I want to thank John for working with me on my accelerated instrument training. When I signed on for the AFIT 10 day intensive training course I was apprehensive regarding the ability to train in such a short time frame for the most difficult rating to obtain. But once John showed up and started working with me I started to believe it was possible. I am an older pilot, so my ability to learn is probably not as sharp as it once was, but the practical experience that John gave me was invaluable, and his mastery of the Cirrus Perspective avionics on my SR 22 helped me to actually learn how to put all that system power to use.

As background I obtained my private in January of 2012 and soon after bought a SR22 with Perspective. Even though I was doing a lot of cross country flying I knew I needed to get my instrument rating in the near future. I learned a decent amount of the Perspective system during my VFR flying, but when John began my instruction I realized the system could do amazing things that just reading the manual wouldn’t do justice to. Just unlocking the potential of the advanced avionics on the Cirrus was worth the price of the training, but that was just touching the surface. John made sure I was more the competent hand flying the airplane when we were done. He also had me master the arrival procedures required for instrument flying, as well as getting me up to speed with the interaction with ATC while flying IFR. I don’t have and apprehension filing and flying IFR now (within reason), and that is because of the excellent training I received during my accelerated course.

Because of an unexpected illness on my part, the Holiday’s, rough weather and scheduling issues with the DPE, 30 days elapsed between John leaving Florida and me taking my checkride. My training was so thorough that I passed my ride with flying colors, and I even received an email from the DPE telling me what an impressive job I did on my check ride. Without the training provided by AFIT things would not have gone as smoothly, and I credit John with getting me fully prepared not only for my check ride but also for making me a safe and competent IFR pilot. And I can also tell you that the 10 day intensive training is the only way to go, as I know that going for an hour or two once a week would have been inefficient, and it could have taken a year or more to get my training completed. I am not going to lie, there were some tough days and this training is difficult and demanding, but you will be a much better pilot when you are done.

I highly recommend AFIT and John.

Thank you!