14-Day Private Pilot Training Course

This hard-earned handshake with my Examiner, Mark, is a proud moment; the final milestone in an unlikely journey.

It was the Spring of 2016 when I started flight training in New England as a way to accomplish something novel during a job search. I took a flight lesson whenever I had the time and money. Then, as the saying goes, life got in the way. 

Five years passed, eroding anything I learned, before I came across A. F. I. T. and the 14-day PPL course. I was both skeptical and hopeful; after a phone call with CEO Tony, followed by some encouraging correspondence, I booked travel to a California hotel for 2 weeks, determined to finish what I started.

On day 1, we flew for almost 3 hours.

On day 5, I soloed locally.

On day 11, I soloed for 5 hours to 3 airports over 150 miles of cross-country.

On day 14, I became a Private Pilot.

I couldn’t have done it without my instructor Ricardo, devoting two solid weeks to my preparation. He trained me to be not only current and legal, but safe and proficient. Casey in Maintenance, De in the office, other instructors Paul, Dave, Ruben and even fellow students helped along the way. Finally, my wife Lisa was my biggest supporter and got me through struggles with boundless encouragement.

Thank you Tony and A. F. I. T. for backing up the promise of accelerated Private Pilot training.

Onward and upward!

Timothy Ayres

Foxborough, Massachusetts