My Private Pilot Finish-Up Training

I came to AFIT with a healthy dose of transatlantic jetlag, a strict time schedule, and Tony made a miracle possible- he immediately matched me with an instructor who could help me achieve my goal. 

Once you get to know a bit more about John you quickly learn that he is in the business of “wow”ing you. It’s evident in the stories he may share about his success in every realm of life- he’s a man of passion and commitment toward his many talents. You too will develop admiration for his willingness and commitment to share his time and teaching skill with others.  He demands your best effort, he has infectious optimism- more than enough to trump a stubborn realist who arrived with an acute fear of crosswind landings. There were moments of doubt, but John kept me focused on the end state. He had enough belief in me for the both of us, and before long I was able to overcome my fear to enjoy flying again. John showed me that I have the capability to do more than tiptoe around complex airspace – because now I have successfully accomplished it solo and have earned my Private Pilot License.

I am convinced that I could not have completed this elsewhere. I am so grateful to John and to the AFIT team and highly recommend their training services.

Christy Sorensen