10 Day IFR Training in 9 days

Well Tony, John did it again!  What a great job he did on my instrument instruction. John hadn’t slipped any from two years ago when he did my private pilot instruction.  John still would not waste what a lot of people would consider free time (lunch & rides in the truck on the way to & from the airport).  He was always teaching.

On the first day, I told John that if I progressed on or ahead of schedule, I would really like to spend a day going to Colorado or New Mexico to do some mountain flying.  I knew that with John living near the mountains of Utah, he had the experience to help me on my first trip to the mountains in an airplane.  John said that mountain flying is not something that he normally does while doing instrument instruction & especially not in December. However John knew that this was a real interest to me, so on the morning of my fifth day we checked the weather, dug out the oxygen mask & headed off to Colorado.  After eating lunch in Salida, CO we headed off to Angle Fire, NM & ended up back in Oklahoma late that evening.  John went above & beyond doing that for me, giving me the confidence to head back to the mountains a month later for a ski trip.

My training was scheduled for a 10 day instruction course, but on the morning of the ninth day I took my check ride and  passed a full day ahead of schedule, without any problem. Finishing my check ride right before lunch, John could have ate & been done with me, he had completed the job he had come to do, surprisingly we headed back to the airplane & he introduced me to “Chandelles”, just in case I ever find myself boxed in, up in the mountains.  Then he proceeded to show me some other techniques, just to help me become a better pilot.

It was because of John’s wealth of knowledge, his good organization skills & his great use of time that made John the easy choice when it was time to do my instrument training.