10 Day Instrument Rating in my Cirrus SR-22


I would like to thank you and Bill for helping me get my instrument rating.  Over the last 9 months, I got my private pilot license, high performance endorsement and instrument rating through AFIT.  I have limited flexibility in my time off from work and I am particularly grateful that you and Bill were able to make a plan that fit my schedule.

Bill was an “excellent instructor” and, in ten days, made me a confident, safe instrument pilot.  Two days after getting my instrument rating, I shot my first approach solo in IMC!  Bill was patient and flexible.  He not only taught me the material on the syllabus but also passed along a lot of what he calls “tribal knowledge” that helped me learn best practices from the many pilots he has taught.  I especially liked Bill’s ability to teach me to use the glass cockpit in my Cirrus. He is comfortable with technology and taught me to use both paper and electronic flight bags.  When my practical was scheduled the day after he was supposed to leave, he delayed his departure and helped me study up to the start of the practical.  I highly recommend Bill!  I enjoyed working with him and feel like I have gained a friend along with my instrument rating.

I am also grateful to AFIT and you for sticking with me and helping work around scheduling issues and weather problems this year.  I am amazed at how much you have helped me grow as a pilot in a short period of time.  As a repeat customer, the accelerated training you offer really works! 

Thanks again, 

Andrew Walton
Rocklin, California