14-Day Private Pilot Training In MY Cessna T182T / G1000

I signed up with A.F.I.T. for my flight training while I was finishing up my ground school. Tony with A.F.I.T. was very helpful, always answered the phone, and spent time answering questions and entertaining curiosities. Tony also helped me purchase an aircraft through advice he was giving me.  He signed me up with Greg at their Lincoln California facility. Greg was amazing from the start at being very easy to get along with and helping me to start learning immediately. I have had two other CFI’s and neither of them compared to how well Greg was able to get me learning and learning fast from the start. Greg teaching style with this type of school is very well dialed in.  There were a lot of hard days with so much I was learning my brain was about to explode, LOL.  But what’s amazing, is his confidence through the whole thing kept me pushing and trusting and by checkride day I had no doubt, when halfway through this thing I thought there was no way.

I absolutely and highly recommend using A.F.I.T. and if you can Greg as your Instructor choice you’ll have no problems earning your Private Pilot License!    

It was an amazing experience that I will never forget. Thanks Guys.

Adam Rogers