14-Day Private Pilot Training Course KLHM

Dear Tony,

I can’t praise Mike or AFIT enough for helping me achieve my lifelong dream of attaining a PPL. Like many, I attempted to get my rating when I was young and ran out of time and money. The AFIT program solves the time dilemma.

Mike is the best instructor I’ve ever worked with. He is kind, easy to get along with and one of the most experienced aviators I’ve ever met. His teaching style is so fluid that you cover all topics naturally without even breaking a sweat. I thoroughly enjoyed both my ground and flight sessions with Mike. He taught me many simple methods to break down complex topics, ie. maneuvering speeds. In the airplane Mike drills the process into you. He’s firm when needed and that helped me recognize where I was deficient and what was most critical in terms of safety. I could hear Mike’s voice in my head during every solo flight, and the steps were right on. I asked Mike how long I’d hear his voice when in the pattern and he joked “at least the next 20 years’. I’m happy with that, his method is rooted in physics and being ahead of the airplane.

In addition to exemplary ground and flight instruction, Mike took the time to ensure I was comfortable and getting enough rest. I literally fell asleep within minutes of returning to the hotel the first 2-3 days thanks to Mike flexing my brain harder than it had been in years. Thank you Mike!!

Program wise I’m totally sold on immersive training. We often flew 2-3 times per day so proficiency grew quickly. There was no need to relearn every time I went up. Having a dedicated aircraft and instructor is a huge factor. If I pursue any further training I will definitely be returning to Mike and AFIT.

Thank you Mike and AFIT team!!


Dave Watkins

Castle Rock, Colorado