Thanks for your recommendation of John as my flight instructor. John had a wealth of knowledge to offer with his extensive aviation experience. The main reason I chose “AFIT” for my flight education was the fast paced course you offer. There are many people who try to obtain their pilot’s license the traditional way but never progress to their check ride. In less than 2 months, I went from no knowledge of planes to a comfortable and confident VFR pilot.

My training with John was 2 weeks as promised. The majority of the time John was training me; we had high to extreme winds. Learning to fly in these conditions was not easy but we flew each day, ultimately making me the kind of pilot I want to be. One who is capable of flying in windy conditions and making adjustments as needed from the experience gained during those 2 weeks with him. John continually reminded me, the importance of holding the centerline of the runway and not giving it up. This came in very valuable on one of my first flights after completing my training, when I landed on a runway with solid black ice, unexpectedly. Upon hitting the brakes, the plane started sliding to the side of the runway. Without John’s previous pressure to hold the centerline, I wouldn’t have recognized the situation as landing on ice. I would have thought that I just gave up the centerline, until it was too late, but I knew I was holding center and instantly realized it was icy, thus allowing me to make a safe and quick recovery.
On my first cross country flight with John, he mentioned how much easier flying was than driving. At that time it seemed a little overwhelming but I quickly realized on my first, long, cross country trip, after getting my license, that he was indeed correct. It was much easier than driving and I felt calm and relaxed talking to ATC.

John was well organized and didn’t waste any time. He was even teaching while we were eating lunch. His instruction was thorough and included some additional pointers that I feel will be valuable for my future flight career. I will definitely refer your services in the future and thanks again for recommending John.