14 Day Private Pilot Training Course

I started taking flying lessons at my home airport in June 2021. My progression was very slow secondary to my CFI’s schedule and my professional schedule. After about 50 hours of lessons spread out over 13 months and never soloing, I decided to look at other ways to complete my training, because at the rate I was going, it seemed like I would never get my private pilot license. Most of this was because I would get about two days of flying about every 2-3 weeks. So it was like starting over every time I would fly. A year had gone by and I decided to take an accelerated course. I researched the different ones and came to the conclusion that AFIT seemed to fit what I needed. It was a great choice. I talked with AFIT and I even read up on the Bios for the instructors. Paul seemed to stand out to me. So I scheduled with Paul. I had an incredible experience with Paul (I would call him my friend as well after flying and learning from him during our time together). It was a great two weeks and I learned a lot in a short time. He quickly assessed where I was in my training and we practiced a few things and I soloed in just four days and the rest of the training went very smoothly.

Paul is an excellent flight instructor (and I will say just an overall good person) with a real passion for teaching. By the end of the two weeks, Paul made sure that I was very well prepared for my check ride. The upfront cost of AFIT seems high, but I if you add up the cost of the instructor, renting the aircraft, and purchasing fuel, the overall cost is very close if not less than traditional flight training costs. In my case, traditional flight training is very inefficient and overall takes many more hours spread out over many months or years.

The training with AFIT is efficient and intense, but well worth it. I’ve tried flight training the traditional way, there really is no comparison. If you truly want to finish pilot training, AFIT is the way to go.

Dennis M. Britten MD

Natchitoches, Louisiana