being able to fly on weekends, which I’m sure a lot of student pilots can sympathize with, were getting me down as I realized it would probably take me a good 8-12 months before I’d be checkride ready.

I had the benefit of coming to AFIT with ~33 hours in a Cessna 172 in 2011, and more recently, about another 8 hours between June-July this year flying in the busy New York airspace.  Michael was a fantastic instructor that dove right in and pushed me to my limits each and every day, both tailoring every flight to very specific purposes yet ensuring I never forgot how much fun it is to actually get out there and fly. 

Even on the first day in an immaculate condition 1978 Cessna 172, I felt like we did more flying in a single flight than I’d done in my previous 40 hours combined!  Taking off from Van Nuys we headed over the hills to Santa Monica, maneuvered low and slow over the many boats whilst practicing ground reference maneuvers, took it down low and zoomed past the pier, tracked back over KSMO and orbited the L.A. downtown area, flew over the plethora of mansions in the Beverly Hills area and got some great snaps whilst zipping past the Hollywood sign, nipped over to Whiteman then Burbank for some pattern work, then headed out to the Mojave Desert’s boneyard airport to practice some insane crosswind landings (90 degrees and at least 15-20 knots!), then simulated instrument flight back to Santa Paula where we stopped and got some fuel, then shot an ILS approach on the way back to Van Nuys.  Final tally was north of 20 landings and 3.5 hours XC time.  In a single flight!  On the first day!  That was mind boggling to the student pilot in me that was used to the usual (boring, in retrospect) “takeoff, practice area, maneuver, head back and land”.

I ended up soloing in the pattern at Whiteman on day 3 (then immediately being sent out to practice pattern work hopping between KVNY then KWHP), did my first XC solo to Santa Barbara with a gorgeous picturesque sunset accompanying me all the way back on day 5, did my long XC down to Palomar (north of San Diego) on day 6, then ended up sitting my checkride six days early on day 8!  That was absolutely unexpected and a testament to Michael’s ability as an instructor to continually get the best out of me and tailoring everything to maximize my time in SoCal.

With six days up our sleeves, I ended up getting my tailwheel endorsement after two intense full on days flying a beautiful 1948 Cessna 120 taildragger… and then complex and high performance endorsements (and a flight to Vegas!) in an awesome 300 HP retractable gear constant speed Piper Saratoga.  It was an unforgettable experience overall and I could not recommend AFIT and Michael high enough!

Jay Hirsh
Newark, Ohio

10-Day Private Pilot Finish-Up Program

I can’t possibly say enough positive things about my experience with Todd and the accelerated program. Rexburg had ideal airport access and was a great jumping point for gorgeous and challenging cross country flights in and around the mountains.  Todd made the training fun, safe, and efficient. All in all, it was an amazing 10 days and am proud to have walked away feeling confident and very comfortable flying with my license in hand! I hope to fly with AFIT and Todd again in the future for other certifications and my instrument training… but for now I’m enjoying my first few weeks as an official PILOT! 

Thanks again. I’ll be in touch early next year or so when I start planning for the next steps! 

Valentin Jaunatre
Peymeinade, France / Atlanta, Georgia

I just want to say thank you to you and to Erwin for helping me earn my Private Pilot License. I have to say it wasn’t easy but I worked hard and I did it

When I contacted you at the start of October I knew absolutely nothing about aviation and how to fly an airplane, but in one month with the King School’s online classes and the two week training program I spent with Erwin I learned so much. Erwin really pushed me hard and looking for me to be the best I can be and we did it. I had to work a lot during the two weeks. I was awake early and stayed awake late many evenings to study. There was a lot to learn but with your help and Erwin’s help I made it.

Thank you so much it was a beautiful experience and thank you again for always being there when I needed more information :)

Jeremy Hughes
Beverly Hills, California / Australia

Tom is a “fantastic instructor” and I thoroughly enjoyed working with him. Together with Utah’s wonderful weather, this was a great experience which I would recommend.

Thank you for everything.

​Nicholas Guyer​
Roseburg, Oregon​ / Anchorage Alaska

The AFIT team did an amazing job at working me in on short notice with a strict time line. Erwin my instructor maintained a goal oriented mind set and was willing to put in the extra effort and long days to complete the necessary flight time and requirements in order to complete my private pilot license training, in less than the normal 14 day program. I was able to attain my pilots license in 12 days. I could not have done it without the dedication of my instructor. A special thanks to you Tony and the awesome service and support from the folks at Lincoln Sky-ways. Thanks again for everything.

Dean Seifert / General Manager - Amazon Dash
Seattle, Washington

14-Day Private Pilot Training

Just wanted to send a quick note of appreciation to you and the AFIT program. I’ve been dreaming of getting my private pilot’s license since I was a teenager, and I’ve tried throughout the years to commit the time to get all the hours in – to no avail. When I saw your 14-day program, I knew it would be the best way for me to finally achieve that dream. My CFI, John could not have been a better fit or a more experienced, capable instructor. John has the perfect personality for flight training – he introduces information in a logical, straight forward way without making it overwhelming, and he has a great blend of patience, persistence and expectation that make you want to get up each day and jump in the plane.

I would highly recommend this program and John as an instructor to anyone looking to gain their private pilot certificate in a short period of time.

Chester Koh

14-Day Private Pilot Training

Dear Tony,
I would like to extend my sincere gratitude and thanks to you and Ziggy for helping me fulfill the dream of being a pilot. Though the training has only been a short 2 weeks, I have been most privileged not only to have a good instructor in Ziggy, but I have also respectfully found in him a dedicated mentor. Thanks Ziggy!

Enrolling into AFIT’s Private Pilot training program has been the best choice I made in pursuing my dream of obtaining my Private Pilot Licence. While Tony, the man behind all the pre-training administrations, has been spontaneous in assisting me to get through all the submissions and approvals, my flight instructor Zbigniew (aka Ziggy) has been most instrumental in training me to successfully pass the FAA flight examinations. Ziggy is a veteran pilot with over thirty years of flying experience. Coupling this with his dedication, patience and passion in flight instructions, he has guided me through AFIT’s systematic training program. Not only have I acquired the knowledge and skills to fulfill FAA’s requirement, I have also enjoyed the learning process with Ziggy thoroughly. It has not been an easy feat passing FAA’s written, flight and oral examinations. But with AFIT, I did these all in one go!
I am most thankful to Tony and Ziggy for helping me fulfill the dream of being a certified pilot. To all those who have this same aspiration, I strongly recommend AFIT – you will be in good hands!

Kirk Venge - Venge Vineyards
Calistoga, California

14-Day Private Pilot Course

I wanted to follow up and thank you for delivering on the promise AFIT gives it customers to get up in the air and get flying! I owe every bit of this new passion of flying to AFIT and your incredible flight instructors. Both were just great to work with and each certainly pushed me as I worked my way up from knowing very little about flying and/or about aircrafts, to earning my private pilot license. AFIT, and accelerated flight instruction, was perfect for someone like myself with a busy work and travel schedule to earn a license in the most efficient way possible. I knew that if I held to the conventional method of weekly instruction at my nearest flight school, an hour from home, I may not have had the time over the course of the program to stick to the schedule. I most certainly would have regressed over weekly and monthly classes. With AFIT and the one-on-one daily instruction, learning to fly was engrained in my mind in a routine and daily basis.

I want to sincerely thank you Tony for opening the wonderful world of flight! Looking up when I hear a plane in the sky doesn’t make me jealous anymore! Now it’s time to go shopping for one of my own.. 1,000 Thanks,

Wensen Teh

My Successful 14-Day Private Pilot Training

Tom has made this experience a wonderful one. His experience in aviation is hard to match and the life stories have been extremely motivational.

I believe I received top class training and the 14 Day program would have been very difficult without Tom my instructor and the incredibly smooth coordination from Tony himself. Thanks!!

Dillon Epperson
Llano, Texas

10-Day Private Pilot Finish-Up Course

Thank you AFIT!! The program was everything I expected, and more. The Rexburg training center in February was extreme weather conditions. Being from Texas I flew in conditions I would have never encountered at home and for that I am thankful! Todd is a very personable guy, and so easy to get along with. Made me feel very comfortable and at ease.

I highly recommend AFIT and the staff.

Catherine Warchal
Playa Del Rey, California

14-Day Private Pilot Training course

The two week accelerated private pilot program were the most challenging and rewarding weeks of my life. Day one I was worried about taxing the plane, day 6 I did my first solo landing, day 9 first solo cross country, by day 14 I was ready for my check ride. It’s incredible what you’re capable of doing in a short period of time, especially when you have a patient and passionate instructor like Jason. He showed up every day with a smile on his face and a tactful way of pushing me to my fullest potential. Looking back, today, with the license in my hand, smile on MY face, I wouldn’t have done it any other way….thank you!!!

Thank you again Tony, it was honestly a pleasure working with Jason, I got lucky.

Samuel W. Whitlatch, SSgt, Orang
Klamath Falls, Oregon

14-Day Private Pilot Course

As a fresh private pilot license holder I would like to send an enormous thanks to the A.F.I.T. team for helping me achieve this great feat. Most of all I would like to thank Erwin for putting in the effort to train me from dusk till dawn, day after day to be the safe, professional pilot I am today. Erwin didn’t cut any corners in my training and it is obvious to me that he takes great pride in instructing his students. In my brief time as an aviator I have witnessed numerous other pilots behaving like complete amateurs. I’m glad to say that Erwin game me the proper training and set me in the right direction so that when I’m in the sky I will be setting the example for others that have had instructors that lead them wrong. Erwin made the most of our time and never for a moment gave up on me. Erwin constantly challenged me to give me the best odds to passing my check ride when the day came. An accelerated flight program can be very stressful on a student and at times Erwin and I found ourselves laughing until our eyes were watering. It was this aspect of my training that I believe kept me from going insane. Through the flight program I not only gained my pilots license I also gained a friend that I have spoken with various times since I have finished training, and I feel that I can approach at any time I need guidance or advice.

I would also like to thank you Tony for working with me from the very first email to after completing my training. Some of the obstacles I encountered were in neither of our control but I am very thankful that you worked with me to give me a fair chance at finishing my flight training and obtaining my certificate. Overall I had a great experience with my flight training, and even though at times I wanted to jump out of the plane (without a parachute), in the end I am glad I went with A.F.I.T. to get my training and I would do it again without any doubts.When the time comes for me to seek additional training I will definitely be getting ahold of you for further business.

Slade Townsend
Fredonia, Texas

14-Day Private Pilot Training Course

Hi Tony,

Looking back, it’s hard to think that I came to AFIT not even knowing how to start an airplane and after only 6 days I was doing my first solo flight. Being fully immersed in the course was definitely the best choice as it helped everything come together as I kept building day after day. It’s great to be able to look back and see that only after two weeks, I have my pilot’s license.

Thanks for everything.

Cole Bramlett
Stephenville, Texas

14-Day Private Pilot Training Course


First of all I have got to say that my flight instructor Mike is an amazing guy and secondly a great flight instructor. The AFIT course was above and beyond what I expected of it and I couldn’t have been happier with the staff, facilities, and equipment. Mike made my experience one to remember as he went out of his way to make sure I not only passed my test but had a great time training. Mike I can’t thank you enough sir and consider you a good friend.

I can’t wait to come back and get my instrument rating!!!

Zackery Belford
Elizabethtown, Illinois

10-Day Private Pilot Finish-Up Course

I spent ten days out in Lincoln California to finish up my private pilot certificate, and I couldn’t have been happier.

I started my training in a 141 school. The program was billed to me as a two-year program (since I had my gen eds out of the way) where I would finish with my four-year degree as well as a commercial certificate and maybe even my CFI certificate. That two-year program looked more and more like a three or four-year program just to get the flying done. The school spent a lot of time theorizing about how to get the max time from/for students, instead it pushed me behind. They also employed low time instructors (about 500 hours) who would spend several months trying to diagnose a problem. When I got fed up with the games I did some research and turned to AFIT.

The training was a lot more intense. Coming into AFIT I had about 30 hours and had not solo-ed. In the ten days I was with AFIT I flew more in ten days than I had with my previous school in six months. My instructor Andy, wonderful man, worked with me and had me flying solo in what seemed like no time after having been at a school that took over three months to teach me to properly land. He gave me a lot of tips and tricks to flying that a lot of younger kids may not think to teach. I don’t think I could have asked for a better instructor than Andy. While we certainly flew a lot, he made it a point to take breaks so that I was not completely burnt out.

Both 61 and 141 schools have their benefits, but for me starting 141 and ending 61 worked out wonderfully. Using the AFIT finishing course was definitely one of the smart things I have done with my aviation training path. Had I stuck with my former school I am certain that I would still be several months behind and not been able to catch up.

Throughout the sign-up period where I was paper pushing left and right to make sure that when I got 2,000 miles from home everything would be in order, Tony was there. While I am certain that there are people coming to this school from a lot farther away than me, I knew that I would be able to reliably get into contact with Tony even though I was three-time zones away. He was very responsive and worked with me when papers needed to be filled out.

Thanks AFIT

Michael Leis
Portland, Oregon

10-Day Private Pilot Finish-Up Course

I have to say initially I was a little nervous about all the information I needed to grasp along with the procedures and maneuvers for the practical check ride. I let time take its course and Greg taught me everything I needed plus heaps more. I asked a ton of questions and he always was able to answer in a way I understood. Not only did I learn a lot, but he had a good sense of humor and made the training enjoyable as well. Even towards the end when he was coming down with a cold, he stayed late to ensure all of the paperwork was completed and that I was ready for the check ride. It was great instruction and great support to get me through the process.
I had an good experience working with AFIT and Greg. They helped me get my private pilot’s license in a short amount of time and with great and complete instruction. I feel that I learned things much more in-depth being able to do it in one contiguous session rather than trying to schedule all of the time at a local airport with younger less experienced CFIs. It was a lot of work and I would suggest being prepared as much as possible with the knowledge portion, but the overall process was easy to follow and clear.

Thanks for everything Tony and Greg,

Gaurav Bhogale
San Francisco, California

Private Pilot Training


I want to let you know how much I enjoyed working with John to get my Private Pilot’s License. The accelerated program was the best use of my time and was very cost effective. John is an excellent instructor, very patient and always ready with tips to ace all PPL maneuvers. He gave my confidence a solid boost and ensured I was a safe and competent pilot before my checkride. Instead of wasting hours flying infrequently, I would recommend AFIT to one and all looking to get their pilot training completed in the best possible way!

Best Regards

Christo Anderson
Santa Barbara, California

14-Day Private Pilot Training

Hey Tony,

I couldn’t imagine learning aviation any other way than with AFIT. The highly accelerated program let me attain an incredible wealth of knowledge in the optimal and succinct amount of time. My instructor, Shawn, was the ideal teacher for me; his high experience (+9,000 hours), aggressively planned out routines, relatable personality to most all people and enthusiastic appreciation for aviation made my experience nothing short of desired. This man deserves heavy praise, no exaggeration there!

Thank you endlessly for convincing me to take a chance with AFIT – my knowledge gained here will be forever with me.

Justin Bram
Los Angeles, California

14-Day Private Pilot Training Course

Hey Tony,

Working with Jason over my two weeks of flight training was a blast. Jason pushed me to excel and thoroughly prepared me for my check ride, which I just passed yesterday. He over-prepared me and the check ride went very smoothly (Jason’s standards were higher than the examiner’s). I’m ecstatic and feel like a confident and safe pilot. It was a demanding two weeks, but I couldn’t imagine learning how to fly any other way. It was a pleasure learning under Jason’s guidance and I appreciate all of the care he put into my training. After my first solo, Jason took me flying in his aerobatic plane, which was a great experience and kept me motivated about the possibilities of aviation! I intend to work with AFIT again when I go after my IFR rating.

Thanks for everything.

Andre Maldonado

14-Day PPL Thanks what a great experience

Thank you for your help in making my dream of becoming a private pilot come through.

I want to specially thank you for recommending Tom for the job.

Tom is a great pilot, a great instructor, and a great person. He guided me through this very intense program with a well-crafted combination of patience, strictness, and personal support that got me through in just
14 days!

What else would you ask for?

Un abrazo

Tripp Rosenfelt
Tucson, Arizona

My Private Pilot Training

“I can’t say enough positive things about my training experiences with AFIT and my CFI, Todd. I was incredibly fortunate to start AFIT training the summer I turned 16 and with Todd’s expertise and instruction – I solo’d a Cessna 172 before I even had my driver’s license. I returned to intensive training a year later – after turning 17 (per FAA regulation) – to refresh and prepare for my FAA oral exam and check-ride. Todd (my CFI) was amazing – in my corner every step of the way; truly a world class instructor, coach and mentor. With and because of Todd’s wisdom and expert instruction, coupled with Tony and AFIT’s unfailing support, I now hold a FAA PPL! Most of all, I’m excited about continuing to learn and grow my skill set and ratings as a pilot with AFIT.”

Todd is and was truly awesome and I will forever be in his and your debt for all of the support.

Thank you for everything!

Matt A. Confer Esq.
Jackson, Wyoming

My Private Pilot Training


I had a great time getting my pilots license. Todd was a perfect fit for me and tailored the program to utilize my previous flying experience. I just got checked out to rent a high performance 172 at my local airport and can’t wait to get up in the air again.

Jack Renard USMMA
Kings Port, New York

14-Day Private Pilot Training

My experience with AFIT was nothing short of perfection. The two weeks flew by (pardon the pun). In all seriousness with Tony’s organization and John’s expert instruction gave me the tools to succeed. Getting a private pilot certificate in two weeks is not easy, but with John’s instruction it didn’t feel like work at all.

I recommend AFIT to anyone who wants to earn their certificate quickly and the right way.

Seriously thank you both.

Mark Carpenter
Aubrey, Texas

Private Pilot Training


Thanks for the email. Very prompt as usual, I should not expect anything else!

Your 10-day finish up was exactly as promised. Todd is a real professional, very calm, good humored and knowledgeable. We hit it off great, but honestly I think Todd could get on with anyone. He sized up my experience quickly and focused on what we needed to work on. I soloed in 4 days and passed the check ride at the end of the finish up. Todd really knew when to push and when to call it quits for the day. He made what had previously been a frustrating learning experience really fun again. Rexburg is a good place to learn – plenty of new experience for me at altitude and 10 degrees cooler than Dallas!

As to AFIT overall, you communication has always been prompt and accurate, again very professional.

Once again, thanks and best regards

John Bredall
Pacifica, California

14-Day Private Pilot Training

It’s hard to believe how much can get done in as little as two weeks! If you had told me how much progress I would’ve made in such a short amount of time, I wouldn’t have believed you. But thanks to my time with Greg, I now can fly comfortably and confidently. He was always incredibly patient, understanding, and an all-around great and fun guy. We even brought my friend along and flew up to Tahoe after my first week!

It’s hard to overstate how quickly and thoroughly the program trained me in such a short amount of time. I went from soloing a mere three traffic patterns to flying solo long distance cross country in a matter of days! AFIT has given me many great skills and memories as I set out to pursue more with my pilots license. I couldn’t think of a better way to have kickstarted my future in aviation!

Best wishes,

John Bredall

Matt Sanfilippo 
Las Vegas, Nevada

Private Pilot Training


I want to commend John on his superior training capabilities.  He has the respect of the DPE as well, which is utterly important in this process.

My experience with John was second to none.  I was convinced that my flying skills were to par for test purposes until arriving in Utah for my week of immersion training.  John instilled the skills and technique that I needed to accomplish any landings, at any given wind angle and speed.  He is a polished provider of aviation training.   I was able to overcome any hurdle that came at me during my check ride as a result of John diligent preparation.   It was a joy to learn from the best!

Best to you,
Matt Sanfilippo

Landon Lox
Pensacola, Florida

14-Day Private Pilot Training

Good afternoon Tony.  I wanted to convey to you how impressed I was at the knowledge and professionalism of my instructor Mike at Lincoln, California.  I wouldn’t have been able to pass my check ride without his cool and calm instruction.  For those that care, I am a combat veteran of Afghanistan.  I know, we’re a dime a dozen now.  But I was in a few gun fights that were never as intense as flying.  The first week I was drenched in sweat I was so nervous.  But gradually, day by day Mike taught me how to fly good ‘ole Cessna 80246.  I knew I was getting better and more confident the dryer I was when I got out of the plane!  Ha!  This was a long road getting this private pilot license and I was a bit skeptical about doing it in two weeks.  It was a perfect block of time.  I would highly recommend this course if you’re on the fence about it.

Having that knowledge test passed before you show up will allow you to concentrate on flying the dang plane.  The days will be LONG and the last thing you will want to do is go back to your lodging and read.  I mean that wholeheartedly. So please for your own good read and study BEFORE showing up.  I can’t say enough about how much fun it was.  It was quite enjoyable and I look forward to doing my instrument training with AFIT as well.

Thanks again Tony for your understanding and flexibility of my schedule.

Kind Regards
Landon Lox

CEO Sandbox Security, Inc.

Justin Kong
Seattle, Washington

14-Day Private Pilot Course

Thank you both so much for helping me in a difficult position; because of AFIT I am now able to apply for the Reserves Pilot Board which meets at the end of the month.

I had a great time with the AFIT program. I was in a tough situation when I was forced to finish a PPL as a requirement for a program. All the flight schools in my area were booked and I was laughed at when I mentioned it needed to be done by the end of the next month. I was ridiculed and told by all 6 flight schools it would take at least 2 months to complete ground school alone.

Fast forward to the AFIT program; Tony was able to schedule me in very quickly and I was in Sacramento the next day from Seattle. I was blown away by the professionalism and ease of instruction by Andy. Andy is a phenomenal instructor with a lot of patience and has a hands off approach to teaching which allowed me to learn from my mistakes quickly.  I came in with 11 flying hours but no ground instruction, and the King’s online course provided by Tony helped me pass the knowledge test and prepare well for the checkride in under a week. Although the course was accelerated, I was not overwhelmed with the flight lessons and the curriculum created by Andy and Tony makes it easy for anyone to succeed.  Andy’s extensive flying experience means he gives tons of practical advice and can explain seemingly difficult concepts with ease. In the end, I was able to complete my checkride and have my Private Pilot Certificate in no time! Thank you AFIT for making this possible!

Justin Kong

Seattle, Washington

Jan Ralph
London and Singapore

14-Day Private Pilot Training

Massive thanks to John my CFI and Tony for arranging training in the U.S to pass my 2 week accelerated PPL Course.  Although challenging the training was great and had an amazing time flying all over Southern California.
Would recommend the AFIT accelerated course to anyone who has a lifelong goal to be one of the few with a PPL.  I look forward to coming back next year to add an instrument rating to my licence.

Many thanks again John and Tony

Jan Ralph

John Lauria
New York

My Private Pilot Training

Obtaining my pilot’s license has always been a lifelong dream, however, life events have always seemed to get in the way of this goal.  I’ve had some flight training prior to taking the AFIT course but the skills erosion associated with being a weekend warrior, at the mercy of inclement weather, prevented me from seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

I’m a banker in New York City with a hectic and dynamic schedule.  The AFIT course made obtaining my pilot’s license a safe reality in a compressed timeframe and is specifically designed for people who are self-disciplined, driven, committed, and willing to do the pre-work required to hit the ground running.  I opted to take two weeks off of work, disconnect myself from everyday life, and park myself in a rural California town where I could focus on the goal at hand.

I was paired with an outstanding flight instructor who was dedicated to me and only me, day in, day out; he also ensured safety was the primary goal, not successful completion of the course.  The way the AFIT course itself was laid out gave me a well-articulated roadmap to follow as I progressed through my lessons and FAA requirements.  I felt comfortable at every stage – my first solo, my first cross-country, my FAA oral and check ride – and am now a Private Pilot, thanks to AFIT.

Flight instructors are, in essence, teachers.  Not all teachers are created equal and the same is certainly true about flight instructors.  I’ve had a few flight instructors in the past but none as committed, knowledgeable, and patient as Andy.

Flying involves a lot of science – physics, statics, dynamics – but Andy’s teaching techniques are an art.  He has a unique and effective way of articulating complex subject matter, often times through easy-to-understand real-life examples.  I ask a lot of questions and Andy was as patient in the cockpit as he was on the ground; he took the time to explain things in depth which greatly improved my overall flying and learning curve.  Andy does things by the book, as all pilots should, and during every step of my lessons with him, safety was the top priority.

Flight instructors have a lasting impact on the future flying habits of their students.  I certainly lucked out with Andy – he is a class act and I will undoubtedly be visiting him again for my instrument and commercial ratings.  Highly recommended!

I highly recommend this course to anyone who fits the personal attributes mentioned above.  I cannot speak highly enough about Tony, my flight instructor Andy, and the AFIT course.

Greg Adler
Manhattan Beach, California

A Great experience / My 14-Day Private Pilot Training Course

I had a terrific experience learning to fly with AFIT!  Tony was very helpful insuring a smooth process. My instructor, John Mowatt, was top notch and made the training enjoyable from takeoff to landing.

I would recommend AFIT and John to anyone looking to fulfill their dream of becoming a pilot.  I sure did!

Chris Flynn
Cheyenne, Wyoming

Success in Salt Lake City (Private Pilot Training)


Please let me send enormous ‘Thanks’ to you and my PPL instructor, Tom.  After years of working toward my private pilot’s license (and having invested thousands of dollars in another ‘finish up’ group who could not deliver what they promised), you both helped me to earn my certificate in November. What a tremendous feeling of accomplishment, that is directly related to Tom’s incredible knowledge as a pilot and skills as an instructor. Tom has ”nerves of steel and calmness of a saint.”  Hour after hour in the air or on the ground, he would (without ever raising his voice) continue to reinforce good habits and correct bad ones.  He was intensely dedicated to getting my training done, too.

Tom was extremely friendly to get to know, as well.  He is a remarkable man and I’m so fortunate to have met and learned from him.   

I can’t thank you both, enough — for helping me to achieve this life-long goal!  

David Weisser
Tacoma, Washington

My 14-Day Private Pilot Training


John has the ability of making the unique challenges and pressures of learning to fly seem fun and doable.  His positive attitude and approach combined with his impressive logbook really do make him a highly sought after instructor.

I really enjoyed my time with him and am glad we got to work together. 

Thank you John.

Tam Anh Doerp
Berlin, Germany

My 14-Day Private Pilot Course

My experience at AFIT was an unforgettable one. Working with John has been such an honor; he was very helpful in every way even when I had some doubts when things got overwhelming. I learned a lot in such a short amount of time, and I would have never imagined that I would be able to do my first solo after one week and my first cross-country solo shortly after. This is the biggest milestone in my life and many more to come as I will continue flying in the future. I always knew that I wanted to be a pilot and it became surreal after my first solo. I had a lot of encouragement from John. This absolutely motivated me to keep pursuing my dream. I had an incredible time working with and learning from John. I am very looking forward to coming back and do some more flying with John.


Leonardo Zapparoli
Milan, Italy / New York, New York

My 14-Day Private Pilot Training

Dear Tony

When I was first told that it was possible to go from zero to a Private Pilot in just 14 days, I was flabbergasted. But after I received my training from John, I realized it was possible.

My experience of AFIT was phenomenal. The quality of your instruction, your  dedication to me, and the efficiency of the whole program was excellent. For those who are willing to spend two concentrated weeks focusing only on flying, I believe that AFIT is by far the best route to take.

The consistently beautiful weather in California, together with the convenience of the airport, and the quality of instruction make the amount of learning possible in those two weeks endless. My instruction from John was top-notch. I made a good friend, and learning from such a great pilot who was genuinely involved in my progress was a fantastic experience.

My overall experience with AFIT was outstanding. Thank you John for your dedication and sincerity. I look forward to being back for my instrument rating.

Best Regards,
Leonardo Zapparoli

Isiah Thompson
McArthur, California

My 14-Day Private Pilot Training

Hi Tony,

I just wanted to say thank you and that the accelerated course was just what I needed to be able to successfully knock out my license. Ruben was a blast to fly with and taught me a lot. The other instructors that I met along the way were very nice as well.

My time with AFIT was definitely worth it.

Thank you for everything,

Isiah Thompson

Neal Mueller
San Francisco, California

My 10-Day Private Pilot Finish-Up Course

A colleague recommended AFIT to me and I’m glad he did. Greg and Michael at AFIT taught me how to fly! I trained with them to get my Private Pilot Certificate and will be coming back to them for my Instrument Rating. They’re more knowledgeable than other CFIs. And that matters because they make the FAA regulations make sense. They don’t just know the answers. They also know the best way to teach the material. AFIT is a professional school with a syllabus that they stick to – look for that before you consider another school. The syllabus keeps them focused on fundamentals, not distracting details. And their helpful mnemonics (GUMPS, CTAF, PAVE, DECIDE, CFIT) will forever be drilled in your head, to keep you safe, and help you pass your check ride.

I’ve had a lot of fun training and great experiences flying! I recommend AFIT to anyone.

Neal Mueller (on right) with FAA DPE

Christine Meranda
Seattle, Washington

My Private Pilot Training

Hi Tony,

I’m headed back to Seattle and wanted to give you a review of my experience with this program.

Instruction: The knowledge acquired and Greg’s instruction were incomparable. He’s the best, most experienced instructor I’ve ever worked with: kind, patient, thoughtful, knowledgeable, humble, and a superlative teacher. He has a way of making complex concepts simple and encourages critical thinking–why we’re doing something, not just how. Anyone who works with him will learn a ridiculous amount in a short time. Every instructor I met at Lincoln who worked with AFIT was similarly incredible. Poteet, Andy, Sean all welcomed me, made me coffee, bought me lunch, and took time to chat with me and offer fantastic advice.

Airport: In my opinion, the Sacramento valley is unparalleled for student pilots. So many useful landmarks, stunning mountain strips, great WWII history, 10,000′ runways, fields you could land in if you needed to, the Buttes and Folsom Lake for easy orientation…heaven.  Lincoln has to be one of my favorite airports of all time; long paved strip, uncontrolled, no big obstacles at either end, favorable winds.

Thanks for the opportunity to work with Greg. You were very responsive and originally took me on last-minute and I appreciated that. This was an edifying experience and I learned a lot.

Christine Meranda

Tim Kordon
Ashburn, Virginia

14-Day Private Pilot Training


I wanted to reach out to you and thank you for the assistance with finishing my flight training.  Shawn was fantastic in his teaching ability and diverse flight experience. Willing to do whatever it took to help me pass my Check ride. Shawn really made the process seem easy. I’m looking forward to doing my instrument training with him in the future.

I would recommend  AFIT to anyone considering getting their pilots license.

Thanks Again
Tim Kordon

Stephen Covey
Manvel, Texas

My Experience with AFIT, Private Pilot Training

Good Morning Tony…it’s Saturday, and I am finally getting a little quiet time to reflect on my recent experience with AFIT & Ruben, culminating in those three amazing words from the mouth of the DPE sitting 2 inches to my right…”Congratulations, you passed!”  That happened on Tuesday morning, I flew back to my home town near Houston, TX from Sacramento, CA, and just now the wave of satisfaction and joy is finally catching up to me.  The 10-Day Finisher Course was exactly what I needed.

After beginning my journey summer of 2016, soloing that December, I was struggling to cross the finish line between my work/life schedule, as well as increasingly squeezed CFI’s at my flight school.  Finally, in December 2018 (2 years after solo), I was ready to go full throttle.  I knew accelerated programs were out there, but I also knew there was a continuum on the quality of that training.  Since my dream is to fly my family of 5 around the country, quality wasn’t something I was willing to skimp on.

After some time researching the internet, talking to several folks, Tony and AFIT began to float to the top.  I had roughly 55 hrs of flight time & training, including a solo endorsement when Ruben met me at the Lincoln, CA pilots lounge.  I knew I could take off, land, and likely navigate, somewhat safely, across the unfamiliar Sacramento Valley area, but that wasn’t anywhere close to the goal for both Ruben & myself.  Currency & Proficiency ARE NOT the same!  Ruben worked tirelessly and patiently with me to not only complete my flight requirements, prepare for the check ride, but even more…to make me a safe and competent “real world” pilot.

I am proud to hold my certificate in my hand.  I know this marks the beginning of a whole new chapter for me and my family.  And I feel incredibly blessed to have found Tony, Ruben and AFIT!  If you are tired of bumbling to the finish line, and you can afford to take time to focus exclusively on the miracle and responsibility of general aviation…AFIT is a wonderful partner!!

Thanks Ruben & Tony…you will forever be a part of my aviation story!

Stephen Covey

Private Pilot, Single Engine Land

Kley Parkhurst
McLean, Virginia

My 14-day Private Pilot Training


I entered your program with 1.3 hours of demo-ride flight time and exited 2 weeks later as a private pilot, despite many weather challenges!  IMO the accelerated approach is the best way to get a license –from cost, time efficiency, and learning perspectives.  Immersive daily flying and instruction was invaluable.

The best part of the experience was my instructor, Greg.  I can’t say enough positive things about him, but I’ll try.  He obviously loves aviation and perhaps, more importantly, teaching.  He isn’t in it to build hours but to create competent pilots, e.g. he also supports and teaches aviation at local high schools and colleges.  While I purposely sought out an experienced CFI with a lot of time in the saddle (as compared to younger CFIs trying to build time), I hadn’t given much thought to Greg’s military pilot experience, which turned out to be extremely beneficial, especially to me.  He brought a level of discipline and process which were exactly the foundation I needed to build good habits.  Greg had plenty of real-world anecdotes from personal experience that helped me focus on the most important priorities in the cockpit.  And while the weather made for many early morning and late afternoon flights, Greg committed the time to see it through.  As a result, we spent a lot of time together, and I still liked him in the end!

Two other things that were beneficial.  One was just hanging around the hanger with your other CFI’s.  Mike and Ruben were always ready to answer questions and provide advice and moreover helped moving aircraft around/ordering fuel/etc. — they went above and beyond.  Second, my check ride had to get rescheduled because of weather-related training delays.  I don’t think this would have been accommodated without Greg’s / AFIT’s relationship with the DPE, as they are very busy and tightly scheduled.

Lastly, I can’t understate the value of having a dedicated aeroplane provider and partner.  They worked hard to ensure a suitable plane was available for training.  I’d looked at a number of different traditional local options – 1 CFI/1 plane, to flight schools (scheduling hell) – and having a dedicated instructor with a pool of aeroplanes is the best way to go.

Kley Parkhurst, SVP-Corporate Development

Suleman Munaf Rashid 
Limbe, Malawi

14-Day Private Pilot Training


Flying was a dream for me from the age of 10, and that dream became a reality in just 14 days. All thanks to Tony from accelerated flight and instrument training. I would like to start off by thanking Tony who from the word “go” started to guide me through the whole process and was very patient with all the queries I put through before starting the program.  And upon receiving his advice and guidance I set off to fulfil my dreams.

As for my instructor Jason I really have no words, His unique ways of teaching and instructing, helped me get through the 14 days private pilots program. Apart from the flight training, I learned so much more from Jason, and if it was not for his added effort and persistence I don’t think I would have achieved a solo flight in 6 days and my private pilot certificate in just 14days.

It was such an honour and privilege to meet such wonderful people and fulfil my dreams through their tireless efforts and hard work. I aim to go back soon for my instrument and commercial rating and would recommend AFIT to all those who wish to take to the skies.

Kind Regards
Suleman Munaf Rashid

Walter Mulflur
Colleyville, Texas

14-Day Private Pilot Course


Thank you for all your help with getting everything lined up, helping me to be informed, following up with me, and staging me for a perfect transition into flight instruction. It was stellar how on top of everything you are and how quickly you helped me to get this accomplished. Even during a month-long Government shutdown, you helped me stick to a timeline for success. The AFIT program has the right processes with the perfect people to help you achieve your goals.

John is a truly brilliant instructor and even better friend. It cannot be said enough how you helped me reach a level of proficiency as a pilot despite having international exterior challenges which delayed my original timeline. Life happens, and you lead the way for me to remain focused and adherent to the utmost level of professionalism to become part of the aviation community. Your approach of calm composure while giving insightful and witty instruction is a voice inside my head that I hope to never lose. Thank you.

Walter Mulflur

Ben Wu
Millbrae, California

10-Day PPL Finish-Up Course

Hi Tony,

I just want to thank my instructor Ruben and AFIT for helping me get my private pilot certificate!

I have never thought I would accomplish this with 10 days. Although I have been flying in the Bay Area for the last one year, I have not yet solved. Within 2 days of flying with Ruben, I was not only able to solo but also be confident in my ability to control the aircraft. Before coming to training in Lincoln, I was worried about the weather because it was forecasted to rain. However, Ruben made the learning experience very smooth and taught me how to fly safely in weathers. During these 10 days, I spent 40 hours in the plane and also plenty of time studying the knowledge.

By the end of the training, Ruben has found me a DPE in Chico which is very hard to do because of DPE shortage in Norcal. Ruben has prepared me a lot for this check ride and everything went pretty smoothly. The weather on the day of check ride was not perfect but with the experience, I freshly gained from flying in those situations, I never get nervous or feel stressed. I would highly recommend Ruben and AFIT.

Best regards,
Ben Wu

Daniel Kraffczyk
New York, New York

My 14-Day Private Pilot Training

Andy is a great aviator, a great flight instructor and overall mentor. He’s very professional, has a wealth of experience as a pilot and teacher and is able to relay the concepts and the actual act of flying an airplane masterfully in the short amount of time given in this program. A teacher like Andy is essential to completing these two weeks successfully and he prepped me well and provided a good foundation for my flight training to come. While always on the task, concentrated and thorough, he’s always up for a joke or a story from his own experiences as a commercial pilot.

He understand the student’s needs, adds encouragement or constructive criticism when needed and always does so with respect and in a calm manner. I was also able to meet Andy’s family and was grateful to receive a very valuable lesson from his wife, an air traffic controller. I overall felt in really good hands and was looking forward to each and every day!”

It was a great experience and Andy’s voice and instructions will stay with me for the times to come. “More right rudder! Yes, that feels better!”

Thank you also for your quick responses and setting everything up for me with Andy. I appreciated your quick replies and having everything being arranged for me!


Daniel Kraffczyk

Adam Rogers
Ruidoso, New Mexico

14-Day Private Pilot Training In MY Cessna T182T / G1000

I signed up with A.F.I.T. for my flight training while I was finishing up my ground school. Tony with A.F.I.T. was very helpful, always answered the phone, and spent time answering questions and entertaining curiosities. Tony also helped me purchase an aircraft through advice he was giving me.  He signed me up with Greg at their Lincoln California facility. Greg was amazing from the start at being very easy to get along with and helping me to start learning immediately. I have had two other CFI’s and neither of them compared to how well Greg was able to get me learning and learning fast from the start. Greg teaching style with this type of school is very well dialed in.  There were a lot of hard days with so much I was learning my brain was about to explode, LOL.  But what’s amazing, is his confidence through the whole thing kept me pushing and trusting and by checkride day I had no doubt, when halfway through this thing I thought there was no way.

I absolutely and highly recommend using A.F.I.T. and if you can Greg as your Instructor choice you’ll have no problems earning your Private Pilot License!    

It was an amazing experience that I will never forget. Thanks Guys.

Adam Rogers

Shu Kiat

14-Day PPL Training Course

Dear Tony,

I am writing to thank you and Ruben for all the help shown to me over the past few weeks. Ruben has been nothing short of wonderful as an instructor. From the day I arrived till the day I left, Ruben showed immense generosity and responsibility towards me. I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

I would recommend anyone interested in obtaining a PPL to join the AFIT program. It works!

Best regards,
Shu Kiat

Jamie Mendelson

My 14-Day Private Pilot Training

“Congratulations, you passed.” Those magical 3 words from the DPE were certainly made possible by my fantabulous instructor- mentor-friend, John and of course the training program by AFIT.

From the very first day that I enquired about the program, Tony had been nothing but responsive and helpful with all the administrative “hassles” for a foreign student like me. All the applications and bookings were done seamlessly with his guidance and the best thing from him was pairing me up with John.

John made learning to fly a pleasure. Kid you not, learning to fly from scratch was definitely stressful, but John was there with me, and for me every step of the way. His encouragement and eye for detail pushed me through all the way, especially when the going got tough. I am so blessed for his guidance, patience and most importantly friendship. I wouldn’t have been able to make it through if not for him.

Thank you once again John and Tony for making this possible!

Best Regards,
Jamie Mendelson

Christy Sorensen
Los Angeles, California

My Private Pilot Finish-Up Training

I came to AFIT with a healthy dose of transatlantic jetlag, a strict time schedule, and Tony made a miracle possible- he immediately matched me with an instructor who could help me achieve my goal. 

Once you get to know a bit more about John you quickly learn that he is in the business of “wow”ing you. It’s evident in the stories he may share about his success in every realm of life- he’s a man of passion and commitment toward his many talents. You too will develop admiration for his willingness and commitment to share his time and teaching skill with others.  He demands your best effort, he has infectious optimism- more than enough to trump a stubborn realist who arrived with an acute fear of crosswind landings. There were moments of doubt, but John kept me focused on the end state. He had enough belief in me for the both of us, and before long I was able to overcome my fear to enjoy flying again. John showed me that I have the capability to do more than tiptoe around complex airspace – because now I have successfully accomplished it solo and have earned my Private Pilot License.

I am convinced that I could not have completed this elsewhere. I am so grateful to John and to the AFIT team and highly recommend their training services.

Christy Sorensen

Antony J P Clements
Newmarket Suffolk, United Kingdom

14-Day Private Pilot Training

Dear Tony,

Overall my experience with AFIT was fantastic. It did exactly what it said on the tin. 

Mike is the most fantastic instructor, knowing just how much to push you to make you learn but then backing off at the right time to make you realise that you have actually learnt it! 

A fantastic experience and huge thanks to both of you and Mike.


Antony J P Clements MRCVS

Equine Veterinary Surgeon 

Ryan O'Toole
Truckee, California

14-Day Private Pilot Training.


During the course of my two week training period, Ruben helped me in so many ways to evolve and grow my flying proficiency and knowledge. No matter the circumstances, his positive attitude and resolve helped me through the course and motivated me during the long, hot summer days. I can’t thank Ruben enough for his help, kindness, knowledge, positivity, even going as far as filming a short video of my flight training progress.

His enthusiasm makes me want to keep flying as much as possible and I can’t thank him enough for instilling that in me!


Ryan O’Toole

Michael Merola
El Cerrito, California

Private Pilot Finish-Up Course

I highly recommend Greg as a CFI with the AFIT program. I had been slowly marching towards my PPL for almost 2 years and never was able to make that final push due to instructor availability, weather, aeroplane availability, and my own schedule. Greg and I spent 8 intensive days together and knocked it out. There was an aircraft dedicated to me those 8 days and it was always in great condition. Greg was a phenomenal instructor, quickly assessing where work was needed and not. By day 4 it was clear that my flying was looking check ride ready. Instead of just forcing more pattern work, Greg saw the chance to keep pushing and got me up into the mountains with him to try out some challenging strips. This was a huge confidence booster, an invaluable lesson in mountain flying, and made the check ride feel much less challenging. Highly suggest you work with Greg too.

Michael Merola

Visesh Ramachandran
Tamil Nadu, India

14-Day Private Pilot Training


My experience at AFIT was an unforgettable one. Working with Greg has been such an honor; he was very helpful in every way even when I had some questions when things got overwhelming. I learned a lot in such a short amount of time, and I would have never imagined that I would be able to do my first solo after one week and my first cross-country solo shortly after. This is the biggest milestone in my life and many more to come as I will continue flying in the future. I always knew that I wanted to be a pilot and it became surreal after my first solo. I had a lot of encouragement from Greg. This absolutely motivated me to keep pursuing my dream. I had an incredible time working with and learning from Greg.

I am looking forward to coming back and do some more flying. Thank you for everything.

Visesh Ramachandran

Jezreel Mok

My Commercial and CFI Training

I trained for my commercial and CFI with AFIT. Many thanks to Mike for his patience and guidance throughout the training. He was able to assess my requirements and point out my strengths and weakness. Initially, I felt there was too much material to cover within a short period of time however mike was able to prepare me well for the check-ride. He leaves no stone unturned and is very thorough. Mike is also sensitive to student needs. If you are feeling fatigued or jet-lagged he will choose another topic. 

When you travel all the way across the Pacific, you have a very tight time frame and budget to achieve your objectives. AFIT understands the pressure that overseas pilots face and they do their very best to relieve their burden. Making sure the planes are in good condition and scheduling the date with DPE

I look forward to doing my CFII with AFIT and Mike.

Thanks for everything, see you again soon.

Jezreel Mok

Andy Bushong
Laurel, Maryland

My 14-Day Private Pilot Training

Hi Tony,

I had a great experience with Tom as my flight instructor over the two weeks that I was out in Salt Lake City. Tom is a very experienced and knowledgeable pilot and instructor. Tom is very thorough and we stayed ahead of schedule throughout my entire training. Tom gave great tips and pointers that other instructors in the past had not mentioned. All of this help made this the best flight instruction I have ever had. Working with you and Tom was an absolute pleasure and I recommend everyone should take the AFIT training it is top notch!

Andy Bushong

Henry Chow
Yorba Linda, California

14-day Private Pilot Training Course

Thank you to AFIT for the amazing experience of flight school. To start, Tony was amazing in providing instant customer service and advice on what to expect and how to prepare. In addition to the numerous options and flight locations, AFIT was tailored to my schedule and helped me achieve my goals in the fastest and most diligent way possible. Craig was an incredible mentor and friend, I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. He walked me through every detail that was demanded of me for the Private Pilot Certificate and ultimately did it in both a professional and light hearted way. There is no doubt in my mind that AFIT is an amazing flight school that helps it’s students through a demanding process. I wish you two the best and thank you again for an amazing 14 days!


Henry Chow
Yorba Linda, California

Luke M. Seo
Kirkland, Washington

14-Day Private Pilot Course

“Coming into a two-week accelerated PPL program, I was both scared and extremely intimidated. However, my CFI, Andy. made sure that I was comfortable and helped me perform at my best every day.

AFIT has allowed me to mark a check off my bucket list and has helped me better shape my plans for my future aviation career. With no doubt, anybody could complete the two-week program that I have just successfully gone through. All it takes is some motivation and a love for flying.

AFIT provides a plethora of resources for student pilots to shine. I am grateful for Tony and Andy for believing in me and always assisting me with whatever I needed.

I sincerely appreciate all that you have done for me. Thank you.

Very Respectfully,

Kirkland, Washington

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