10-Day IFR Training  Cessna 182 / G1000


I want to thank you, and specifically AFIT instructor Andy, for my fantastic experience in obtaining my IFR.   After obtaining my private pilot’s license four years ago, I have flown general aviation aircraft for pleasure almost exclusively in the Pacific Northwest, where IMC and 2000 foot ceilings are commonplace throughout the year.

In pursuing my instrument rating locally, I tried to block out a couple hours a week from my professional career and focus on an IFR training syllabus.  It was an almost impossible task, and so I turned to AFIT to complete my course.  To become proficient flying in IMC conditions, I needed to remove myself from my daily routine of career and family and focus exclusively on this goal, and so decided to complete this journey by enrolling in your accelerated course at Lincoln, CA.

Your instrument program turned out to be the perfect solution.  Within an hour, instructor Andy had me flying under the hood to assess my flying ability, and what we needed to focus on to reach my goals.  I had already passed the written exam, allowing us more time in the air.

For the next eight days Andy had me flying departures, holds, procedure turns, and every approach in the book.  We did this morning after morning, day after day, for eight straight days.  Our lunch breaks were spent reviewing the procedures, analyzing deficiencies, and discussing different scenarios.  Afternoons were spent with either more flying, or more discussion in preparation of the oral exam as Andy shared his wisdom of accumulated knowledge built on an impressive career in aviation.

In reflecting on my experience with AFIT, I especially appreciate Andy’s intuitive ability to decipher where I was at in my IFR training.  He realized that while my immediate goal was to pass the final exam, his goal was to make me a more accomplished and safer IFR pilot.

The ten days spent with AFIT instructor Andy has been a highlight of my aviation career.  Thanks to both of you for your role in making my dream come true. 

Mr. Bill Schultheis