PPL Finish-Up, IFR and Commercial Training / KLHM


“I am so happy I found AFIT. I was tired of learning to fly one or two hours a week from instructors who simply wanted to build time and apply to the airlines. Not at AFIT. With Ruben, I got an exceptionally experienced CFII who would fly 6+ hours a day if I needed it. As a Helicopter ATP coming out of the Army, I needed an instructor who could tailor lesson plans to get me ready for FAA check rides. Ruben was able to zero in on my weak areas and get me my private, instrument, and commercial licenses. No other instructor at a typical school would have worked as hard as Ruben to train me at the level he did. With AFIT you’re learning from instructors who take your training as seriously as you do. “

I’m still in disbelief! Thanks for everything Tony


Alexander Mulqueen

Washington, DC