IFR Training 10 days or less, Your Location or ours
Course Description

Our program is geared for the busy pilot who wants to achieve his or her rating in a few short days, not over the course of 9 months. Our Instructors are 100% committed to your schedule, meaning if you want to start at 5:00 am or 12:00 pm whichever fits your schedule for that particular day or days. Training sessions can be setup whenever you like throughout the day.

Our success is largely due to the quality of our Instrument Flight Instructors. The average age of our Instructors varies from 58 to 62 years young. Our instructors are highly experienced IFR veterans with average flight time of 10,000 hours each and 5000 hours of dual given. We assign an instructor who is totally dedicated to you and your schedule. Each pilot client is interviewed prior to training to customize the course to his or her needs. In many cases we find that the course can take fewer days to complete, with a savings to you.

You’re paying a premium to train with one of the finest senior instructors in the country and receive the most appropriate and useful training available today. Students cannot safely accomplish their goals seated in front of a 15 inch computer screen with 30 lb. pedals. The antiquated technology of portable simulators used by some training organizations reinforces our core belief that actual flying conditions cannot be replicated. We understand the cost of flying keeps increasing, however, savings realized using a portable simulator simply cannot compete with actual flying time under ATC control.

We guarantee our IFR course

If additional training is needed to complete the course, it is done at no additional training cost (for an additional day). Our training program is organized and simplified. The program is designed to address the everyday IFR challenges without the confusion. We’re seeing a number of positive indications that our clients are turning more to the latest Avionics and increasingly insist upon actual training without the use of simulators. We believe there is no substitute for actual.

The course consists of 8 to 10 hours per day, divided between flight and classroom time. Your training is based on a building block of instruction in an organized manner. Each lesson is thoroughly explained so you fully understand each step. You are trained not only to pass the PTS requirements but also to be a proficient Instrument Pilot. You will be trained in all the latest avionics, GPS, HIS, MFD, Glass Panel, etc. onboard your aircraft. You will be trained to be proficient in all the avionics in your aircraft and all back up. Whenever possible you will be trained in actual IMC conditions. We believe it is important to experience actual IFR during training to be sure you understand actual. We set up the examiner and check ride for the end of your training. Our job is not completed until you receive your Instrument Ticket. “We arrange a meeting with the examiner within the first few days of training, then, if possible, schedule the oral for the evening of the 9th day and then the check ride late morning on the tenth day after a practice check ride with the instructor to ensure the training is fresh in your mind and you are well prepared for the check ride.” Before our instructor leaves you, there will be no doubt in his mind you will be able to handle any situation that comes your way in the air. You will be a Safe, Proficient and Confident IFR Pilot”.

We do not, and will not, simply train you to pass your Check Ride, you will be evaluated each and every minute while in the air, as well as in ground training, When you train with Accelerated Flight & Instrument Training®, you are guaranteed to not only to pass your Check Ride, but to become a Confident, Proficient and Safe IFR Pilot. As far as we are aware, we are the only reputable flight training organization that truly guarantees their courses. We believe there is no substitute for actual. Portable simulators can be useful for practice, but not for actual Instrument.

Finish-Up Course

Some AFIT Accelerated Flight & Instrument Training students start their training elsewhere, but never finish. Our Finish-up Course is designed to quickly help you complete your training, often in as little as one weekend. As with our other programs, with our Finish-up Course we customize a training schedule for you in advance then work with you at your location and at your convenience. The Course is efficient and successful, because we constantly evaluate our pilots while they are being instructed, enabling us to tailor each program so that pilots can complete their training quickly. If you complete your course in less days than quoted, you are not charged for days not utilized.

Program Cost & Scheduling

Program costs are $750.00 per day, plus rental aircraft, (if you do not own your own aircraft.). Each client has individual needs, thus, different number of days required to complete their training depending upon previous experience, training and avionics on board. Other costs involved are: (If instructor travels to your location) RT airfare for the instructor. (Our Instructors take care of their own meals.) Client provides a place for our instructor to stay (client makes reservation at a clean and safe hotel they are familiar with) Client provides local ground transportation for our instructor, extra car in family or rental car. Prior to beginning training, your instructor must be added to client’s aircraft insurance as an additional insured if utilizing your airplane. When training at one of our locations there are no transportation costs for the instructor. If you complete your course in less than 10 days, you are not charged for days not utilized.

A $1,000.00 deposit confirms your position on the schedule. The balance is due 10 days prior to the start of your program. Payments are not refundable but can be used for rescheduling within 6 months. We accept cash, checks, MasterCard, Visa, Wire Transfer, Zelle Transfer, American Express and Discover.

Aircraft Options

Clients without personal aircraft can rent a variety of aircraft from steam gauge to Glass Panel at many of our locations, call for information.

Locations and Aircraft

Sacramento, California: Cessna 172’s or C177RG
Santa Paula, California: Cessna 150, or C172
Van Nuys, California: Cessna 172, or Cessna 152
Long Beach, California: Cessna 172
Boulder, Colorado: Cessna 172R, C172SP, or C172RG
St. George, Utah: Piper Archer & Cessna 172XP
Cedar City, Utah: Cessna 172
Rexburg, Idaho: Cessna 172
Georgetown, Texas: Cessna 172
Frankfort, Kentucky: Cessna 172
Salt Lake City, Utah: Piper Archer

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  • Minimum of 25 hours of Cross Country Pilot in Command logged, (an additional 25 hours is obtained during training) total 50 hours at time of check ride.

  • Medical Third Class or better.

  • FAA Written Test Certificate properly stamped with a grade of 80% or higher if possible. (70% is a minimum passing grade) *If the student has not studied and is not prepared to pass the written exam upon arrival, it will add additional days to your training. A one-on-one; test preparedness course is available for $1,500.00. This is a full, 3-day, all-day, intensive training program, with your personal flight instructor, to ensure you pass the FAA written exam and must be scheduled in advance to ensure availability.

  • Birth Certificate or Current Passport showing proof of US citizenship.

    TSA approval if required.

    Prior to beginning training, Your instructor must be added to client’s aircraft insurance as an additional insured. Unless utilizing rental aircraft.

    Please ensure all required documents reflect your full legal name “exactly the same” on each.

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