10-day IFR Training CT182T G1000


I hope this note finds you well.   Dropping you a note on my IFR experience with your firm.  It was a year ago today that I started training with John in Van Nuys, CA.  John is a tremendous instructor!  I was most appreciative of his level headed thought process in regards to my progression.  He was quietly confident, observant and able to gradual get me ready to pass my check ride.  First time to fly in B airspace with more traffic than I had experienced.  Mountainous terrain that I had never experienced.  Ocean flying as well.  Quite a bit of change for a pilot from the Heartland.

Attribute that life-long goal of becoming a better pilot to John.  He is a great person and a tremendous instructor.  Your fortunate to have him with your firm.


Vincent J. McMahon
Director,  Financial Planning | CFS
Edelman Financial Engines
Indianapolis, Indiana