10 Day IFR Training in my Lancair Columbia 400 /  G1000

Tony, I wanted to thank you for providing Bill  as my IFR flight instructor and let you know how happy I was with his training.  He was a terrific teacher and a pleasure to work with.

I was so happy to finally pass my IFR check ride.  That is one of the most difficult things I have ever done.  I couldn’t have done it without Bill’s continuous support and positive encouragement.  Getting through the process was a bit like drinking from a fire hose, particularly since I have only been flying for 2 years.  But I did it – and Bill was critical to my success.

Bill was very patient while helping me through the learning process.  He always had a positive attitude and encouraged me to believe I would pass – which in my head was not an obvious result.  During our training he carefully studied my performance and identified the areas where I was making mistakes.  A lot of the mistakes were very subtle – like placing too much pressure on the side step when working on some other aspect of an approach.  Then he made suggestions for ways to improve.  He is a top-notch pilot and instructor, with a wealth of experience from which to draw.  I owe Bill a debt of gratitude for helping me through to a successful result.  Thank you for providing him to me as my IFR instructor.