I am very happy I selected AFIT for my instrument training. First, I believe that immersion training is a superior method of training. The student does not suffer from the decay of time between lessons. Second, as a very busy professional, it would have taken many months to achieve my instrument rating while trying to fit my schedule into that of a traditional instructor. I believe AFIT is a great value for the money. While it seems expensive, the actual cost of traditional training with the inherent inefficiencies will be very nearly the same. The difference being the amount of time that has passed for the student while not being able to fully utilize the benefits of general aviation and the aircraft. Most of all I want to commend my instructor John.John is incredibly knowledgeable and a talented instructor. The training was intense and he knew when to change it up to keep me fresh and how to change his delivery if I was struggling. If I were to complete the training again I would select AFIT and I would specifically request John for my instructor.

It was quite fulfilling when I filed my first IFR flight plan to Atlanta with low ceilings and IMC enroute. This would have previously required a 4 hour drive but instead was a 45 minute flight. Thanks to AFIT my SR-22 really is a “time machine!”