14-Day Private Pilot Training Course

I started looking for an accelerated flight program to complete my PPL I had begun in high school. I found AFIT just from searching around and decided to go with their 14 day accelerated ppl service after reading the good reviews and them having availability during my time off from school. From the very beginning Tony was extremely helpful in getting me set up not only with the materials I would need for instruction, but also offering recommendations for housing for my stay and providing a full schedule of what my 14 days would look like down to the hour. He also reached out several times leading up to my start date to ask if I had any questions about the material and to make sure my studies were going well. About a week before my trip to Van Nuys I was put in contact with the CFI, Fady, who I would be working with for the duration of the course. Fady was a great instructor who was not there to build hours, and genuinely wanted to see me receive my ppl. He even sacrificed a day off to extend my training by a day since my check ride had to be pushed back due to weather problems. Thanks to this commitment I was able to pass my checkride and the examinar even complimented my flying and was especially impressed for it being a two week course. This course is a serious endeavor and safety is very clearly at the utmost importance to AFIT; Fady made sure that nothing was rushed and never signed me off on anything before I was ready and confident. As long as you come prepared with an attitude of being ready to spend the full two weeks dedicated to both flying and studying, you will surely receive your certificate and be a great pilot. Thank you again to Tony and Fady, I can’t wait to return when I’m ready for my instrument rating!


Chase Collins

Ithaca, New York