10-Day Instrument Training Course / Cessna T182T / G1000

Hey Tony,

Just wanted to let you know how incredible this program was for me! Shawn was an absolute joy to fly with and was incredibly educational. He went above and beyond to make sure that I was the safest IFR pilot I could be. He went out of his way to find actual IMC for me to fly in and I ended up with over 8 hours of actual time. There was not a single procedure I was worried about on the check ride as Shawn was so thorough. My examiner cancelled on me last second and Shawn ended up calling many different examiners around the area to get me scheduled just a day later than expected! I was 100% confident throughout the entire process. I made my flight home on a filed IFR flight plan and flew an approach in actual IMC at night and felt absolutely confident in myself as Shawn was such an incredible instructor! I would absolutely recommend this program to anybody wanting an instrument rating and I have nothing but praise for Shawn Robinson as an instructor.

Thank You.