My 14-Day Private Pilot Course KVNY

Hi Tony,

I had a fantastic experience learning to fly with Abe in Van Nuys. I still can’t believe that I was able to go from zero previous flight experience to soloing and earning my PPL in only two weeks! Abe is a talented and patient instructor with a great sense of humor who made long days of flying a ton of fun. Abe was willing to do whatever it took including spending extra hours to get me ready for my checkride. The Van Nuys airport was a great base for training as the busy airspace gave me lots of opportunity to practice my comms and get comfortable in crowded airspace. I’m a huge proponent of the condensed AFIT approach where each day built on and reinforced skills from prior days, particularly for people who have a busy schedule that could make it difficult to consistently log instruction/flight hours.


Chris Perez

Boston, Massachusetts