6 Day Commercial training Cirrus SR-22 Turbo


I wanted to share with you that I feel Shawn is a 5 star trainer.  He has a very calming personality but yet is very experienced.  As we started training in my Cirrus SR22T about day 3, I was starting to feel like I may not be able to do the practical maneuvers to the prescribe standards, but Shawn assured me that I was progressing each day and getting very close to completing the maneuvers to the standards as the days we were training it was gusting winds.  After 2 more days it all clicked with Shawn’s help and my stress came down.  I will say it was much more challenging trying to do commercial maneuvers in a turbo Cirrus.  Training completed and Shawn signed me off to take the check ride

So check ride day, the DPE was also have a very calm personality that helped but I was still stressed.  As I progressed through the checkride and pretty much aced the oral exam, we went flying.  The DPE explained ahead of time the order that he wanted to do maneuvers and several different types of landings.  As we were flying and only completing a couple of maneuvers the DPE told me to return to the airport.  I was stressed at this point because we didn’t complete everything he said we were going to do. What did I do wrong?  Upon retuning to the pattern he told me to do a soft field landing, ok, did that, taxied back for take off, that’s 1 of the 4 landings I was told he wanted, as climbing out to remain in pattern the DPE told me to advise the tower this would be a full stop with taxi to hanger.  I said ok, but now stressed more as to what didn’t I do right?  But I continued, and the DPE asked for a short field landing, which I did right on the numbers as the DPE requested.  After shutting down, the DPE asked if I had any questions, and I asked, what did I fail?  The DPE said why would I ask that, and I said that we did not do all the maneuvers he told me we would do nor all the landings.  The DPE advised that he saw that from the start I had the plane and the avionics mastered, that the maneuvers I did were smooth and it appeared that I had them mastered without effort.   He added at no time did he feel I did not have complete control of all aspects of the plane or the flight and felt he did not need to see any further maneuvers.  The DPE then issued my temporary Commercial Certificate.   I think the comments from the DPE are a direct reflection on the professional training I received from Shawn. If anyone is looking for a professional instructor, look no further than Shawn!!!

I would offer that you may share my contact information if anyone would like to contact me as a reference.

Thank you,

Dave Murdoch
Camp Hill, Pennsylvania