I had struggled to get my pilots license for three years . Weather, timing, money and business all contributed to such a long road. I’ve been to four different FBO’s, and had numerous low time flight instructors. At 80 hours I had learned the basics, however my skills were poor and I still needed night landings and solo time to finish my requirements.
After calling several accelerated flight programs throughout the country I finally talked to AFIT. Tony assured me that I was no different than many of their other clients and he was glad to help me.

Tony scheduled me with John at their Boulder, Colorado location. “John was the instructor I needed.” He has thousands of hours of dual given and 40+ years of experience in aviation.

We started working immediately. John evaluated my flying skills and aviation knowledge . After identifying my numerous flaws and bad habits, John was actually able to teach me how to safely fly a single engine aircraft . The whole process only took 10 days of actual training.

Now that I have my pilots license I will definitely use AFIT for my instrument rating. Many Thanks AFIT.