14-Day Private Pilot training

Dear Tony,

I would like to express my great appreciation to the AFIT team for helping me obtain my Private Pilot License. Due to unexpected weather, I had the privilege to train under both Ruben and Jorge.

Ruben has logged many hours as an aviator and as an instructor. He was extremely enthusiastic and, drawing from his vast experience, I learned many little tricks that helped me hone my practical flying skills. He pushed me out of my comfort zone, taking me from “Student Pilot” to “Pilot-in-Command” in a short span of time. Even so, I always knew he had my safety and best interests in mind. Administratively, Ruben helped square away many things (student pilot certificate, check ride appointment, etc.) months before I even arrived in the USA, allowing me to focus completely on my training once I arrived in Lincoln.

When my first check ride was cancelled due to inclement weather, the AFIT team went all out to secure another check ride within the time I was in the States. I was initially hesitant as the alternative check ride was in a very busy area near Van Nuys (one of the world’s busiest GA airports) and I would be flying a different aircraft. But the team set me up with the necessary training under Jorge and helped me polish my skills for the check ride and new location.

Jorge was another friendly instructor whom I enjoyed working with to complete my final preparations for the check ride. He set aside time for me on top of a busy schedule with another student. With his careful instruction, Van Nuys didn’t seem as scary as it initially appeared to be!

Thanks also to the team that keeps the aircraft flying. Alek in particular was very helpful making sure the planes fly well and that all the documentation was in place, easing the check ride prep tremendously. His little tweaks to the aircraft over the few days I was at Van Nuys improved the handling noticeably and I felt really comfortable flying it.

Thanks again to the team for the opportunity to take to the skies! I will return home to Singapore with great memories of the places I’ve flown to and people I’ve met. The skills and knowledge I acquired will be a firm foundation to carry on learning and to be a safe aviator.