I thought the experience was very good. The facts speak for them self, I progressed quickly and was able to pass my check ride in 8 days.

Your correspondences and instructions before the training was quite sufficient and I was prepared and knew what to expect before Eric’s arrival.
Eric is a “Very Good” instructor. He clearly is very knowledgeable and skilled. He is calm and explains things very clearly. I feel my general pilot skills are improved, not just the instrument elements. In fact that may be the best part of the training. I feel much more comfortable with our aircraft and have the confidence I can make it do what I want it to do more than reacting to what is happening. Working with a new instructor takes some time to accommodate. However, performing familiar task and seeing them through a different instructors perspective for me was a very good learning experience. Working through some task, from a different perspective allowed me to understand it better.

Over all I enjoyed the experience and benefited from it. I recommend your program.