Just wanted to let you know how satisfied I am with the Accelerated Flight & Instrument Training program I received from AFIT and John in Boulder Colorado, The idea of getting away from my hometown to prevent distractions was the right choice. Boulder in the Spring this year proved to be challenging from a wind/weather standpoint but in the end I know I am a better pilot for it! John, was very committed to teaching and instructing me to get the job done. I was also appreciative of him taking a personal interest in my overall piloting skills and helping me work on some deficiencies that needed attention. At the end of the session I not only walked away with my IFR ticket but felt like I knew my plane better than I ever had and gained confidence in precision flying skills that I did not have when I arrived. I would not hesitate to recommend AFIT and John to any future potential client you have that inquires!

All the best.