My delay in writing is entirely AFIT’s fault. Since receiving my instrument rating I’ve flown close to 100 hours! No time to write about how thrilled I am with AFIT… I’m too busy flying our T206H from California to the U.P. of Michigan, to eastern Arkansas and back… twice!

After a year of instruction from local CFII’s, I needed to spend uninterrupted quality time with an instructor who only has my success to worry about. Hal showed up and quickly demonstrated his kind, caring expertise.

Not only is Hal well qualified with the overall IFR system, regulations and procedures, Hal is also familiar with an incredible variety of aircraft. Hal’s familiarity with the 206 and G1000 was impressive and comforting to me. Hal’s professional flight deck experience in turbine/multi-engine aircraft brought discipline and cockpit procedures to me and my humble 206.

On the first day we did an evaluation flight. This flight allowed Hal to get to know me as a pilot, and for me to get to know Hal as an instructor. AFIT sent the best instructor for my learning style! After this flight, Hal designed the training for my specific needs so we could cover what was needed to take and pass my check ride.

We spent the next days focused on what I needed, practiced the procedures, went over the likely oral questions and scheduled the check ride! Wow… in three days I was ready! Hal was very professional, very thorough and extremely knowledgeable. I recommend AFIT and Hal to all the pilots I know who are ready to become better, safer pilots. Feel free to contact me if you need additional detail.

Thanks again for making my flying dreams come true!