10-Day PPL Finish-Up Course

Hi Tony,

I just want to thank my instructor Ruben and AFIT for helping me get my private pilot certificate!

I have never thought I would accomplish this with 10 days. Although I have been flying in the Bay Area for the last one year, I have not yet solved. Within 2 days of flying with Ruben, I was not only able to solo but also be confident in my ability to control the aircraft. Before coming to training in Lincoln, I was worried about the weather because it was forecasted to rain. However, Ruben made the learning experience very smooth and taught me how to fly safely in weathers. During these 10 days, I spent 40 hours in the plane and also plenty of time studying the knowledge.

By the end of the training, Ruben has found me a DPE in Chico which is very hard to do because of DPE shortage in Norcal. Ruben has prepared me a lot for this check ride and everything went pretty smoothly. The weather on the day of check ride was not perfect but with the experience, I freshly gained from flying in those situations, I never get nervous or feel stressed. I would highly recommend Ruben and AFIT.

Best regards,
Ben Wu