10-Day IFR Training Course

Dear Tony,

My Ten-Day IFR course with Tom Kuhlman was some of the best instruction I could have asked for. Tom’s lifetime of knowledge and experience was evident every day we met. Tom was patient, honest, a fine communicator, and everything else a true teacher can be. Tom did not give me typical cram-course answers, but rather the thorough understanding that was required to comfortably pass my check ride. Tom knew exactly how to judge my progress and how my skills compared to FAA standards. Beyond the check ride, Tom mentored me to become a better pilot for the rest of my life. Soon after I started training, 8-10 hour days with Tom became truly enjoyable. Whether it was talking in the car, the hangar, the airplane, or the restaurant for lunch, I was immersed in Tom’s knowledge of flying. My time spent with Tom patched me into decades of lessons and wisdom. Tom’s teaching is rooted in passion. While raising a fine family and creating a home in Salt Lake, Tom still dedicates a piece of his heart to teaching pilots.

After the unexpected mechanical complications of my airplane midway through, I thought that my training had come to a premature end. Despite the seemingly prohibitive circumstances, Tom went out of his way (pulling every string he had in Salt Lake) to find another comparable airplane to fly, and teach me how to fly it. And that he did, in less than two days. I passed my check ride on the morning of the day originally scheduled. Tom knows flying. Whether it’s high wings, low wings, jets, helicopters- anything, Tom can tame it and operate it beautifully. Tom is nothing short of the hardest working and most thoughtful instructor I have had and may ever see. After all we went through, I regard Tom as a dear friend and an asset to the aviation community.

Working with you, Tony, has been great as well. You’ve been fabulously responsive and I can tell you take pride in the quality of business you run. While going to Salt Lake instead of Sacramento was a large change of plan, you addressed the situation early and professionally. Changing plans for Salt Lake was a major “recalculation” for me, but you were true to your word about the quality of instruction I’d be receiving with Tom. If Tom is available in the coming years, I’d like nothing more than to work with him (and you) for my commercial.

I wish nothing but the best for Tom, you, and AFIT.

Cole Cross

Boulder, Colorado