My  experience with AFIT was amazing. From my first email enquiring about doing training, I got a call from Tony within the hour. Within a day we had a time organized and I was booked in for training within the month.

My training in Hurricane, Utah was a great training venue. I hadn’t flown for 8 months and had booked 7 days to get me to completion. What I learned on day 1 was I still had a lot to learn. After day 2 I was seriously thinking about quitting and going home. We had just done a lot of time doing cross wind landings. It felt like we did it for 10 hours and at the end I have never been so mentally and physically exhausted. On day 3, I got up and had a hard think about what I wanted to achieve and realized that the day before showed me the level of physical and mental preparation that I might need one day if I got into a difficult position. That really helped me focus on the rest of the week. Eric was really patient. I had some struggles with steep turns and we must have done 100 steep turn on the day before my check ride. Like so many other testimonials the check ride seemed pretty simple in comparison to Eric’s training level. What an amazing feeling it is to have put in so much hard work physically and mentally and having achieved my goal. 

I highly recommend both AFIT and Eric. I have been given great feedback since I received my PPL about my focus on safe flying, my approach to emergency procedures and my radio work in the pattern, which I give credit to my AFIT training. 

Thank you!