14-Day Private Piot Training Course

I just wanted to give a little testimonial review about my training.

Heading into it I was extremely nervous. I came in with under three hours of flight time so practically nothing. I wasn’t confident in my skills, I wasn’t confident I could do it, I wasn’t even comfortable with the idea of being in a small airplane.

Day 1 was extremely nerve wracking but Ben was incredible. He was confident, he was highly skilled, and he was very comforting which made me feel a whole lot better about myself. By day 3 I was hooked. I couldn’t get enough airtime!

Fast forward one week in and I am soloing with extreme confidence. By day 13 I was shocked at how much I could do, how much info I had retained, and how much I loved flying. 

I would not recommend doing any other program. The curriculum was fantastic, Ben was by far the best instructor I could have asked for. 10/10 experience, could not imagine doing it any other way!

Thanks to you and Ben for offering this and getting me prepped and ready to become a private pilot in such an efficient and productive manner!

Bram Sciammas