I just wanted to say thank you to you and Cholena for getting me to my dream of being a Private Pilot! As you know, I enrolled in the A.F.I.T. Private Pilot Course in Sacramento/Placerville California in August. As I had some hours behind me In Australia, I was able to complete the course in 10 days with an extra day of Complex plane work. WOW! It only happened because of the seamless, energetic instruction by Cholena. She is just amazing and I will expand on her knowledge and teaching gifts a little later on.

As an Australian, I had to go through a whole process through the TSA to even be allowed to train. Tony, your guidance made this all easy. Your step by step instruction in the process made it easy to navigate something that on face value seemed impossible!

Tony, after discussions about my experience, you worked out a schedule with Cholena that just worked. I guess you know what is needed as you guys are the most experienced outfit around.

Cholena was just amazing. She was always there pushing, teaching, and making me understand so much about the art of flying. She did this with a smile, always energetic and always so helpful. No question was too difficult. She is a gifted aviator and teacher and I must say that I learnt more in that 10 days than I did in the start stop flying I did over a year in Australia. She fixed my bad habits and taught me to believe in my instincts and knowledge. To this end, I know I am a better, safer and more knowledgeable pilot now. I also know that this is a step to lifelong learning! All this in 10 days from the best instructor I have ever been in touch with. The checkride went without a hitch and I am now a Private Pilot! Yep, it was heavy – a total immersion in flying but success only comes after hard work!

Thanks to A.F.I.T I am now living my dream! The sky has no limits.