I wanted to write you this note to express my profound gratitude to the folks at AFIT and your instructor Ed for an exceptionally good course. I started my instrument training in 1992 at the Aero Club at Edwards Air Force Base. The motivation was to be a better, more precise pilot; the weather in the high desert was generally severe clear, so there was never an urgency. I’m a professor in Aero/Astro at Purdue University, own my own business, and now live in the Midwest. I had about 30 hours of instrument training, finished my cross countries, however, my last logged time was in 1998. You were able to assess that five days would be sufficient to hone my skills.

I averaged 6.5 hours of Hobb’s time per day in the Cessna 182Q Five days later I was essentially ready to take my check ride. I confidently took my oral, and followed that with a very smooth check ride. I recommend your methods without hesitation to anyone who wants to become a better pilot, and wants to get their certificates or ratings in the most efficient manner.