14-Day Private Pilot Course


Thank you so much for providing the opportunity to earn my private pilot’s license during your 14 day private pilots course. I had literally zero flying experience coming into this and I passed my check ride and received several compliments from the FAA Examiner.

John was able to overcome a lot of the issues I had early on. He has obviously helped hundreds of students achieve their ratings, so I can only assume my struggles were due to my own shortcomings. I’m glad he was willing to stick with a student as hard as I was! There is still so much to learn and this was a huge eye opener for me. I have a much better understanding of what I need to do to prepare and be ready for the next rating. 

I feel better prepared to study, and continue to learn as I prepare for the other ratings I plan on earning in the future. The aviation community at Van Nuys I got to be a part of for two weeks is very special.

Thanks again!

Chris Walters

Salt Lake City, Utah