It was a goal of mine to get instrument rated by year end. I was a 150 hour VFR pilot with no high performance or complex time plus a twenty year hiatus since earning my wings. Our A36, N999SG came to us in May of this year and I began flying a handful of aircraft. After the required hours of dual in type for insurability plus a healthy premium I was ready to commit to earning my rating. I utilized Aviation Seminars for their expertise in preparing for the written test and passed comfortably. A week later I spoke with you and A.F.I.T. Todd my Instructor came to my home airport December 5th to begin our ten day training.

Todd was relentless and somewhat diabolical in reinforcing what would be required to meet the Practical Test Standards. Unusual attitude recovery, holding, three approaches and a congratulations from the DPE on earning Instrument Rating.

Within one month I went from Written Test Prep course to A.F.I.T. to check ride and having my Instrument rating. And… I did it by year end!

Thank you Tony and thank you Todd.