Success in Salt Lake City (Private Pilot Training)


Please let me send enormous ‘Thanks’ to you and my PPL instructor, Tom.  After years of working toward my private pilot’s license (and having invested thousands of dollars in another ‘finish up’ group who could not deliver what they promised), you both helped me to earn my certificate in November. What a tremendous feeling of accomplishment, that is directly related to Tom’s incredible knowledge as a pilot and skills as an instructor. Tom has ”nerves of steel and calmness of a saint.”  Hour after hour in the air or on the ground, he would (without ever raising his voice) continue to reinforce good habits and correct bad ones.  He was intensely dedicated to getting my training done, too.

Tom was extremely friendly to get to know, as well.  He is a remarkable man and I’m so fortunate to have met and learned from him.   

I can’t thank you both, enough — for helping me to achieve this life-long goal!