14-Day Private Pilot Training

Dear Tony,
I would like to extend my sincere gratitude and thanks to you and Ziggy for helping me fulfill the dream of being a pilot. Though the training has only been a short 2 weeks, I have been most privileged not only to have a good instructor in Ziggy, but I have also respectfully found in him a dedicated mentor. Thanks Ziggy!

Enrolling into AFIT’s Private Pilot training program has been the best choice I made in pursuing my dream of obtaining my Private Pilot Licence. While Tony, the man behind all the pre-training administrations, has been spontaneous in assisting me to get through all the submissions and approvals, my flight instructor Zbigniew (aka Ziggy) has been most instrumental in training me to successfully pass the FAA flight examinations. Ziggy is a veteran pilot with over thirty years of flying experience. Coupling this with his dedication, patience and passion in flight instructions, he has guided me through AFIT’s systematic training program. Not only have I acquired the knowledge and skills to fulfill FAA’s requirement, I have also enjoyed the learning process with Ziggy thoroughly. It has not been an easy feat passing FAA’s written, flight and oral examinations. But with AFIT, I did these all in one go!
I am most thankful to Tony and Ziggy for helping me fulfill the dream of being a certified pilot. To all those who have this same aspiration, I strongly recommend AFIT – you will be in good hands!