Private Pilot Finish-Up Course

I came to AFIT after struggling through the typical “schedule with a flight instructor at a school” scenario.  The flight instructors have a very busy schedule with multiple students and it is difficult for them to give you priority of focus and difficult to get on the schedule with them regularly.  After 60 hours and still not being proficient enough with landing to be able to solo I decided the typical way was not working for me.  I decided to go a different direction.  I contacted Tony and he was able to set me up with an instructor Ricardo within 3 days.  I flew to Lincoln for a “finish up”.  Ricardo and some of the other instructors were shocked that I had 60 hours logged and still hadn’t soloed.  After arriving I spent 1 hour in the pattern with Ricardo and was landing successfully.  The very next day I soloed!  My experience with AFIT and Ricardo was excellent!  I will add that you need to come prepared to commit 100%.  It is a very focused program, so you need to be ready.  If you are committed, AFIT will not let you down.  You get 100% commitment from them with no distractions. 

I am very satisfied!

David Bannon

Eden Prairie, Minnesota