I have been looking forward to earning this rating for a long time. It was a pleasure working with Eric and learning from his level of knowledge and instruction. I truly feel I earned this rating and it was hard work, but worth the effort and the preparation.

Preparation is key for this program. You have to have all of the academic knowledge, legitimate prerequisite hours, and book study fully complete prior to beginning this course. I wanted to focus this training on the actual stick and rudder skills of instrument flying and feel I received just that. I am from the school of accelerated instruction flying jets in the Navy and the parallel to Navy accelerated flight training was no stranger to me, but I was prepared for it mentally and physically and that made a difference.

Eric’s flexibility and adaptability to fulfill the training in the 10 days and according to my level of learning and minimum prerequisite hours made me well prepared the check ride. Even after having to learn a high-performance 172XP in the process did not impede on the instrument training and was crucial to completing my syllabus. The check ride is NOT a guarantee pass in this program, but I certainly feel Eric prepared me to earn this rating even by day nine.

Thanks for the opportunity to work with AFIT and Eric. I hope to refer those who are only serious about earning an Instrument rating to AFIT in the future.