10 Day IFR training In My Piper Cherokee Six


Just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know what a fantastic time I had with Todd as my instructor.   Todd was professional and made sure that I understood every possible thing I needed to know.   We actually got to fly around 7 hours in actual IMC with several approaches to within 100-200′ of minimums.   WOW!!!  That experience was invaluable and I passed my check ride. 

Just recently I took my family from KY to FL for my kids fall break from school.   Guess what?  I filed IFR and went.  Without my instrument rating we would have been stuck for days in Florida because of the low ceilings we had at our fuel stops and enroute.   We climbed on top and enjoyed the sun and dodged a small thunderstorm.    

This rating and experience in the “soup” with Todd made me a more confident and more proficient Pilot that has allowed me to travel more safely with my family and friends.   Now I find myself filing IFR just for the heck of it just because I enjoy it.  


David Maher
Maysville, Kentucky