Thank you for scheduling me with Cholena Parkhurst; she is clearly a committed flight instructor! Cholena is not only very patient, but also she has the nicest way of pointing out the student’s errors while instructing and encouraging them in proper procedures. I am surprised when I reflect on the large amount of information that Cholena taught me in just two weeks.

Also, I was continually impressed with Cholena’s excellent teaching environment. With modern aircraft (two Diamond DA-20’s) at her disposal and an ideal variety of airport types/locations, airspace classes, and geography/topography within which the student can easily gain the necessary instruction and experience. These along with the consistently good weather in the Sacramento Valley were important factors for achieving success within the two week time frame.

Thank you for providing this opportunity for accelerated flight instruction within an excellent learning environment and with a very caring flight instructor who was instrumental in achieving my dream of being able to fly.