I wanted to drop you this letter of appreciation on what I great choice I made in selecting AFIT for my instrument training. It’s probably the story you hear quite often. Started my training elsewhere, 2 hours here, 3 hours there seemed like it was taking forever. Trying to book time with busy instructors, scheduling planes etc. Then when I had the opportunity, the aircraft and the desire to put aside 10 days, Ron came here and did such a fantastic job. I saw the difference the very first day. The syllabus of ground, followed up by airwork in such an organized, step by step process. I felt like I had learned more in the first day then I did in months of previous lessons here and there.

Ron knew the plane inside and out. One of the things I had requested from your company in the beginning. Please don’t send me someone who is unfamiliar with the aircraft. You didn’t and he knew everything there is about the Cirrus. He made the whole learning process both fun and enjoyable all while learning what it takes to fly instrument single pilot. At the end of the course I passed the check ride and now have level of confidence I’ve never had before. When you recommend Ron to future students, let them know, they will talk instrument flying all day, at ground school, in the plane even while we were having lunch. This type of process worked so great for me, we were always talking about rules, regulations and steps to follow while flying.

I look back so fondly of the 10 days with Ron. I’ve kept in touch with him since he left and look forward to using your company for future ratings as I see fit. Thanks so much. All the success to you and AFIT. Please if you have anyone who wants to hear from a student of AFIT , tell them to give me a call. I would be glad to recommend AFIT to them first hand.