14-Day Private Pilot Training

I want to give my heartfelt thanks to Ben for helping me achieve this challenging task. Firstly, he went above and beyond in ensuring that I received adequate training and fulfilled the requirements for the PPL in the short two weeks that the program offered. This allowed me to earn my license in 42.6 hours of flight time. In addition, he seems to be a very genuine person and has a passion for teaching others when it comes to aviation. He was very well acquainted with flight planning procedures using the latest techniques that saved immense time and effort with ForeFlight. Learning with him gave me the confidence I needed to fly solo on my fourth day of training.

I also want to give thanks to AFIT for allowing me this opportunity, as someone from abroad, to gain my FAA PPL in a timely and relatively affordable manner. Tony was very prompt and responsive when any issues arose and this helped me to achieve success. Thanks for everything.

I highly recommend AFIT and Ben.