IFR Refresher / Safety Course in my Piper Twin Comanche PA-30

My goal in contacting AFIT was to become proficient and confident while flying instruments.   I had recently upgraded my panel. I found that there was a lot to learn about the new boxes.  I managed to get the buttonology down fairly well but realized that putting all together into a plan for safely flying in the system would take some help.  I got my instrument ticket back in 1995. I never used it as my flying strategy was daytime VFR, my home base has neither RWY lights or approaches but there have been many times I wished that I had the confidence and recent experience to use my Instrument ticket.   

When I added the new panel I wanted to make better use of its capability.  In my neck of the woods there is no CFII that has experience with the PA 30 or equipment that I have.  I had tried for about a year to find a CFII that was well versed with my set up.  I connected with AFIT and Tony introduced me to Joe.  Joe put me through the paces and had me working through the approaches in and around Lincoln Ca. We made progress with each approach and Joe showed me how to efficiently stay ahead of the airplane. 

It was a pleasure to get to know Joe and his experience made the learning process productive and enjoyable.  It was a great experience I learned a lot and at the end of the third day I filed IFR and was able to fly home in IFR conditions.

I would recommend AFIT to anyone looking for the best in flight training.

Dave Winters
Miranda, California