My 14-Day AFIT PPL Training Experience

Hello all! As a 19 year old aviation flight major, it is quite difficult to get the one on one time you need with an experienced instructor in order to progress and be successful in this field of studies, especially with COVID-19. Because of this I sought out alternative routes in order to achieve my private pilot’s license; after lots of research and many phone calls I found AFIT to be the most professional and successful company to help me achieve this goal! After a full year at my university, I left with 10.4 total flight time hours. I got in contact with Tony, the owner of AFIT and he set me up with an amazing instructor named Andy. Over the course of two weeks, I went from 10.4 hours to almost 50 and a private pilot’s license to show for it!

I am astonished as to how quickly I was able to learn once given the right guidance and instruction. I would sincerely like to thank Tony and Andy for such a wonderful experience. Highly recommended!


Alec Dufour

Minooka, Illinois