24 Days > Private Pilot and Instrument Pilot!

Several years ago I found that USA flight training is very fast and efficient in order to create a new pilot from the scratch. However, it was more likely a myth than reality, until today, I personally proved  AFIT could make it happen and I am the first Indonesian Pilot who accomplished an FAA Private Pilot and Instrument Rating in just 24 Days straight. It is not an easy task. It required hard work and pure motivation to reach my goals and especially professional support from AFIT as the flight training provider.

I came for 14 Days private pilot program and 10 Days Instrument rating course in straight line, back to back. Tony provided all accurate information about the proper way to pass all check rides. He gave me the best flight instructor ever, Capt. John my CFII who has more than 15,000 flight time as a pilot and instructor. AFIT required a high standard of preparation including a minimum of 80% for both written exams. I had 93% on my Private Pilot and 83% on Instrument Rating Written Exam. AFIT prepared me to perform in this program, and provided a dedicated well maintained airplane to be used on a 1 on 1 basis 8 hours a day. It was an amazing experience and I passed both program in just 24 days!

How AFIT made this all possible. Tony, the AFIT CEO, was fully committed to my program by monitoring my progress day by day with my CFII. I flew more than 5 hours a day and have a minimum 2 hours ground instruction from Monday to Sunday. Start from 9 am to 6 pm.  John is the most consistent instructor I have ever met. He recognized all my weakness’s and give excellent and detailed corrections for every stage of training.

Private Pilot Stage. From the first day of Private Pilot program my instructor said, I will teach you to be the finest Instrument Pilot. John is very demanding instructor with 100% accuracy. The second day of PPL Program John give me an instrument pilot flying skill standard and asked me to fly beyond the private pilot standard. I was stressed, but it worked like a magic. I learned both private pilot maneuver and instrument flying skill at the same time! Only a senior instructor could do this, both Tony and John are a genius man. Based on this skilled training, I had a perfect score in Private Pilot check ride and passed with merit. My DPE was very pleased with the quality of my flying and said John has created you to be a safe VFR pilot.

Instrument Rating Stage. This is the hardest training stage in professional pilot school program; I spent 10 hours a day to study for written and oral exam. I scored 83% on my written exam and started the 10 days Instrument rating program just 5 days after my private pilot check ride. John pushed me 2 times harder than private pilot stage. He said: “Instrument flying is a perfect business, once you make an error, you will lose your life”. Also, he gave the best tips ever, “Fly in your mind before you fly the aircraft”. We spent 10 hours’ training every day and this time John uses an ATP standard to train me. It was the most difficult day of my life to fly in busy airport like Van Nuys with analog C172N and real IMC weather condition. AFIT knows what’s best for their students and they gave me never ending mental support. Tony supported me by texts and phone calls until the check ride day.

The final result was a record. I passed my oral exam in just 90 minutes! And had another perfect score in check ride. My DPE said, you did very well in your 10 days of training!

What I have with AFIT is an incredible flight training story and so proud to be the AFIT member. It is not just flight training but hard work from me, John, and Tony. We trust each other and I showed my responsibility by studying hard several hours a day.  I’m really happy to have passed the oral exam in just 90 minutes (The minimum time of FAA standard) and received a compliment from my DPE.

AFIT is my new family, and John is my father in aviation! Trust your education to AFIT, you will not regret it!  I received what I paid for. Not just a pass, but a great life experience!

DR. Gema Goeyardi,MM,CAT®,CSA®,CTA,CWM,CFTe

President & Founder PT Astronacci International