10 Day IFR Training Course

Thank you so much for your delivery of a top notch product with IFR flight training.  You hooked me up with Bill in Georgetown for my course and the matchup could not have been better.  Bill was happy to work with my schedule so that I could do half of the training here in Huntsville and the other half in Georgetown where I would be more familiar with the airports I would encounter on the checkride.  I could not have asked for a better instructor than Bill for the intensive, fully immersive 10-day course.  I knew the ten days would be a fire drill (and it was) but Bill’s logical and progressive methods delivered the goods at a rate that I could easily manage.  

 Over the course of ten days Bill and I flew over forty hours, performed more than 40 instrument approaches, conquered his pile of pink cards, discussed plenty of politics and pop culture, and consumed too many delicious lunches to count.  All of it quite enjoyable.  I can’t thank you guys enough for the hard work you put into your craft. 

Please let Bill know how much I appreciate him.  The checkride was a big success and I am comfortable going out into the wild cloudy yonder whenever I need.