Multi Engine Rating Course 5 days, We Come To You, Your Location or Ours
Course Description

AFIT Accelerated Flight & Instrument Training’s multi-engine rating program adds multi-engine privileges to your existing Private or Commercial Pilot Certificate. All necessary ground and flight instruction required by the Multi-Engine Practical Test Standards is included. The course consists of 15 hours flight time and 15 hours of oral preparation.

Program Cost & Scheduling

Program costs are $750.00 per day, plus rental aircraft, (if you do not own your own aircraft.). Each client has individual needs, thus, different number of days required to complete their training depending upon previous experience, training and avionics on board. Other costs involved are: (If instructor travels to your location) RT airfare for the instructor.  (Our Instructors take care of their own meals.) Client provides a place for our instructor to stay (client makes reservation at a clean and safe hotel they are familiar with) Client provides local ground transportation for our instructor, extra car in family or rental car. Prior to beginning training, your instructor must be added to client’s aircraft insurance as an additional insured if utilizing your airplane. When training at one of our locations there are no transportation costs for the instructor. If you complete your course in less than 5 days, you are not charged for days not utilized.

A $1,000.00 deposit confirms your position on the schedule. The balance is due 10 days prior to the start of your program. Payments are not refundable but can be used for rescheduling within 6 months. We accept cash, checks, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

Aircraft Options

Clients without personal aircraft can rent a variety of aircraft from steam gauge to Glass Panel at many of our locations, call for information.

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  • Private or Commercial Single-Engine Certificate.

  • Current FAA Medical Certificate.

  • Birth Certificate or Current Passport showing proof of US citizenship.

    Personal Logbook up to date.

    TSA Approval if required.

    Instrument Proficiency not required for the Multi-Engine Rating restricted to VFR privileges for a Private Pilot without an instrument rating.

    Prior to beginning training, your instructor must be added to client’s aircraft insurance as an additional insured. Unless utilizing rental aircraft.

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