14-Day Private Pilot Training Course

Hey Tony and Ruben, 

I wanted to thank you both again for the training and successful completion of my Private Pilot check ride!

I was actively searching for a full immersion pilot program when I discovered AFIT. I wanted to focus 100% on getting my private license as quickly as possible, After reading lots of reviews and talking to Tony at AFIT, I was sure it was the right fit for me —  I was not disappointed. Tony encouraged me to complete my written test before I started the program so I could focus on flying while I was there which was great advice. The 14 days were jam-packed with instruction and flying. My instructor Ruben was very knowledgeable and flexible. He had no problems adjusting around the weather and some unforeseen challenges with scheduling my check ride. It was so apparent that his priority was to make sure I completed the program successfully which was very appreciated.

I plan to come back to AFIT for all my future aviation training and will be looking into obtaining an instrument rating soon!  If you’re willing to commit the time and effort, I highly encourage you to consider AFIT! 

Andrew Nikkel

Modesto, California