10-Day IFR Training

I just wanted to thank Ruben and the team at AFIT, along with Tony who was able to set all this up. Ruben is an amazing flight instructor and his calm demeanor made it extremely easy to learn from. He is patient and is able to explain things in a way that I understand. He has so much knowledge and experience to offer and many hours of flight hours to back it up. He is definitely not a fly by night instructor and will do what it takes to make sure you achieve your goals. Thank you Ruben from the bottom of my heart for helping me achieve mine! We spent around 38 hours in the plane, actual IMC conditions, many approaches, ground training and on and on. He is dedicated to you from start to finish. He helped me go from a “kick the tires and go” pilot to a much more competent and safe pilot then when I first begun. 

Thank you again,

Kaleo Clifford

Paso Robles, California