My Private Pilot Training

Hi Tony,

I’m headed back to Seattle and wanted to give you a review of my experience with this program.

Instruction: The knowledge acquired and Greg’s instruction were incomparable. He’s the best, most experienced instructor I’ve ever worked with: kind, patient, thoughtful, knowledgeable, humble, and a superlative teacher. He has a way of making complex concepts simple and encourages critical thinking–why we’re doing something, not just how. Anyone who works with him will learn a ridiculous amount in a short time. Every instructor I met at Lincoln who worked with AFIT was similarly incredible. Poteet, Andy, Sean all welcomed me, made me coffee, bought me lunch, and took time to chat with me and offer fantastic advice.

Airport: In my opinion, the Sacramento valley is unparalleled for student pilots. So many useful landmarks, stunning mountain strips, great WWII history, 10,000′ runways, fields you could land in if you needed to, the Buttes and Folsom Lake for easy orientation…heaven. ┬áLincoln has to be one of my favorite airports of all time; long paved strip, uncontrolled, no big obstacles at either end, favorable winds.

Thanks for the opportunity to work with Greg. You were very responsive and originally took me on last-minute and I appreciated that. This was an edifying experience and I learned a lot.

Christine Meranda